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quick look at Gihub and I see a fuckload of active development by 130 hard assses with steel fingers. I look at NEO and I see shit.

>used to think btc was meme money when it was $1
>used to think eth was meme money when it was $1

I hate myself so much

the first reply is very very true

You still have a chance to go all-in on LINK

>you think PFR is meme money

nah, link is the exact opposite. everyone here is bagholding shilling it as the next best thing.

HAHAHAHA is that vaporware scamcoin even real? back in november/december i used to spam that shit like some 10 posts a day whenever i see a random chainlink thread. obv i do not claim that i am the origin of the phrase, it's just funny seeing it used way before. on ETH even. lmao

>tfw you know which coin EXACTLY will follow the glory of BTC and ETH, but Veeky Forums is not even talking about it and only FUDding from time to time

You are an obvious newfag. Everyone shilled ETH, and the FUDers were calling it a Russian scam, and Vitalik is a drug addict skeleton and a child porn victim, who just got out of prison.
The retards who said ETH will be worth nothing got BTFO only 2 years later.

>mfw I fudded eth back then and never bought any

Your shitcoin won't make it. Only LINK will make it. You know it's true.

>mfw I know about bitcoin since 2012
>mfw I always believed in it
>mfw I never bought any cripto before 2016
I don't know what to feel anymore.

lol its eos

Absolutely mine fucking story too. Unfortunately. But I never bought any even untill 2017 december. That means in fucking normiewave. N o r m i e!


By buying I mean buying 1 or 2 dollars and spending right away in Humble Bundles. I'm not any better than you.

FUD every coin so retards either DYOR or stay poor forever.

Holy fuck that Trump poster was right

about more than one thing

Why don't you tell us? If I like it i'll screencap this post and shitpost it in a few years if it proves to be relevant.

Wondering what the next coin will be that will follow a similar pattern (be worth a shit ton in 2019/2020). Has to do something no coin has quite done and have a reasonable (less than 100M) supply.

I actually think link will be the next eth, I don't hold any yet though because I've been accumulating jnt, I thought it would have gotten pumped before link but I was wrong.

Eos is my bet for the next big thing.

>instant and feeless, yet more decentralized than btc/eth due to delegation
>can literally build things like ethereum and steem on it
>based on tech made by the guy whose previous project's account for the majority of all daily blockchain transactions
>already has institutional investments, including by Larry page
>already has planned projects by big players like bitfinex and one of the Wikipedia cofounders

Basically, if they can deliver a solid project this is going to be the first coin that overtakes bitcoins market cap,and it will be based on real world usage rather than speculation memes, since the eos token actually has uses

>that feel when bought BTC sub 1,000
>that feel when bought ETH ico
>that feel when got catcha NANO

I bet you guys FUD NANO right fucking NOW.

Fuck NANO :^)

I'm in FUN, remember this day

Holy shit that first reply. Trump pic,
>prime minister of canada
This in 2015... He called ETH and Trump.

WTFFFF guy is literally a millionaire now.

Must be nice to have the balls to invest early

>tfw holding 33k Icon today

1 ETH was 0.15$ by August 2015, he bought 1600 eth, its just 2400$

>shilling a shitcoin ERC 20 token

good on you, buddy. I have many of those that i want to dump too.

yea when crypto was forgotten by everybody. crypto was nothing like it is today

Everything gets fudded and shilled here, this is a satire board, not an investment advice board
Your point?

As someone who bought btc at 14$ i can clearly see you're larping

You can believe whatever you want dummy.

LINK is literally the bridge between blockchain and the real world, every passing day i'm more convinced that this is the only coin with a legitimate use case potentially worth trillions. I know that there's a lot, LOT of memery and shitposting surrounding LINK, but for very good reason. This shit could blow up like no other coin, it's honestly scary to think.

implying he held and didnt sell's a pretty difficult task to hold a coin for 2+ years through all its ups and downs. I feel like the only way to stay sane doing that is if you threw them in a hardware wallet and forgot about them for that period of time.

I held my ETH until it was like 200 bucks, i wont say why because its embarrasing.

I'm also an oldfag that messed up (sold my BTC at $20 and left for a while)

I'm not gonna miss another moon mission, I'm unironically all in on LINK.

>Dropping 2400 dollars on something that is heavily associated with the blackmarket and completely obscure to the mainstream public is not risky

Ok dude

spill the beans nerd

you forgot your private key somewhere didnt you

i sold at 300 like a dumbshit