Who here /comfy/ with their REQ stack?

Who here /comfy/ with their REQ stack?
Mobile wallet+ partnership + bi-weekly update in a week. Mainnet release end of March. Best hold for Q1 2018

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The best part is I've had a month to accumulate 200K REQ at rock-bottom, pre launch prices

The second best part is we've successfully hid this from Redditors (and until today, we hid it from Pajeet too)

The more FUD I see, the more I buy

req was a huge reddit coin a month ago

Where is this going? I just put half my BTC in it because it literally can't go much lower.

Super comfy with 128k REQ here.

But REQ's reddit has 32k people. In fact, the fucking huge community in comparison to its marketcap is another reason why I feel so positive about this.

bogs accumulating

Thats a cool colour scheme
Really unusual but kind of visually pleasing still
Just bought 100k

I held for 4 months and finally just dumped this pajeet shit. Enjoy your shit updates.

People will dell the News . Its dropping everyone fucking time Ehen they Post News.

*blocks your path*
smaller mcap
platform release q1
node instructions q1
trust nodes cheap af

It literally has nowhere to go but up, unless the team admit to a full blown pajeet exit scam and make off with the ICO money to Panama.

We got main net in a few weeks and the great bull run of 2018 is about to start.

12k poorfag REQlet be honest will I make it?

If you hold until summer, I can promise you that your 12K REQ will be market priced at over 400K USD.

When Request rightfully displaces Bitcoin Cash (it's absolutely going to make bcash and a lot of other crypto obsolete, like Ripple) and holds a 20b market cap, you'll have *made it* at a 100x return. Request *will not* stop there.

Stupid to sell before mainnet. Should be announced on the 2nd or 16th.

10 dollar REQ = 6.5 billion dollar marketcap
20 dollar REQ = 13 billion dollar marketcap

Do you REQtards have any idea what you're talking about? You ACTUALLY believe your shitcoin ERC20 token will break into the top 10 ahead of proven coins like Litecoin and Stellar?

Holy fuck, your coin just got cucked by Coinbase's new fucking payment system. That's LITERALLY what REQ was trying to offer and it got brutally cucked. What will you do now as your worthless shitcoin plummets to zero dollars and zero sense? It's an Ethereum based pile of shit, and it wants to be a new ICO hosting platform? Nigga, are you fucking serious, an (ERC20)^2 platform? What will be the REQ of the REQ platform on the Ethereum network lmfao?

It's over REQlets, there are dozens of other coins that do everything REQ does 40 times better. It's fucking over for you.

This sounds awfully hopeful.

do they plan to add a "pay button" like paypal? I thought this was more like e-bay. Also can you buy physical items or just trade currencies?

You're trying too hard

Yeah, it will sound awfully hopeful.

Please go back in time to February, 2017, and tell me how my $10 Eth that had traded sideways for 9 months would end the year over $1000.

Simply put, I've been in this exact positon before with Ethereum. I know what comes next.

Bitcoin Cash has a 20 billion dollar marketcap, and it's the only coin even worse than real Bitcoin.

Request is the only network in the market that's actually managed to get to be in Ycombinator's incubator. It's the only project (outside of Ethereum, and maaaaaaybe Ripple) that has focused on pushing commits and hitting development milestones above marketing and hype.

unironically this.

$2.50 dollar REQ, OMGs current market cap (essentially a white paper ICO with no development).

Fucking This!

You're right man, an Ethereum based token is the next Ethereum. LMAO.

Around this time last year ETH was 12.81 dollars with a circulating supply of 89 million.

REQ is currently .29 cents with a circulating supply of 641 million.

Using those numbers, would REQ's EOY growth be even possibly equivalent to ETH's growth the previous year?

I'm too drunk to use numbers sorry.

It's its own platform, you can use it to trade currencies and goods. REQ is better left as the paypal successor

Why are you calculating by supply?

All that matters is the % increase, why does the value of the token have anything to do with this.

I fucking see this over and over again, why the fuck do you retards focus on the price?

$100 worth of ETH and $100 worth of REQ are the same exact thing if they both go up by 50%, where ETH goes to $1200 and REQ would go to like 0.45

You get the same gains.

Fucking user you are too drunk you asked the wrong question, and it was a stupid one.

Well I was actually just eschewing calculating market cap, which is why I named price and circulating supply. Guess I could've just got that from the other column on cmc though...
The thing about percentage gains though is that with more circulating supply, you need more actual money going in to bump up price. Which is harder to achieve. So 100% gains seem less likely.
Apologies though I am wasted.

user, it takes the same amount of effort to bump the price from 20 cents to 40 cents as it would to bump the price from $100 to $200.

There is no difference in difficulty or in % gains. The only difference is the amount of tokens that you would get for your dollar.

Ethereum *won* crypto for the next decades, because Ethereum delivered solid a blockchain that can perform computation, and a strong ecosystem for developers. Do you know what people are programming the next generation of crypocurrency applications on? Ethereum, and that's fucking it. All of the dev mindshare is focused on scaling Ethereum and writing applications for Ethereum.

Ethereum is now the base layer for cryptocurrency. It's the cryptocurrency equivalent of the public cloud.

Yes, that means that the best investment opportunities will run on Ethereum, just like Netflix runs on Amazon. The Dappsl take advantage of Ethereum's first mover and network advantages and transactional throughput, and are able to abstract an enormous amount of technical complexity away thanks to the EVM.

I have 100% certainty that we're now entering the third generation of cryptocurrency, the middleware and applications generation -- and the best returns will be found in apps that run on Ethereum.

Your statement is the equivalent of saying Adobe will never be successful, because IBM already makes computers, and Microsoft already makes operating systems. You simply haven't grasped the space.

What is your portfolio?

I honestly can't believe how people don't understand this.

You make some good points user. Activated my almonds.

Yeah even an alcoholic like me can understand this.

I think a lot of early adopters are emotionally invested in bitcoin and don't like Ethereum systems inherently. Not to mention how few crypto investors actually understand anything about technology or what an ERC20 token even is. They're just here to play investor with fake money coins and hope to get rich like the bootycoin millionaires.
It's easy to learn about investing and FOMO and FUD and other such fucking crap. It's hard to understand utility and technology. That's why there's a million useless scam ICO's out there to separate idiots and their money.

3rd gen is tangle

Taleb's barbell strategy, so

70% of my portfolio is in real estate that I can lease / rent for a 5% annual return (stable, antifragile investments that will survive any bear market)

20% of my portfolio is in crypto:

Of that 20%, I'm 60% in on Request, 20% in on Kyber / 0x, and 20% remains in Ethereum.

The final 10% is left in a hedge against the real market (especially a housing collapse in Vancouver, London, and Sydney) that's a little complicated to explain. That last 10% is my super-high risk 5D financial chess play.

>housing collapse in Canada
For your sake and mine user, I hope this happens.

Ethereum cannot scale. It's over, Cardano will cuck Ethereum hard. The only thing smart contracts have been able to functionally do is create ethical ponzi schemes.

Ada and mobi 1 and 2 sir. Smart investor sir

Thanks. First time I've heard of that strategy. Newb here and you're posts have been informative and valuable.

You're only proving 's point.

But because I know you'll respond to me saying how I couldn't respond to your argument, Eth has proof of stake coming this year, and Plasma is ahead of schedule.

There is literally 0 need for Cardano or any other Eth clone once that happens. Sell your bags while you still can. I don't want you to lose money.

Sharding can already do thousands of tx/s


It's over, just like that? No need for NEO? What about Stellar? Is Ethereum really going to be that powerful? What will the Cardano devs do, end their lives?

>The only thing smart contracts have been able to functionally do is create ethical ponzi schemes.

99.9% of websites were complete junk when Google launched. 99.9% of websites are still junk, but Google is worth hundreds of billions.

One good use case is all you need. The other user was right about the base layer being built. ERC-20/ERC-223 protocol coins are like the base layer HTTP protocols that were built in order to let the internet take off. Once you have an ecosystem and devs on board the war is won, it is just a matter of when.

It probably won't be any different from right now, people will be perpetually throwing money at random alternative projects in hopes of finding the next ETH or BTC. All it needs is an exciting white paper and some big name endorsements.

NEO has Asian dominance, that's their advantage.

>Collapse on Vancouver
Good luck with that lol. You fell for a Veeky Forums meme that shits only going up and sideways for all eternity. Only so much to build there. If you look at numbers most buyers are home owners or interested in long term renting out.

I already sold two apartments in Richmond last month. I'm happy with the profits.

Maybe you want to take a look at the real estate prices in London, right now? Have you seen them over the last month? That an area has limited space doesn't mean that it's immune to being overvalued, user. Limits on new construction is the key thing that speculators look for in a market, so it would be reasonable to say that markets with limits on new construction would be more likely to enter bubbles.

Seriously, look at the London market in January / February 2018. Land in the most expensive areas has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in value basically overnight

Excellent replies lads! I'm actually just a 12k REQlet, will keep accumulating

>Limits on new construction is the key thing that speculators look for in a market, so it would be reasonable to say that markets with limits on new construction would be more likely to enter bubbles.
I whole heartedly agree. San Fran for example would be a good example with insane zoning, they could fix their shortage overnight if they allowed tall buildings and didn't take a year to approve.. Thing is people arent "speculating" in Vancouver they are lining up to buy homes to live in in 3 years when they are built. Development is going full tilt to keep up but it is one of the most livable cities in the world, backed up against the ocean with mountains, areas below sea level etc. Fucking Surrey is popping up like mad too. What happens when the entire Lower Mainland is fully developed and there is still a shortage? Even what little limits Vancouver tries to enforce, Surrey Burnaby Coquitlam most certainly don't have and can keep up in price.
>Seriously, look at the London market in January / February 2018. Land in the most expensive areas has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in value basically overnight.
I am not knowledgeable enough about London to comment.

Man I just want to be able to afford to live.
Sadly Toronto and the GTA is mad expensive right now. Any sign of that going pop?

Here's the sign that an urban area is in a bubble.

If you were a young professional, say, a lawyer, could you afford a nice place downtown?

If the answer is no, it's a bubble, and prices will eventually fall.

My advice to you would be to buy in Montreal instead.

This. Been waiting on NYC to pop for 100 years now!
better analysis tool would be looking at what kind of "bubble" you think it is. Greater fool theory for example would require large amounts of people investing on the assertion it will go up in a ponziesque manner selling to each other. Similarly you can have banks issue questionable mortgages on this assertion.
If rich people are buying expensive homes to live in them sorry you have a classic case of "expensive neighbourhood"
Typically a bubble can be modelled as investors driving price away from what end consumers will pay. If the most I will pay to live in a city is $500,000 but investors buy for $600,000 to sell for $700,000 crowding potential owners out the market and selling to each other. We have a bubble, if the most people will pay to live in the home is $1million and they pay $1million there is no bubble.

LINK will moon before REQ.

Once LINK moons sufficently I will switch into REQ and buy 2mil REQ.

Then I'll retire and get 30 lambos.

"hey can you send me that ETH you owe me?"
"yeah sure- let me just make a Request"
"..... why dont you just long into MEW and skip the middleman? Isn't that what crypto is for.... skipping the middle man?"
"haha.. yeah i have no idea what i was doing it just kinda sounded cool"

you fucken retard.

I make 120,000 after tax.
I cannot reasonably afford a place to live on my own. Especially downtown.

We hit a million and sales insta-slowed.

So it's a bubble?