I don't know why I come here anymore. Every valuable source of information has long since departed...

I don't know why I come here anymore. Every valuable source of information has long since departed. The only people left are late 2017 bagholders, third world scammers, and /pol/ refugees.

Yet here I am, day after day, coming back to Veeky Forums and browsing for hours looking at a sea of steaming indian shit.

You're not wrong.

Though, there was the BAT user LARP which gave some useful information.

Where did that fish come from user?

Carp are all over the place here in Australia they are absolute fuckin pests that taste like shit

dont come here for information LOL

come here for bantering with peers like at a watercooler.

>people come here looking for hot info

jesus christ

some of us early adopters are here, but there are barely any threads worth posting in anymore, everything is a shitcoin shill thread like all the link spam, or some pump and dump pajeet shitcoin.

very little real discussion as most of the smart early adopters have since vanished.

never been a regular Veeky Forums reader or poster but i remember maybe a year or two ago there used to be threads about things besides desperationcoin.

would be nice if gookmoot woke up and made a board for all the garbage posted here.

I only come here for the odd nugget of knowledge people drop sometimes. Fuck everything else.

good info gets posted here from time to time
it gets laughed at

Can you give me an example of what you mean, without going into too much detail?

Fuck you buy link

This WAS the board made for all the crypto garbage that was being posted on /g/ lmao.

Yeah everyone here's literally retarded. I stopped coming here when I saw that most of you retards missed out on Ripple. I mean the writing was on the fucking walls, you had to be an idiot not to buy < $0.10 and sell at almost $4. But instead we got a bunch of larpers and kids posting about "da joos" and acting like they were in a Star Wars movie or something fighting the evil empire. Fucking pathetic.

Nowadays I only come here for buy/sell signals, because it's the one thing Veeky Forums is good for. When these retards are all freaking out and crying about their losses and debating whether or not crypto is dead, buy. When the retards are gloating about their gains and talking about the lambo they're going to buy next week, sell. It's really that simple.

cheer up, we've become a super popular board, that's what we wanted, means we're making it

put some filters on for the rest

Why do you even come here when you can only see like 2 threads in the catalog lmao

Veeky Forums is fading just like the crypto market's volume. Compare this to December/January when it was the top board.

because those two threads worth it and can make me 10-100x, like many other threads in here did

>im a worthless bitch
>just accept it

Just added *link filter too.
Are there any noncancer forums out there?

Every coin that gets baseless FUD is a good buy. Every coin that is having a shill campaign should be sold when it pumps.

why do you hate yourself, op?

Was his shit actually verified though?

Who does this exquisite brapper belong to