/crypto iq general/

/crypto iq general/

How much IQ do you need to "make it" in crypto?

Is this OC?
And to answer your question: IQ is a meme mostly used by /pol/ gags with a huge inferiority complex (aka they have to compaensate)
Intelligence is not a meme

Its not about IQ

The lower the better.


Alright, that's it. I'm adding IQ to my filters. These threads keep popping up and it's always a bunch of brainlets arguing about dumb shit.

You can be a brainlet like me, all you need is LINK to make it.

This might have been true last year. Think about it. People who did tons of research, read white papers and all that, they saw XVG and said "lol Dogecoin Dark" and "shitcoin." Brainlets said "holy shit look how cheap that is" and "i can have 1 million XVG." Then XVG pumped harder than just about anything and they made millions in a couple weeks.

no IQ thresholds, you just needed to be in crypto pre 2017

post your filters please

If you were truly high IQ and we're here in June you would've know that xvg at 56 sats in December (the month where normies spend a lot of money+media shilling crypto) was a steal

85. Enough to operate a computer. Buy, hold for years. Done.

I remember when it was 4 sats in April. Yeah, the thing is the really high IQ people would also have recognized the potential to pump given the market conditions at that time and the psychology of normies.

sub80. All you have to do is buy biz's top shill like an absolute retard and make bank

its really about looking truthfully at yourself and figuring out why you are wrong. look at your plays as a reflection of yourself

>buy BTC

Really not that difficult.

yes i know how to find moonshots

IQ is one of the most accurate predictors of income and success, idiot.

Kek, brainlet Sam wojak looking good

Motivation and drive are just as important. If not more so.
Known plenty of high IQ people that were lazy as fuck.

I tested 150 on an online IQ test which is in the 99th percentile, but i'm still losing money. Pretty sure 99% of the people on this board are idiots bleeding money.

Iq is a meme for losers that have nothing else going for them. Also smug as fuck. See: mensa

iq is a meme faggot
just the fact that you're asking this stupid question implies you're double digit brainlet

Idk if it means he is a brainlet. More likely that he is a loser with no social skills who needs to flaunt his iq (probably average) as a way to feel superior to his much more successful peers from highschool.

sounds like a jealous fuck that doesn't qualify for getting into MENSA
they send me an email every day since I took the test
i just got done paying my membership fee and my gf let me buy this cool weed pipe on eBay life is good when ur intelligent && livin the cryptoid life in $85 undies bros

Mensa is a bunch of autist fucks getting together to stroke each others egos. Did you really pay a membership fee so you can tell people you are smart? Iq just means you have the capacity to learn. Clearly, you are a retard.

yes of course why would it be free when it so life changing and beneficial
can put that shit on like your applications and stuff hello? pretty much guaranteed hire plus most employers are also members it's nothin but net gain man do you have any foresight on investing in ur future or just shitpost on a terrible board all ur life lmao

> being this oblivious to his social ineptitude

>being this susceptible to bait.

good question