Veeky Forums thinks it's just an exchange

>Veeky Forums thinks it's just an exchange
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the ETFs
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the TAMs
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the fiat pairings for altcoins
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the FUCKING DEBIT CARD

Do you guys EVER do research kek?

>inb4 people FUD this for the token burn

Those tokens ain't getting burnt bitch, they're going to get sold out, someone just bought 10 million XCM in one fucking order (1.1 million euros). I just want some of my fellow faggots and niggers on board this train. for 2.5% EXTRA BONUS (redirects to reflink)

Price Projections:

it's fine to be skeptical of this

I'll let you guys in on a secret, I actually had to explain to a normie how to buy tron or some shit, I advised them not to first obvs, but either way I talked them through going to coinbase then sending to binance then buying tron, and then explained they'd need to sell the tron for eth then transfer the eth to coinbase to cash out.

Do you understand how much they'd have just preferred to use some gay normie site like coinmetro? This is gonna be huge.

>accepts burgers (no one to dump your bags on)
>first buyers got a 500% bonus over late buyers (can instantly dump their bags at 5x
>project success itself depends heavily on normie influx into crypto which has completely died down at this point

>accepts burgers
Not true

Weak fud.

Buyers at 3 and 5 cents have their tokens frozen for 6 months so they can't dump shit.

Here's the breakdown:
12.5M sold at 0.03 (locked for 6 months)
12.5M sold at 0.05 (locked for 6 months)
12.5M sold at 0.07
12.5M sold at 0.09
50M sold at 0.11
50M to be sold at 0.12
50M to be sold at 0.13
50M to be sold at 0.14
50M to be sold at 0.15

Conclusion, lowest tiers have their tokens locked and can't dump, 7 and 9 cents are only a tiny fraction of all tokens.

actually it's 300M total so don't mind the last line "50M to be sold at 0.15". When the last token at the 0.14 price is sold, the token will open up on the exchange at 0.15

>this isn't how it works, and even if it was coinmetro will be using liquidity fund to prevent dumping
>bonus was applied to less than 8% of total supply, plus it has to be vested for 6 months, plus every ICO does this, except privately. Legolas sold 60% of their tokens privately, at least XCM is public
>wrong again, regulation is coming to crypto, the platform only needs 50MM daily volume to be 5-10x even if you use conservative maths, (0.1% fee used to buy tokens), that's the equivalent of, people will switch because they want: fiat pairings for alt coins, and margin. which is only offered by like 4 exchanges atm.

Your FUD is weak ranjeet.

It's rated really low on icobench. Main criticism is that it's just another exchange with nothing to stand out with. And it's true, only people who invest in this bullshit are retards who think xcm is gonna turn into the new binance coin or something. There are a million new exchanges coming out and half a million have way more features than this "normie" shit. Just because an exchange has funky windmills won't make them invest thousands into virtual monopoly money.

I can register on icobench and "review" anything I want. I have read their reviews and it's obvious they don't know shit about the project. I haven't heard any of the other exchanges offering ETFs which are probably the most important piece of the CoinMetro puzzle, prpoviding liquidity to alds.

I agree that we desperately need an exchange like this but I just think there's been such a huge number of letdowns and scams that it's hard to accept ICOs at face value. With that said I've got like $100 in this, so if it does well it should be some nice pocket change and if it doesn't do well then it's not a huge financial loss.


This shit got me super excited for this.
That being said... can we stop shilling this on Veeky Forums? All the smart money from Veeky Forums has known about this exchange for weeks already.

I don't think it's a scam, given that they have the reputation of another established business on the line. (FXPIG)

You'd have to be retarded to think this is a scam... Literally do 10 minutes of research. This is a good investment. As said earlier there's no way they don't have at least 50 mil in volume by the end of the year which means a times 10-20. There's a reason why the people who are buying into this are going in BIG

stop fucking shilling faggot

Wow brilliant so you’re telling me you can just buy the top rated ICOs and print money because ICO bench is infallible? Dumb fuck

actually rumor is burgers will be allowed. official announcement probably this week. but they'll be able to get at 12 euro cents at best

ICObench is fucking trash, every time I listen to them I've lost money.

what else is Veeky Forums for?

$300M cap. I'm out.

I'm not saying you should listen to icobench like the bible, but there are some valid criticisms to this project and ignoring them won't make them go away.. Why this exchange instead of some other one?

I think you're just imagining how your 0.12cent shitcoin is going to be worth 10 dollars a pop and all you can imagine are lambos and yachts just because you invested half a month's wage on this. Stay realistic.

Did I mention that there will be burns and token buybacks? All fees on the exchange are converted to XCM, and percent of that is immediately burned. Also every quarter 20% of the net profits of CM and FXPIG go into the buyback program.

I told you how it's different.
Do your research on that and how it provides liquidity to alts

Meant for you

>It's rated really low on icobench

What price did u buy at


where did you hear this I really want to keep my presale tokens

On telegram by Kevin.

Use my ref ID. I will send u 1% of the bonus back when it's unlocked. Post your user id, amount and wallet here, if it matches I will send u the tokens

don't be like this pajeet. board the train, don't stay be in front of it.
>pic related

Can burgers buy using a VPN, or are we going to be fucked later when they need KYC?

burgers will be allowed officially soon. the announcement will be this week most likely. yes, you'd need to pass KYC to get your tokens.

I'd go all in in this shit if my crypto wasn't locked up in an exchange.
poor fag, cant even meet minimum withdraw

iirc they ask for ID/Drivers License before you are able to even transfer funds there.

Not as of yet. The KYC module will be implemented soon though.

it's feature rich and normie proof. It'll do just fine.

Don't be fucking PAJEET. Board the train

>pic related

I think blockport might be better at this

The lead developer is a russian scam artist and the cto is a pizza delivery businessman. Plus it has a stupid name. Total shitcoin

Why not just use coss then?


Because Coss is a positive to use, also cm provides a whole investment package, debit cards etc
Also coss holders can look forward to being fucked by the sec for issuing unregistered securities when regulation comes

1 ETH to enter the token sale, right?

I think a normie platform for alts can be a real thing. I bought some XCM yesterday, one of these platforms has to take off. My PFR bags are still heavy but can't really compare them to XCM

no it can be as low as you want


0.1 minimum I think.
Not to mention, the ETFs and regulatory-compliance which would hopefully attract institutional or regulated capital.


better team, better design, better concept, etc

can't compare the two

Got suprised by this shit from coinbase the other day. I am still waiting

they're going to get utterly btfo this year if they don't sort their shit out. It's really good to have steeper competition for them to deal with.
agreed, CM is expanding into a different category, not just social or bundled exchange trading