Thoughts on DATA Project (DTA)

What does biz master race think of DATA Project?


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Don't be greedy user, we all needa make it.

Not even 100M market cap bros.

WTF how did I miss this?

pajeet paid shill team detected (every single one of these posts)

notice how they are all the same

pajeet 1 posts
pajeet 2 days oh no why you revealing secrets!
pajeet 3 how did I miss this!

straight shitcoin here

Sorry you like the taste of poo water, keep drinking that shit while I make millions.

$10 EOY easy.

One can dream lol.

DTA I see getting to the likes of BAT quite easily. They're looking to solve the same thing but BAT is limited in that you need users to run a completely new browser and is reliant on the ETH chain.

DTA will work on any platform/device as it becomes the intermediary authenticator itself and will have it's own blockchain.

I know what I'm putting my money on ;)

The DTA partnerships and huge financial backings by the likes of Michael Arrington make this the best purchase of 2018 imo. BAT doesn’t stand a chance. PayPal board members are in on this now too.

My sister works for InMobi, last week she put half her life savings into this.

Bitfinex listing next week, grab it on huobi now.

Yes I heard this in discord but wasn't sure if confirmed.

I'm guessing InMobi will be integrating DTA directly outside of YoMob?

Pajeets unloading bags. Their discord is full of sociopaths trying to pump and dump this shit coin.

Show me a chart for this month that isn't on a decline kek.

I'd also like to add that DTA is not on Binance, Bittrex, Polo, Bitfiinex etc. This is early buy. Why not take small exposure at 2c each with such fucking all star backers?

It was declining even before the drop. i've been watching it since it first got shilled on here.

it dumped especially hard during the "trading contest" the faggot dev's decided to hold. It never recovered after that.

lol what a fuckin scam, "whoever has the most trades (buy/sell) after a month gets a ferrari!"

link to tweet

This whole thing is a fucking scam, and you should be ashamed trying to shill this pajeet.

Ripple was less than a cent before Michael Arrington blessed it.

>MFW Michael Arrington just disclosed major investment in DTA

Buy the fucking dip or be poor.

Have you been living under a rock?

EVERY fucking new listing on Binance, Kucoin and Huobi has such competitions you moron lol.

This guy is retarded lol

Even a cursory search on google would prove you're lying.

those bags are getting awfully heavy aren't they pajeet?

Bags getting heavier every day bro. I'll drop them on your head when you FOMO in at $1 too.

lol as if i'd ever buy into this pajeet scam.

i'd be better off buying into TRON if i was into chink coins.

Literally on the homepage...

Go back to /r/finance salty no coiner.

There’s not one Indian involved in this project, it’s all rich China men and wealthy white Americans.

You’re the poor poo slinging pajeet of biz lmao

Lol could you pajeets be anymore transparent?

How much are they paying you for shilling? 10 ruppee? 20?

Either way, good luck with your scamming efforts Rajesh and Rajeem.

Judging by the lack of serious replies, the biz bros are quietly accumulating and don't want dirty pajeets to benefit from this gold mine.

>Peace out biz hope you got in.

Thanks for shilling user, probably one of the most exciting projects I’ve come across recently. Hope everyone does their own research instead of listening to poo slingers on biz.

Not sure why you'd post this here as all our whale clients are no where near done accumulating. Hope you are behind a good proxy OP. Otherwise, RIP. Already have two of my VIP client's techs emailing me about this thread, they want you shut down. They are no where near ready to pump this.