Elastos giving away 1200 ELA ($96,000) to winners of vote

Vote for Elastos on the Binance community vote and win a shitload of ELA. Just screenshot your vote and send it in. Details on the Elastos subreddit (2nd link down "Elastos Community Event"):


ye boi

Rofl 2b market cap out of ICO

Also Vote for Wepower. they are leading the pack, giving away 50$ for every vote. also lucky winner get 5k wepower beside 50$ free money.

this will dump hard in binance, right now reddit tier noobs buying in fomo. u get below 40$ with in two weeks

Where do you submit the screenshot? There was nothing on the google form

Hahaha I was Fudding earlier. DAPP air drops coming on March 15th. Big meet-up in San Francisco. It might dump after DAPP airdrop but before I doubt it. I can see a solid pump to 6-8b until the meetup

If you get chosen to win, they’ll ask for the screenshot

ONLY if they get listed. ELA will do the give away either way.

lol...good shill. we saw many dumps. who u fooling nigga. u will end bags if u dont drop in intial fomo in binance listing. retards never learn

zilliq also giving away now...fuccking kek show.

it really is a total shit show lmao. most intense community voting ever, the wpr shills are really agressive

Yea after Binance listing it’d be stupid not to dump my bags, then I buy cheap and wait for DAPP airdrops

It’s stupid as fuck, personally I’d be fine if ELA just stayed on Huobi and I could accumulate for a month. Fucking Binance listing will cause a massive pump and dump.

yeah true, it will get listed anyways now that binance saw its big community and the huge volume. its a gigantic project after all.
wouldn't be that bad if it doesnt get listed. huobi is a great exchange anyways.

its needs to get listed and dump hard. after all icx dumped, iost, zilliq..etc every fuccking monster project u bizterds saying dumped hard. ela would have same fate. they just out from ico, ppl already ready with their bags, as soon as binance listed reddit tier will fomo, they dump. biz terds have any sense they have to wait to calm down and wait for btc grandfaa dump which will take ela with it. then buy.

can i vote on more than one coin?

icx didnt dump. I bought at 1.40usd at listing and sold at 7usd without any dump.

old projects that get listed tend to dump, the ones that have been around for 6 months +. ela is new and under the radar, it will grow to 500 usd and then correct to 320 usd, thats my ta.

lol..good joke

>mfw voting for both coins to make money from both but ultimately not help either

Nice free money

6m coins in circulation do you even know how mcap works? This is hovering at 6-700m right now and is easily a top 10 project

Why they not just pay like 100 000$ and get listed that way? Or this is just like marketing stunt or something?

is this project legit? what are they doing? Is it worthwhile to pick some up after the dump?

i'm a faggot, where to find what coins i voted for?
for screenshot purposes

You dumb piece of shit

Also vote for Zilliqa

I put that 5k WePower up, as usual fucked by Chinese, prob farming binance votes instead of wow gold atm.


think you can't
so you already fucked up