Alright Veeky Forums

Alright Veeky Forums
i'm bored af and have nothing to do.
First dubs chooses the girl, all following dubs decide what I say.

@ kayla

you look like a geek get contacts


how about

Mods please ban me for being a faggot r9k'er


just message angel and ask her if bitconnect still has a chance

u a nigga lovah?


Girl selected. Next dubs decides what I say.

i like your taste in ladies broo


what youre doing with your mouth you should do to my asshole

Smell my finger.

Ask her if she thinks the UK regulating crypto wil be a good or bad thing

these types of threads teach young men to disrespect women.

Sell her on Link

I like the nature girls I guess


Tell her that her name is fucking stupid.

I'm getting absolutely JUST'd right now

is this your blog, faggot?

Ask her if she can suck your magic cock for one btc

Jesus christ. okay. Give me a second.

After the girls I've been through I could care less white knight.

Ill suck your dick for 1btc

"Youre really cute, wouldyoulole to be on a 3some with me and my friend sminem?"

Then post sminems facebook page

Technically he winsbut there is a trips roll further down that's funnier

They're probably all fat so does it really matter? Tell them to buy my bags on

rolling for this

I'm more worried about you than these girls.

dubs decide

>only 19 matches
How ugly are you?
Any self respecting man has got well over 400


Sent. Waiting for reply.

Thanks, means a lot bud.

Get a real name, nigger.

'Fair enough, so yeah what do you think about the UK Treasury Committee debating if crypto will overtake FIAT'

le nique

i wanna suck the shit out of your asshole

Are you a ladyboy?

I made this account 2 days ago.

All she replied with was a gif of Jack Black saying wtf. Need some more rolls.

I’m that gorilla dick linky, I make dev waistline go fat, and if you don’t pump me, I might dump you