What book are you currently reading?

Trading / investing / stock market related book thread.

Some user shared this with Veeky Forums a few months ago so I think it should be re-shared from time to time. A great little resource of over one-hundred books related to trading and the markets.


There's about 10 related to swing trading, my area of interest at the moment.

I think I'm going to start researching succesful swing traders and seeing if they wrote any biographies or what have you.

Also acceptable to talk about in this thread are psychology books about crowds and the mindset of masses.

So what's your favorite trading book?

Do you want any specific reading recomendations?

Any specific requests?

What book are you going to start with first from the google drive?

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What I'm reading atm
Trading and investing books don't really help me desu
I've read nisons jap stick books, alright when I didn't know shit at all
Anna coullings volume price analysis, was decent
Plenty of others may as well thrown in the bin
I find the most helpful book for my trading has been the art of war


Currently reading All quiet on the western front.
-Goodnight punpun
-The setting sun
-No longer human

Learning lots

>What book are you currently reading?

I recently read:

The Death of Money
Common Stocks Uncommon Profits
Rich Dad Poor Dad

A bit memey. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits is worth it though. Shkreli recommended.

A meme supreme

I took calculus at university when i studied engineering, would i have trouble with understanding the contents of this book?

punpun is great
and Kaczynski was right

reading like a normie instead of dumping all known market data into an AI using symbolic regression using genetic algorithms to find the correct strategy.

>never gonna make it

It's more or less graduate level math. I'm a grad student in a theoretical science and most of my mathematical method courses didn't really prepare me at all for this book. But most of those courses were centered around methods in QM and QFT. Stochastic calculus is quite different from the typical calculus. I had to take engineering calculus courses during my undergrad. It's a decent start but some other books would probably be a better introduction, such as pic related (by J Michael Steele). Pic related basically just requires an introductory level to probability theory and not much else.

That's exactly why I'm reading it. I'm working on a deep learning trading bot using PyBrain.

Cold Hard Truth by Kevin O'Leary. entertaining read, shows how the software business was run pre bubble.

This was my ECON510 textbook
>tfw dropped the class after one month

and this too, still have it around somewhere

Good TA patterns book?

Does anyone know how to share telegram channels. I joined a channel called traders library, they have over 1000 books ready to download.

telegram is confusing as hell. the desktop client is great (has sidebar section which keeps track of all the posted links and pictures in a chat) but it's impossible to navigate and find new rooms to join.

i have no idea but would appreciate you trying.

Also do does anyone know of any people on medium that write good trading or blockchain/crypto related articles? So far i have found cryptocred and giotto de filippe

do you know about steemit? it's medium for crypto writing.

I completely forgot about steemit haha

>reading another man's emotions

Literal cucks the lot of you

telegram.me/joinchat/AAppPT3cOnM48-Kqbm7FGg alright, let me know if it works.

you just blew my mind...

works. thanks man!

Damn user, thanks for looking out.

No prob man, good to see a quality thread. Remember you can search on telegram to find what you are looking for.

Hey OP...can I call you OP? Okay, cool. Yeah so anyways I really like the list, but was wondering if you've vetted any sources of uhhhhhhh (((chosen Authors))). You get what I'm saying?

I'm not reading anything trading related. Current book is about straya backpacker serial killer Ivan Milat. He is less interesting than i expected.

Watchbro recommended it before some le ebin /pol/ faggot doxed him and scared him off from making him threads here.

Uncle Ted was right, yet here we are, on our computers, investing in new technology to satisfy our greed.

Feels bad man.

Thanks op, this looks great! What books would you recommend to start with? I did a master in finance and am interested in short term trading.

I just tried steemit, its shit. How do you weed through all the crap. i cant even search without going through google

imagine being such a faggot that you convince yourself you find this interesting

lol get on my level you plebs, youre never gonna make it if you buy shitcoins like link and never learn the ropes.

I started crypto in june and while i did a 10x on initial roi i went down to 4x because i didnt bother to actually learn this stuff seriously, especially trading and TA.

If I knew what i know now at least last year's august i'd be super rich by now, oh well just hope the bull returns, i'll be ready next time.

Currently on the spider network. Bretty gud

how many books in your swing trading folder? mind sharing

Thanks user!

sure, around 32, but forget about books, i suggest you get video tutorials, they really catapulted my power level.

>started in June
>4-10x ROI
a monkey holding ethereum since June 1 would have outperformed you top kek

Imagine being such a brainlet that when confronted with the fact that someone is working through a rigorous math textbook by choice, you jump to the conclusion that its due to feigned interest.

Holy shit

Dunning Kruger effect much?

>Kb read


The Rational Male

>Deep learning trading bot.

Nice. You going for LSTM? CNN?

I'm using a set of LSTM models with great success. There's a project on Github though where the devs used a CNN, which likes interesting.

I'm wanting to also get more into unsupervised learning methods for strategy generation, like the Actor-Critic model used to beat DoTA. Looks really promising.