Don't say Veeky Forums never shared any gems

I read about 0x, link, kyber, icon, origintrail, shipchain, etc. here before their ICOs. Now it's my turn to share.

oh! another guess my coin and google search my image thread! sage you paki street shitting nigger

You're welcome


Is this the logo to the new transformers movie?

being 100% serious
they're slide threads trying to get any threads where sexy ladies have been posted off the front page and past page 10

holy fuck it's actually called yggdrash, I thought that was just a random string of letters. Look at this allstar team of one guy dressed up in different wigs.

shut up OP delete this

>Look at this allstar team of one guy dressed up in different wigs.

If you don't know who Peter Ryu is...

Thanks OP I’m going to buy a shit ton of these fuckers

ok jamal. show your skin you nigger. moon 10x guess my coin! sage

You're welcome. Maybe there's hope for Veeky Forums after all



And here I thought CPChain was the worst name in crypto

What does the coin do?



>Participants in an experiment were asked to evaluate the prospects of fictitious Turkish companies on the basis of reports from two brokerage firms. For each stock, one of the reports came from an easily pronounced name (e.g. Artan) and the other report came from a firm with an unfortunate name (e.g. Taahhut). The reports sometimes disagreed. The best procedure for the observers would have been to average the two reports, but this is not what they did. They gave much more weight to the report from Artan than the report from Taahhut. Remember that System 2 is lazy and that mental effort is aversive. If possible, the recipients of your message want to stay away from anything that reminds them of effort, including a source with a complicated name.

~Thinking, Fast and Slow, p64

>that insane Rucka Rucka Ali tier Engrish website

This team looks stacked as hell. Redpill me on why I shouldn't invest in this shit

protip Veeky Forums if anything is ever sold to you as a "hidden gem" its highly likely that you're getting done over

What the fuck is the purpose of the coin. Roadmap probably takes ages

>shitskin disapproval