Besides golf, what are some hobbies that I can learn that will improve my professional life?

Besides golf, what are some hobbies that I can learn that will improve my professional life?

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Just fucking kys and save yourself the effort OP.

Learn to appreciate but not entirely indulge in the finer things.
Seriously good craft beer, boutique wine, crazy old bourbon and scotch.

But other than that just buy some knee pads.

how the fuck do these things improve your professional life
kys yourself

If you live in an urban area joining a running club might be a good idea

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Go out with c level execs. Go golfing. Out to dinner. For drinks.
Know your shit when it comes to booze. You'd be amazed how it can help you.

I hate when guys start talking about expensive booze. And I hate it even more when women talk about it to try to impress guys. I don't understand why people give a shit.

actual skills and things that are relavant to making money
keep hitting your little ball around the park though

I worked in the craft beer industry for awhile.
Trust, it gets fucking annoying when people just talk when they don't know wtf they're talking about.
But if you do, you'd be amazed the connections you can make.


I want to skateboard feel like im a little old late teen but it seems therapeutic then ill snowboard

it depends on what you do,

Surprisingly they are a number of high profile people in rowing.
Joining a sailing club is an idea too

Same with wine here, people are smug as fuck and they have nfi of what they are doing

Reading. Literally all you need to do to improve 9 out of 10 careers.

Racquetball my nigga, super competitive 1v1, and great excercise. Also its white collar approved

I work for a tech/entertainment company in the Pacific NW. Around here, trap shooting and fishing are just as good as golf for professional socializing, and they're way more fun.

Not helpful for your professional life. If you didn't learn when you were younger, trick skating can be dangerous. You fall on concrete a lot and as you get older your bones don't heal as quickly. Longboarding and snowboarding, however, are amazing for anyone with good knees.

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>good craft bear

half my stack says youve got a shitty numale beard and think of yourself as a classy rugged gentleman lmao fucking craft beer faggot

this guy orders craft beer at the ballgame.

This, but be good at it. You’ll be competing with women who have sucked miles of cock. You have some catching up to do

For some reason, knowledge about wine/liquor makes you a more 'cultured' person. Its essentially a meme category people put work into for the sole purpose of impressing other people. Most people want to be just kinda knowledgeable enough on certain topics so they have a few buzzword lines to spit out to make them sound smart.

Whenever someone starts to drag on about the subtleties of a certain type of wine or fine scotch, instead of thinking "wow, this person knows alot about x", I immediately go to "wow, this faggot sure puts a lot of work into impressing other people." It's just a kneejerk reaction at this point. This isn't true if they are actually a true connoisseur and know an exceptional amount about vintages etc. It's the people who read a few blog posts and are now cultured intellectuals about wine that drive me insane.

Set up a mining rig

Join the Freemasons and LARP / suck old boomer's cocks


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People like you will never be at the top of anything

Master the art of playing chess

>Craftbeer and Botique wine
Kek, OP asked for professional life, not the numale scene

- Know your drinks (Whiskey, Red Wine and Cognac)
- Cigars (brands, taste and how to smoke them (lot of hidden etiquette))
- Hunting (not redneck style)

>getting rekt for mentioning craft beer


and rightly so

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