Should I buy more or dump all of it?

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Dump it before the door closes

when. Is there another pump waiting?

Hodl, fuck off pajeet 6 days til fork

Bittrex is just doing a final shakeout of weak hands with these blueball tweets. If there are enough strong hands remaining (looks like there are), they will support the fork.

So, yes, buying and holding is the better choice.

omegamaker says he's dumping before the fork. so if i were you i'd hold it through the fork.

this, fuck omega besides now that ZCL price is so low i doubt if BTCP initial fork price would be bigger, maybe now HOLDING is the safe bet

dump it all and never come back to Veeky Forums


Also fuck btcp and fuck ZCL, been all in since December and it’s been a boring fucking 2 months

heh..."boring" .. right...

heh... "nothing"... personal kid

The fork is when zcl drops to near 0.

buy and hodl easy $1000 by may

unironically this

some FUD for your sprog


what did they mean by this

No one can claim ownership for Bitcoin since it started as a community open source project.

that's not bitcoin private


oh damn

if you aren't all in on BTCP you are an absolute RETARD

>he thinks there will only be 16Mil btcp

you realize tehre are going to be 6x as many btcp as there are bitcoin because of zcl you literal retard? you are going to lose everything

fag BTCP supply is going to be 21

Isnt it like 24 or somethin? ZCL + BTC?

its 21 million. like 2.x million zcl have been mined, and like 17 million btc. the remaining btcp will be mined until 21 million