If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you eat on a daily bases?

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you eat on a daily bases?

Pic related. Any form of seared fish, tartare, poke, tataki. Dat freshness. Also foie gras when i get bored of fish.

you're a cunt for eating foie-gras

Caviar. On toast with scrambled eggs, painkillers and a diet pepsi.

Switch it up to pepperoni pizza every now and then

Samoan grease ball

>seared fish, tartare, poke, tataki
You can't afford to eat this daily already?

i wanted to try avocado on toast but some angry boomer yelled at me that i could never afford a house if i ate an avocado

ITT Millennial: Only the highest quality avocado toast.

steaks, eggs, chicken, sushi

there are humane ways to do it, which are increasing in popularity.

Kobe beef all day

muh ducks
I'm Russian so I got to eat quite a bit of caviar growing up when it was cheap before all the laws and regs came. Feels lucky man

Cup o noodles and Coke

Nope. I'm landlocked so quality fish costs quite a bit here. I also have an insane metabolism so it takes a lot of it to fill me up.

elk and eggs, like the dmt-smoking ufc fear-factor guy

You forgot avocados and jalapeños bro.

The man that gave jordan peterson a mic? Yea

Tons of game and wild fish
I love organs and fish eggs so the variety is endless
And tona of wild salads ans herbs so my gut is healthy
Do you guys think one can be healthy on game and fish alone? Eskimos and finnish natives seems pretty sturdy

I'd order a bunch of game meats.

But I'd also eat out more often as I'd be traveling and staying at Airbnbs on a semi regular basis.


Dang, guess I should count my blessings more often. Hope you make it and can afford to import fish from Tsukiji for the rest of your days, user. That's my answer to your question, I guess. Buy plane tickets to Jiro's place in Japan and have a happy palate for the rest of my life.

you can't survive on an eskimo diet unless you're an eskimo. if you're white you would die if you tried to eat like that long term. yes racial differences are real, sorry if that's triggering. their ancestors have been eating like that for thousands of years and natural selection has gifted them with the ability to eat like that and stay healthy.

Come on user dream bigger

Avocado and toasties.

>toast with scrambled eggs, painkillers and a diet pepsi.

that's my favorite breakfast. most mornings i hold the toast and eggs.

Eggs? Ffs just end it


you have to be literally retarded to drink diet soda. and i say this as a fan of trump, i really wish he wouldn't, he should be smarter then that. it must be a fake diet coke that he drinks, like he refills the can with something else and he's just pretending for the diet coke vote.

>paying for pussy
>not being paid for pussy
youre doing it wrong

But all studies on aspartame causing tumors were with huge amounts of it on rats, the human equivalent would be pounds of the stuff on a daily basis.
I don't see the reason to take in extra calories for the same taste. Water with lemon is king of freshness but nothing beats a duet iced tea when you want sweets.

high quality korean bbq, especially short rib. also kobe beef, and high quality sashimi/sushi

All those poor dogoos

some lady drank it every day and died at the age of 135, not sure but I think its actually an elixir that extends your life. why else would Trump drink it every day? he knows something

Ugh cut off the bone before cooking, who has time to cut apart that shit while they're eating.

i used to think like that to
one day that optimism and faith in the scientific community will errode away under the dawning realization that these people are trying to kill us

Rice and chicken. I don't want to cuck my gains you fat fucks.

>Be wealthy beyond believe
>Poison yourself with fish toxins

b-but clean wild fish

>Buying into the number one killer in the world by consuming cholesterol
>Terrible source of omega-3
>Terrible source of protein

tfw Veeky Forums becomes Veeky Forums just to fight me

chicken, fish, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. winter melon juice every morning.

try and cut out dairy and processed foods entirely. probably higher a cute personal chef desu.

my own organic vegetables fresh from my garden

yeah and you can find articles where someone will say smoking tobacco helped him live to over a hundred. plenty of such claims. you'll probably find someone who lived to over a hundred and attributed it to voodoo magic too, doesn't mean that works either. an interesting theory, but a sample size of a single person is not enough to draw an legit statistical conclusions

Steaks 3 times a day with vegetables
No carbs, those are for poorfags who count calories on a per cost basis

That's not foi gras
Fuck that the stress chemicals the duck is releasing as its being force fed to death is what makes it so delicious. Humane foi gras is like saying lactose free milk or vegan burger

you eat it with your hands

your brain is made out of cholesterol. it's why people on anti-cholesterol drugs get accelerated dementia. sure you can get too much pretty easily, but you can also get too little if you're trying to avoid it.

i know someone who couldn't stop fainting until i told her to eat more salt. she had no salt in her diet at all because she thought it was bad, literally she only ate vegetables. she didn't believe me at first but i finally convinced her and now she doesn't faint anymore.

>don't eat carbs!
>don't eat salt
>don't eat cholesterol
>don't eat fats or you'll get fat!
people are stupid. you need all that stuff in moderation to live

i eat at least 2 eggs a day come at me bro

What does the scientific community gain from trying to kill people

you'll figure it out one day, don't rush it

but then again if you haven't figured it out yet maybe you won't. it's not specifically scientists, but many of them are part of it anyways.

I thought it was proven that high cholesterol comes from unhealthy fats like fast food. Healthy fats like salmon and avocado are actually helping reduce it.

carbs arent bad inherently but there is such a thing as too much, whereas fat and moreso protein you can go ham on and be fine, if not better

I encourage you to do research. Our body makes the cholesterol we need. Our optimal total cholesterol is around 160, LDL 70, HDL 50. Eating any more than we produce ourself is putting us at risk of heart disease.

and stop thinking in terms of gains. some people have more advanced motives then mere self gain. hard as that may be to believe.

and thats all i'll say on the topic because you wont listen anyways unless you figure it out on your own

oh piss off you hippie cunt.

Sorry I didn't quote you in my post
Omega 3 and 6 are healthy fats. Fish has saturated fats and bad cholesterol, it won't lower it. If you want to low cholesterol, eat amla or Brazil nuts. And don't consume saturated fats from animals or cholesterol.

I eat caviar, salmon and proscuito 3-4 times a week ever since I broke six figures.

sounds like bullshit to me. they just want us to be even stupider. so they pull the strings on their puppets in the scientific community and the useful idiots parrot their "findings" and then we get a segment of the population rendering themselves basically retarded by avoiding all cholersterol. your brain needs it, so of course they tell us not to eat it.

I think the cancer thing is vastly overstated but I've heard some interesting research about how artificial sweeteners psychologically and physiologically mimic actual sugar in certain ways and can mess with your metabolism even if they themselves don't add calories. Can make you crave other sweets and make you less likely to associate sugar with calories, etc. I long ago just made the switch to drinking non sweetened ice tea or seltzer water (sometimes with lemon or lime squeezed in) when I want a soft drink.

Dude, salmon contains a lot of unsaturated fats. Where the fuck do you get your information from? Salmon has been proven to fucking lower cholesterol because it mostly consists of healthy fats ffs.

don't drink powdered ice tea
even if you buy the bull that fluoride is only in the water because they care about our teeth, even mainstream science accepts that too much fluoride is a bad thing. and the fluoride levels in powdered ice tea are way way way waaayyyy too fucking high. if you drink it daily you will lose iq points, guaranteed.

If you don't trust the biggest group of nutritionists in the world collectively taking peer reviewed studies and agreeing then you're just being ignorant.

Look it up yourself, we have the cholesterol we need and do not need to eat more, we also don't need saturated fats, or toxins in fish.

I don't drink powdered ice tea, when I drink it I make it from tea bags.

pizza and chinese
I don't want to go outside
link $1k eoy btw

>consuming this much soy

Pubmed usually.

avocado tastes disgusting

Learn what phytoestrogens are. They don't effect the body the same as mammalian estrogens. The fiber in soy actually takes a lot of the estrogen you consume daily and throws it out.

Just this once, I'm going to pass along some old family secrets from a generation of innawoods farmers.
You are going to want a spectrometer. Its a small device that tests the density of nutrients in your produce. The nutritional content is called "brix." The scale generally goes from 1-11 brix. A walmart tomato will register at maybe a 3-4, which is dogshit. There is no nutrition in the food. We are literally nutritionally starving while eating ourselves to death. A properly grown tomato will register 7-9 on the scale, but theoretically you can go higher.
You want to know the craziest shit? You don't need any kind of pesticide. Ever. You know how a lion will pick off a weak or young gazelle before it will attack a robust adult male? It's the same for bugs and plants. If your produce is robust, strong-- healthy-- the insects will avoid it. If its low nutrition (brix), they will swarm it and ruin your crop. It's counterintuitive, but it's the truth. It's just nature.
You want heirloom seeds. You want soil to include peat and worm castings, at the very least. For gigantic produce, put manure on top of the soil, cover with carpet, light a fire underneath, and let it slow burn for weeks. It's an aztec method. Anything you plant will be enormous. Spray your plants with compost tea. Aerate it with the shit that makes bubbles in a fish tank. The nutritional content will skyrocket.
This is good shit, user. Enjoy in case of economic apocolypse.

>science is about consensus
you're thinking of scientism
>trusts the peer review process
lol, it doesn't work. you can put total junk science through the peer review process and get published in major journals easy. there have been peer reviewed studies proving the peer review process doesn't work using this exact method. it's just a popularity contest of yes-men

enjoy mercury poisoning.

Have you actually had it? If you have the highest grade shit from japan , it’s ike butter. You wouldn’t eat it everyday, too rich.

after dropping my daily regimen of crack on toast and Heroin pops
I checked my profit margins and my returns are looking sound

1. food krokodil
2j. drink ayahuasca

hopefully in 5 years I'll put stuff like this in practice
until then, daily multivitamins

I don't understand, where's the penis?

Lions attack weaker gazelles because they’re less likely to escape. Why the fuck would insects target less nutritional produce? It’s not like healthier plants are more likely to escape or fight back, there’s no risk either way.

My grandfather theorized plants had chemical defenses (like soybeans with estrogen) to insect attack that were stronger the healthier they were. I don't know if that's the reason, but there is one, because that is the way it works.

dude my grandparents are living past 100 eating fish, caviar, chicken feet, pastries, kielbasa and literal cow brains since she was young. I eat what tastes good to me and I'm in good shape, whether or not you get sick is 99% up to genetics. Repeat after me: "Nothing I do matters"

*they, the grandpa just turned 100 last year and shes 109

Infinite amount of money?
I would eat human meat.

dicks don't count idiot

>even if you buy the bull that fluoride is only in the water because they care about our teeth.
You are really qualified to discuss this topic.

genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger

if you got shit genes, all the more reason to eat healthy and exercise to avoid having that trigger pulled

if you have great genes though you can still benefit from a healthy diet and exercise, but it's not as crucial. but even with great genes if you sit in a chair all day like i do and never exercise you're asking for trouble, but you might get lucky

also, sometimes your genes may have a hidden weakness you didn't know about, even if your family is healthy. it can happen, theres an element of randomness to gene combinations, a bit of luck of the draw. you may not be as lucky genetically as you think, you may be sitting on a loaded gun and you don't even know it. best to avoid triggers

>he thinks the government cares about his teeth
studies show you can get all the benfits of fluoride without having to swallow it, just use toothpaste then spit it out

>genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.
if you got shit genes, all the more reason to eat healthy and exercise to avoid having that trigger pulled

>also if you ever go to China you should visit chow pie
it's totally not a pussy eating festival

i googled ("chow pie" china) quickly and got no relevent results. is that an actal festival or was this some weird joke?

i guess the joke is that i'm wearing a fedora and being autistic? i don't even care, go back to facebook with the normies if i'm making you cringe

Came here to post this verbatim

it is a valid concern
meanwhile china and their dirty coal plants (im fine with modern coal plants) are fucking us all by dumping even more mercury into the global food supply.

No kidding, I've gotten mercury poisoning myself from canned tuna

some fish are less safe then others, but most of the fish we eat in north america has a high selenium content which neutralizes the mercury somewhat. so it's not too serious depending on which species of fish you're eating. but if you're eating a fish species that has more mercury then selenium, as many nothern native populations are forced to do, then you may have trouble with mercury poisoning

yeah there's a species of tunafish that has more selenium then mercury. and another species that has more mercury then selenium. i'm not sure which is which, bluefin, skipjack, something like that

tuna is a big fish though
smaller fish generally have lower mercury levels. sardines and smelt are pretty safe if i'm not mistaken. love me a big bucket of battered smelt

You're right, I was eating tons of albacore like a moron. Gotta live with lingering worry that it might've caused permanent brain damage lel

avoiding pesticides will also encourage good bugs to come which will prey on the undesired ones. That plus manual control (picking off caterpillars, spraying off aphids, etc) can do just the same as pesticides although it requires more manual labor. Also crop rotation will help deal with this and nutrient deficiencies in the soil.
>t. louisiana master gardener


You have good taste in food; I wish you all the crypto-fortunes to achieve your food-dream.
(And I'm sure they'll eventually come up with a better way to reduce mercury levels than chelation therapy.)

how difficult it is to grow these:

Life is too bland to worry about doing something I enjoy which I have no way of knowing will hurt me or not. My moms friend lived 50 years of her life avoiding the sun and going outside so she would,'t get skin cancer. Guess what, she got it anyway. Meanwhile my dad has been smoking a pack a day since the late 60s while maintaining a diet of kilebasa and a Ukranian dish called "salo" which is literally just the fat off of a pigs back. He's never even had to go to the doctors in decades. I'd rather live shorter and enjoy myself.

>foie gras
gay as fuck op is a bitch


The amount of child-like faggotry on this board is astounding.

Are all of you complete welfare babies? You get a few shekels and now you think it's time to eat caviar? Jesus Christ.

Any of you that make any sort of money from this will be poor again before you're retirement age.

and meanwhile some people live to over a hundred smoking a pack a day. it doesn't mean smoking isn't retarded. it's all about improving your odds that's all, you could still get hit by a bus tomorrow. doesn't mean trying to improve your odds in reasonable ways is a bad idea. do what you like i don't care, but your logic is faulty.