Biggest opportunity since ethereum?

biggest opportunity since ethereum?

not even close


Since confido

literal scamcoin

Overhyped shitcoin. You can literally do everything they want to do on Ethereum.


how do you sell securities on ethereum?


op if you cant see this is an overhyped shitcoin at best, a scam at worst, youre gonna get rekt by this market

why is it overhyped?

Jibrel is the next ethereum

you're both dumb. POLY is an ERC20 token. It's a dapp/smart contracts for securities. But it's an idiotic idea and it's out of reach for this community. I can trade stocks on my phone, why would I need tokens?

exactly. overhyped shitcoin

what if a company wants to tokenize legally?

how is it beyond the reach of this community if we can buy the ERC20 tokens on kucoin?


Shh quiet OP, I'm still trying to accumulate

> Unironically thinks that crypto is about the tech and use cases

he raises a good point though. if this is going to be the trillion dollar project it claims it is, why would you bother with securities tokens when you can just trade stocks electronically already

They airdropped this shit so 90% of the smaller holders are Pajeets

why is this even relevant? would you rather it be all held by bitcoin and ethereum whales?

I think the point is that ownership of securities can be transferred on a distributed ledger with POLY, in the same way that money can be transferred with BTC/LTC/whatever.

You're cutting out the middleman (brokers) for cheaper transactions.

starting to get a little FUDdy on this coin. they're making bizarre spelling errors in the fucking ABSTRACT of their whitepaper. did pajeets write this shit?

I can't actually find a list of their team members on their website. It's quite possible though.

But, does it really matter? This year is gonna be all about coins that claim they can integrate into the existing financial infrastructure. This shit will be the next Ripple

gonna pump leading up to the conference

Thanks just bought 100k

yeah i think it's a good idea to buy during the dip to dump during or after the conference

thats asinine as hell user, have you ever traded anything other than crypto? trading securities is nothing like sending money abroad.

Considering that they airdropped a lot of coins to pajeets, I won't be surprised if they gave a bounty to some pajeet to write the whitepaper.

lol im connected on linkedin to the CEO of this project. I met him on the entrepreneur subreddit 2 years ago

All I know is that I'm paying $5-7 per trade on traditional securities platforms

do you know anything about his previous businesses? he blocks access to his previous company "Digital Assets International" for some reason

he also had some edtech company which looks sort of like an amateur attempt at a business

also he brags about getting drafted 147th overall in the NHL draft but never seems to have played a single game and lies about the amount of time he actually spent on the squad (3 years), even though the NHL lists him as drafted but with no stats to his name

he mentioned he left the NFL because of an injury. didnt elaborate on the companies, but I think he was doing an AMA on the subreddit so he had to be somewhat successful

I read the title and burst out with laughter. Good joke, OP.


just looking for my 1000x user

Because thats how a pyramid scam works. Your insiders hols the majority of the coins and give away a portion to poor people who will promote the coin in hopes of getting something for nothing. In the end you just fill the insiders bags. You are literally asking people to pay for something that no one paid for. In the end you buy pajeet his rice rations for the month and the insidiers a fancy new yaht. You need to be 100% retarded to fall for this.

are any erc20 tokens worth getting aside from maybe ARK or whatever? don't be shilling me BS guys.

This is tron 2.0. The only reason that they didn't do an ico and did an airdrop instead, was to avoid problems with the sec. Now that there are rewards for ratting out pump and dump operations, I would not be surprised if somebody files a claim against tai lopez and company for trying to actively pump this shitcoin.

yeah i think i might just get in on this and cash out at the 30x mark like tron

get paid off the normie hype

If /biz is FUDing/ignoring you know its a good buy. I remember getting in on Stellar last October before biz even noticed.