The correction is over faghats. See you on the moon

The correction is over faghats. See you on the moon.

you might be retarded

yeah m8 it's looking great fantastic advice

oh it's over alright

my memelines are better than your memelines

could come up, could fall through, nobody knows, wait for confirmation faggot

Come at me bro

100x long from 9600. yolo


you didn't short right

because you're fucked

10k is the top.

>Yea let me just letter and number some peaks and dips..
>Mmm ya that looks good.
>Wow looks like the corrections over I gotta tell the guys!

he did 100x. he'll get liquidated anyway

sad! many such cases!

Just closed my short from 11.5

I joke I joke. I never trade with leverage.

have you read the book about elliot wave?

HODLer spotted.

I'm new to trading, but why can't you short BTC/USDT on Poloniex?

check theeese dubs:

Just shorted BTC x25. This is atleast going into the high 8. WHERES UR ORACLE NOW?!

up to 10k...then down below again.


I bet it will be Link related...

Acording to my TA there are only 5% chances of going under 10k.
Any minute now we will bounce back to 10k just to never return, better load your bags now because is not gonna get cheaper.


Sold everything at the height of the dead cat bounce 11.k. It was like going back in time 2 weeks fucking kek. Now I'm gonna kick back and watch you deluded idiots get rekt by the bear market.

> this time is different

The world is not what it used to be mm mm no no no

lol, just closed my short and set up longs at 9500 +/- 200

It has to be getting close because I am getting very tempted to sell

I know it's not the bottom because I feel like going long now

Alone restless breakfast wojaks and an otherwise empty moon
Young goy violin's center of it's own bad TA
The bull roars aloud, bear, tries to understand it
Tries to take her down
The shades red down, into bear's head
Paints the lines, can't deny there's something wrong
Don't call me dead bear, not fit to
The TA drawn will remind me
Don't call me dead bear, not fit to
The bags i hodl will remind me
Don't hodl.

10k was my new floor but im at 7.5k now so this is where buy orders are triggered if people like money which im betting they do

hey nigger


have questions for you

1. are you a nocoiner
2. what are you invest in if not crypto
3. where do you think crypto will be in a month
4. in a year

then I'm screenshotting you. You tripfags are all going to be rounded up and murdered and held for your accountability, just like cryptobro and omega and soon to be oracle

It's not going back up, buddy.

Don't be an angry red vein man

are you oracle?

This is now a bear thread

you too namefag

all namefags answer these questions

now niggers


1, No
2. Nothing
3. Squirming in the jaws of the bear
4. Probably starting to recover.

You should know that I didn't read your post. My answer to long posts is that I'm smarter than you.

>soon to be oracle
soon? you mean already?

>Tfw 'the correction is over' faggots are the same people who were posting bubble pics during the real bull run.

I finally know who you faggots are with your persistent bullshit, you're the original nocoiners and you finally cracked and bought in during december/january and you've know taken your boneheaded repetitive bullshit the other way, constantly saying 'correction over, pump incoming', kek you're the financial equivalent of people who marry sluts after every other guy got some, and then don't get any sex after the ring goes on the finger.

Moment of truth boys

4 hour candle in 10 minutes. It's going to do or die.

That hammer is looking BULLISH baby.

what are we looking for here

Over 9700








my TA didn't work, my target was $200 lower

my rising wedge, falling wedge and flags worked every time

I don't understand the TA hate here

Best part is I'm a fucking trading noob and I see it in action every day

I will say I bought on an earlier 4 hour morning star and then sold for a 6% loss

Bruh, my target was around 200 lower too, but when I saw the short wave 3 I knew we weren't gonna 1:1. That and the divergence gave it away. We could still double bottom though.





Biz is too obsessed with their hodling and diversification to bother learning TA. And that's why biz is always filled with pink wojacks.

bro chill

my indicators say good things are coming

Same here. Fucking nobeanie fags piss me off.

volume looks like shit
its going down nigga
get the water

OP is right

The rest of you are faggots or kikes, pick one

Bull trap thanks for playing

Mmmm Non non non

Ah man you just made my day

I doubt it -- look at it closing above the top line of the falling wedge, that is at minimum a temp reversal

I'll consider that as a possibility if we go below 9700.

t. 11.7K cuck

sure OP

thanks for playing but this shit is going down
temporary reversal in 1 minute chart maybe, overall it wont

bull flags everywhere in 1 min + momentums are oversold + tested trend line support for 10 mins, price is going up temporarily but I think on a grand scale it is overdue for correction\

daily chart is screaming massive comedown on the way

Don't buy until above 10100

agreed I made that mistake


Witness the dumpening

TA isn't real as proven for the one millionth time right now.

Will likely bounce at 9760.

I would fuck that roastie in the throat

fucking Elliot wave god dammit

Bitcoin two years ago on biz:

>Lol bitcoin is dead we'll never see 1k again

Bitcoin today and biz:

>Shilling scammy altcoins nonstop

You guys who sold your Bitcoin or are late adopter altcoin holders are retarded.

In short, the board went from Bitcoin is dead and a joke to "I'm late to the party so I'll buy this scammy altcoin because it's cheap and pray to God it replaces Bitcoin"

Nice job

something tells me a lot of this applies to yourself

but would you sell, user?

I made all my money on alts and I'm a late adopter. They outperform BTC by a large margin.

So what is everyone actually IN right now? Everything is dropping so I just tethered up and am waiting because if btc dumps then it takes everything with it.




I'm waiting, it looks like it still can go down

the point of buying alts is to accumulate more btc/eth, retard

Looks good to buy on 4hr chart
cbf cashing out
yeah true

4h, 3h, 2h, looks bullish
but I'm waiting to see if there's a better entry
I'm still counting on $9400

Hey hey hey...!

Thanks just opened up a 100k 100x short!

Thnx just bought 0.001k.

It's over.

You've been bogged laddies.

who did this?

Posting in bear thread.


What could be more faggy than being attracted to that weakling?