What are my fellow biztards drinking celebrating this pull back

What are my fellow biztards drinking celebrating this pull back.

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Licor 43

>Licor 43
is this the variety:
Do you recommend I try it?

fuckn white tequila sauza with IKEAberry concentrate.

Things aren't great.

>IKEAberry concentrate.
What's that?

Zacapa 23.

water. you should stay hydrated, user.

checked. lingonberry concentrate. it is drinkable, I guess. you just made a grown ass man get up and look at a bottle

Im finishing up my 24 hour liquid only fast with a premier protein drink. 20 mins and i cna eat solid food again
Might grab so. E McDonald's.

I'm drinking soylent and I insist that this is the sign of the impending recovery.
19K EOM screencap this.


OP are you Canadian?

good call man ive been mixing ikea concentrate w vodka

Yessir, why do you ask?

If you're not Ottermode then what's the point

God bless the 10,000 lakes fuck somalians


why are your ribs flared out like that bro

>a chainlink cube
OP is a pajeet, confirmed


>tastes like heaven, burns like hell
>what happens next is up to you
>ignite the night

m8, it just tastes like cinnamon hearts.

Stella atm

the only patrician ITT

Good shit

large plastic jug of Glenshire Gin

Im sipping on DTA coolaid bro.


Drinking buffalo trace. Waiting for 8ish thousand to buy.

>drinking alcohol unironically

Only in celebratory events my friend.

I love edgy /pol/ kids who can't even drink legally yet but think they can speak with any authority on the matter because they tried some shitty water-beer at a lame party.

Laphroaig 10, neat. Tastes like someone put out a campfire with seawater. 10/10

I've had this at a friend's place with a cigar and can confirm. It was an explosion of Smokey camp fire type flavours. I like it.

Clyde Mays .. replaced Bullet for my casual whiskey

Laphroaig with coke is legitimately amazing.