You could be buying the next ETH, for less than 5$, right now

>you could be buying the next ETH, for less than 5$, right now.
>if only you knew, right user? If only.
>Good thing I know.
>Whoever gets trips or names the coin, I will release it. Although, none of you deserve it.



Is it just me or has this elementary school "i have a secret but I'm not telling" LARP faggotry bullshit really picked up in the last couple of months?
The December bullrun is the worst thing that happened to this board.

>you could be playing the winning lottery numbers right now

>if only you knew

the crypto boom is ending as we speak , the only way to make it now is if you've already made it


I'm pretty sure I know what he's talking about

I'm not going through all this bullshit again for you to tell me to buy LINK or PRL again Pajeet.

pull up in that drop toooppppp
and drop deaaadd

Vens over 5$ though


tell me bitch lasagna

Make it by what standard? Millions? Maybe, but you can still make money.


i HoPe you don't tell Biz

Bluzelle (BLZ)

HPB got it.

There's only one that may or may not be the next eth and that's cardano. Stock up while it's cheap.

hope your not whoreing for attention user


its iota you dumb motherfuckers


I'm not.
I legitimately know 2 coins that will 500-1000x over the next 2 years.


found it.. haha..ill wait.. bad time to buy anyway


i know a potential candidate for being the next eth, its price is low and its market cap is tiny. totally community driven project. in the next bull run this shit will moon hard..
im accumulating.
ps. i think op is talking about ICON or some shit like that.



>no one has named it yet
Cmon biz. Are you all really that fucking retarded?

so low-effort. at least make up a backstory about why you would have access to this information. also it's REQ but not for any good reason

If Kek wills it, we will all be rich.

Yes, low effort. You really think im going to put effort into telling people the next lottery numbers?



then why are you here in the first place? you've already put in effort, just not nearly enough to be of value to anyone

the powers of kek are slowly being granted to us.

CHECK EM!!!!!!

His will be done!


Because I thought I'd be nice to you faggots because clearly none of you are going to make it.


check em

ENG is one of them, but not #1. ENG will be 500$ next year.

New form of shilling that is pretty effective.

>>you could be buying the next ETH
right now there are several coins attempting that path, it may end up being an ecosphere with several. Got burned fomo'in early on calls like this..


kek the larp hits its pinnacle here. have a good night boys this thread is donezo

80% of shitcoins pitch themselves as the next ETH. Congrats on falling for the marketing, you gullible fag.

ELA stop being a fag bog



Remember, people kek'd ETH too and look what happened. Imagine not investing in ETH? Imagine not investing in the 3.0 ETH.

I like ENG and hold quite a bit but lets try to not let it turn into another LINK and form a cult around it. Also you must obey the trips user, spill the sekret coin.

check em

they literally said this 4 years ago you fucktard

check mine

my trips my coin
what is it?

I really hope it never will turn into meme here.

Someone got trips? You're all going to laugh at the sekret coin, which will in turn make me laugh. I know the truth though.


Check em fagbois

Just it tell it, gosh. I'm really curious about your opinion.

Yeah nigger are you not checking you own thread?

that isn't trips faggot

Close enough!





It's ADA.

For fucks sake, I'm eurofag and need to fucking sleep. Tell it immediately!

If it gets any success then yeah it probably will gain cult status sadly, it has all the signs

I unironically bought some after the first thread. Am up a cool $10

check em, for real this time


My Linky stays Stinky

how stinky


Go kill yourselves mothefuckers.



gtfo stinky, I don't care how many digits you get or how many memes you make you will ALWAYS be stinky!


it's universa

I didn't think you could go this long without the good will of the great Kek.

CHEck em

its PRL isnt it


roll it up for me.


Every day the same thread


fucking get

its fucking ICON


Lets hear that shitcoin, OP.

Finally. Tell it!

Can u explain to this newfag what rolling trips means?