What would Hitker say about crypto currencies?

What would Hitker say about crypto currencies?

Systematically execute all no Linkers

pump GAS

Probably something in german

I'm not sure Hitler would be for a coin whose leader follows Bernie Sanders and in whose last talk made a point of wanting to particularly help "emerging economies" participate in global finance. It's lucky /pol/ don't actually do any research, they'd have to sell their favourite coin if they did.

Hitker hates Bitloin


freedom from kike ownership. bring down the jewish banking cartel
His coin would be White Power Coin. every white gets a WPcoin, automatically worth $1 billion. the only way to produce more coins is to breed with another pure white, creates a hardfork and the child is gifted a coin. more coins in existence the stronger the network. master race nodes. coins can't be burned, but other competing coins like nigger coin and jew coin can be gassed

He'd rightfully gas us all.

He would think they are kawii

he would be a nocoiner judging by how many jews are into crypto

does anyone that hold link actually research, or just buy into the memes?

>follows Bernie Sanders
wake up plebbitor

>Nazi Party
>literally the National SOCIALIST party of germany
And what political party is bernie sanders?

I did research, but a lot buy into the memes. But whats wrong with buying into memes? In 2015, the average Veeky Forumstard had no idea what the fuck Ethereum could do. They literally did it because it was the most popular coin

just bought 100k

get rid of that kike coin bitcoin segwit for starters

he would buy peepcoin to get rich

He would disapprove of any form of cryptocurrency because the citizens would speculate and not work or produce anything of value for a living.

this would be in his wallet



He would be strongly in favor of cryptocurrencies, as they totally liberate people from the banks (and other Jews), etc, etc, etc.... Yes, I believe he would embrace crypto.

>t. 20k linkholding armchair military historian specializing in nazi stuff

I'm all in WPcoin. Make pappy proud.

On the one hand he hated speculation.

On the other if it goes against the Jew money system...

He would like it. Pushing (((them))) off the Bank Thrown.


most likely doge coin because he liked dogs



you nazis need to go back to /r/the_drumpf

He backed the reichsmark with hours of labor. Proof of work, if you will.

Tfw bitcoin is the spiritual successor to reichsmark

Very likely, link brother