Something big is going to happen this year. i don't know what it is but i have a strange feeling...

something big is going to happen this year. i don't know what it is but i have a strange feeling. last time i had this feeling was back in 08 when both bitcoin came on the scene and the housing market collapsed.

what about you guys. can you feel it?

in my mind there are only a few things i see happening soon:

student loan bubble popping
auto loan bubble popping
housing market is still overvalued imho
maybe some semi-major war happening
a new game changing crypto gets created

a palantir is a dangerous tool, op.

I'm guessing ayylmaos or something North Korea related.

Yes. This is the year of the IOYA black hole event. Enshrining IOTA as the world's first true universal currency and unit of trust.

user the game changer is already here

this site is 18+


All of the ubove and more. Will we the biggest recession of our lifetimes, within the next two years. All the bubbles will pop at once. May be good for crypto

You mean to say 'progression'. The recession singularity was just me punishing my parents for telling me that Family means everything but they kept beating and raping me.

I am the one genius the world should not have pissed off.

What is your haloperidol dose, user?
Cause it's not working.

why do you think this?

I don't have any. How about you guys just use my real name instead of thinking that humane have to be some daily dose of greek/latin words put together?

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Obviously I am just too much internet for you to handle.

yes, i'm also schizophrenic

Real estate agent here

Appraisals are conservative now so mortgages don't go upside down, and supply is still incredibly low. It's not going to be the housing market...yet

game changing crypto and possible debt bubble popping are the most likely

Because IOTA = 1/2

As you can see my mathematical constant is 3 e -1/3

So 3 is the shortest RTT loop. The events in between the periodocity does not matter to my mathematics. It is pike footnotes or code comments.

Schizophrenia is worthless without learning how to VM provision yourselves. IOTA STYLE.

Simon/psy/mon/sci/mon-poster best poster.

Love +1 Love. Bring your friends along.

Fool of a Took!!!

>a new game changing crypto gets created

its nano. buy some.

Altcoin bubble pops. Billions lost, but none of it institutional. "Billion" dollar coins like NANO and NEO get corrected down to the tens of millions, and money dries up for shitty ICOs.

>>don't have any
And thus we should trust IOTA.
Makes perfect sense!

What would happen if the debt bubble popped all of a sudden?

Biggest crysis ever seen?

Took? I took all of 'em! IOTA 4 U 2!

I have the same feeling user, not even kidding. I feel like something is gonna happen but I somehow know I'm gonna be ok even tho this is my rock bottom financially speaking.

>student loan bubble popping

Explain what this scenario would even look like. What does this mean?

Students can't pay back their loans? So what? The banks sell off the debt anyways. The student loan situation is so fucked up, the banks and servicers aren't ever going to collect our loans.

Tolkien in biz. I thought most of you were illiterate.

It would suck but it wouldn’t be the worst

I feel it, user.

Or are we too much internet for you to handle????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tolkien... Wow...*looks into crystal ball* you must be American...

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>something big is going to happen this year. i don't know what it is
yeah ok fuck off kid

>boomers starting to die
>Millennials overtook boomers as largest rep. demographic in 2016

I don't think recession is the right word, user. I think we're on the breakthrough of something big, and hopefully healthy, for this economy