Am I going to mek it, biz?


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According to the price projections:

Also for 2.5% bonus (redirects to reflink)

What's the reasoning behind the math?

BNB peaked at $24 before the crash and CoinMetro would work in a slightly different way than Binance does.

You're FORCED to use XCM for all platform fees (every fee is automatically converted to xcm) which means a stronger correlation between rising trade volumes on the exchange and rising prices due to increased demand for XCM.

You also get discounts based on the amount of XCM you hold, meaning you are incentivized to hold larger amounts of XCM, further increasing demand and restricting the circulating supply.

How do I get in on this as an American?

from what I've heard on their telegram, bugers will be officially allowed in a couple of days. their legal team was able to get an exemption similar to binance, but it's not yet officially announced.


Why all the hate for burgs?

why this fuck shill it now. you know about the burn don't you.


eh? the project relies on popularity to be successful. just having low supply won't magically boost the price if there is no demand.


you realize they haven't built anything yet right

beta is coming out after the token sale ends and they have a closed alpha as far as i know

Weak hands and generally dumb. Liek the amerimuts fudding here. I put them below pajeets desu

holy fuck OP! im only sitting on 50k and I thought that was a lot

>beta before the closed alpha


they are having alpha right now retard

OP you're going to make it...if you buy more, use my referral. because i'm a good boi
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you actaually bought? And who do you suppose is going to buy your bags in this bear market?

Look at amount sold and divide that by contributors.
Works out pretty fucking good.
No little poor fag shrimp only decent sized shark/whale


Whales have 50M not 100k-300k those aren't whales, they're dolphins if anything

Beats majority of holder being normie cunts who spam the telegram with stupid obscene fucking questions all the time. Point was that the poeple vesting in this are going balls deep, not sticking a finger in.

I guess it's a comfy x1.25

comfy x10 at least. they are looking at a minimum of 250M daily volume

Same people that run FXPIG.
Fiat pairs, starting with the top 5 in market cap
They say increasing to 100 alts within 6 months

>They are looking at a
Yeah and I was looking at 4-5 moon missions in 2018 by now. Things have a funny way of not working out when everything is crashing and burning around you.

Ok let's say x1.5, cheer up