Anybody get dividends as passive income...

anybody get dividends as passive income? or am i the only faggot that invested my whole pay check from when i was 15 until today.

now i get 30k a year from dividends and still make 34k a year managing a burger king.

im 26.

How much do you have invested? 30k a year sounds comfy

How much do you have invested total to get 30k? Been thinking about getting into something that pays dividends.

i didn't get a job until i moved out at 18 and then all my money went into rent, food, and an electricity bill. it's illegal for 15 year olds to be employed in canada. but i should have gotten a job at 16 and saved up for a couple years to invest in something. oh well. if i could do it all again i would

I'm working on my reserve fund and afterwards I want to start investing. I like the idea of dividends because trading stocks sounds very stressful for me.

I'm almost 30 should I even bother with it?

Must be about $400 to throw off $30k div/yr. That would be at 8% yield

*Illegal to be employed*

solid dividend stocks are a great way to go. lockheed isn't gonna disappear anytime soon

What's your portfolio

Meant for OP

If you get into REITs you can make bank in dividends

O pays 5% quarterly

yeah they're called child labour laws, anyone hiring someone under 16 is going to risk jail time

took some dividends to buy crypto. poorfag portfolio with $20k in "the market"

Might be a risk going into REITs when bonds are getting fucked

you dont "make" any money on dividends. price opens lower amount of dividends, you are only penalized to pay taxes. dividends are mainly for pension funds, not for retail investors.

Turn 42 next month and just starting to buy dividend stocks with Robinhood. REITs are a good chunk of them, power companies as well. My plan is ETFs for long term growth (some of them pay dividends as well), dividend stocks for supplemental income, and crypto because it's slightly more likely than winning the lottery.

You're killing it homie. I just hope you're reimbursing it all so you can become a millionaire by the time you're dead.

Fuck you.

What is O? Is that short for something?

Capital "O", aka, a big O, is what I gave your mother before wiping my shitty dick on the curtains.

which stocks you bought? they must have mooned extremely hard for you to be getting that dividends now

>they couldn’t do the math to figure out his larp didn’t add up

Why? 30k yearly is only some 5% of 600k

Seems fairly reasonable

Whoops I was thinking of returns, didn't read dividends, OP is a faggot

Still, this is mainly my plan
Make enough money fairly quickly in my younger years (college fag here) such that I can live off even the shittiest of interest and/or market returns

If I can make $1,000,000 after taxes I am surely cashing the fuck out of here and putting it all in index funds or something
maybe keeping $100k around to fuck with small marketcap coins just for fun

OP here.


are a few that I've just been buying and holding and watching the dividends roll in. Every week I'd put about 200 bucks in. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I just stayed focus on making money without working. I could quit my job, but it's so fucking easy. almost like i have 2 passive incomes.

How much total investment have you made?

That wasn't his point. Similar laws exist in burgerland.
You can still get paid, you just can't be *employed*

How did you discover these?

Which are you still investing in?

Any recommendations for wagecuking newbies?

Holding all of them. FTR has given me problems, but i believe has the highest dividend %. So bought and sold that a lot.

advice? Invest your money in high dividend stocks and stay updated with the company.

be cheap. people will laugh and call you faggot, but you will be rich when they are getting their 2nd divorce. splurge every now and then, and by splurge, by a Coke and not an RC soda.

OP bragging about 30k a year from stock market dividends.

Meanwhile I have some masternodes that are netting me around $200 a day. (or $73K a year)

started with 10k, put in maximum of 5.5k every year, had a seperate ira with my job and put 50 bucks in from every check which they matched. sold a lot of their shit funds and bought my own stocks with better dividends and not 1.9% annual shit. really seeing the snowball effect now

What masternodes?

Bullshit advice for anyone *starting today*. There aren't any masternodes that are worthwhile right now unless you got in years ago.

Trips of Truth.

30k? So your stock portfolio is worth over 300k??
How did you even get that much money into stocks not really earning that well??

Pretty much true, I dumb lucked into it because I bagheld some shit I got for free back in 2014 and hit the jackpot with it. Each node currently worth $30k and I've got 5 ... It'd take you two years if you bought them before you'd ever be in the black... and its always possible they could collapse

cool larp

>managing a burger king.

Those are all high risk securities that will collapse when interest rates rise.

I would not advise anyone to mirror this clown's portfolio.

Max mRIET allocation should be 1-2%. Real estate in general at 3% max.

Those BDCs you have are sketchy. Could be a nice play, but as interest rates rise, their asset values fall. They will have to take impairment losses and won't be able to fund dividends.

Also, RIETs and BDCs are taxed at your income level and do not have preferential tax treatment.

I would highly reconsider your security choices.