Last time I posted a call, we hit 11.5 and took profits

Last time I posted a call, we hit 11.5 and took profits.

Next target? 18k

This is your last warning.

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Last time I posted a call. We hit 20,000 and took profits. Remember me guys?

why 18?

im already in since 7k what now

18k is the target of the finalized inverted head and shoulders. Take the height of the head and place it on top of the end of the right shoulder. Puts as directly at 18k.

Okay but what happens at 18k? Dump?

Last time I posted a call, we hit $1.29 and took profits.

Next target? $1000 EOY.

This is your last warning.

nah not enough volume at the 9.6 bounce. we are going lower.

It could dump or it could be the new normal.

Most likely a dump for profit taking like we saw at 11.5k.

After that either consolidation or more pumping. Doesn't look like were out of the bull market.

It's pretty as a picture, to think some of these little children were screaming for a dip / entry point...

nice nigga

cu on the moon

Last time I posted a call, we hit 25 and took profits.

Next target? 68k

This is your last warning.

Moon Mission General either climb aboard or stay poor ya stinkies.

already locked in my BTC price user

9.9 K @ .1 BTC

The last time I posting I hit my wife and now she is dead

should I s-screencap it?

couldnt hurt

> thinking bitcoin gives a fuck about an inverse h&s

>Calling a head and shoulders without a second shoulder
You're a retard and I hope no one is dumb enough to take your call seriously.

Except it broke down you absolute faggot. There is a head and shoulders pointing straight down currently being drawn. This is never going back to 11.5k where you would have your construction confirmed. Resistance at 10k was tested and confirmed.

What an ugly chart

I've called every dump in the past few weeks
I've seen that chart... nice meme
It's all over trading view, that is one messy scattered head and shoulders. If it breaks out it's just because it happened to break out after this last dip.
Do you know how many failed H and S i've seen, we are not hitting 18k any time soon. It is too early, we just fucking crashed.....

meme level charting - eat a dick retard

we're in a downtrend channel ... and a even bigger downtrend course


Honestly though lads have you considered the possibility what you're banking on is a pretty obvious thing to happen? This is a field which just a few years ago you couldn't get approval for ETFs for. Now you can. Seeing how institutions have started to act with regard to it - do you honestly think you're the smartest guys in the room and it's definitely going to do what the wall street psychology meme chart says? I know you might like to think you're the smart money here however do you think there's a possibility there are smarter people involved in you who've anticipated what you'd think or is that impossible? I'm just asking here what makes you so sure?

>Have you considered the possibility that you're wrong.
Nope. Never. Didnt read the rest.

Last time I posted like a reddit faggot, we hit 6k and took losses.

Next target? 18k

This is your last warning to sell.

Sorry man in my experience people who don't anticipate the possibility they're wrong or entertain the possibility there are smarter people involved don't tend to be the smartest guys in the room - even those guys are wrong sometimes - that's when there's nobody to benefit.

>Even those guys are wrong sometimes
Well there's your answer. I've never been wrong. So I must be the smartest.


sloppy job

>Bitcoin will never be under 9,940.00 USD again

big if true

I did it again... I sold at 6.5k thinking im not gonna loose anymore atleast.... Fucking thing goes right up like the minute I sold... Now wednesday I cant take it anymore... Fomoed in at 11.5 k. Shit just dropped like a turd... I sold now at a loss again... So youre all welcome.. Its gonna moon now


Lmfao i love hearing these stories

Makes me feel just slightly better about my shit life


Is this really how ta works? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


What the fuck should i do? Tell me random guy on the interweb!

Stop shorting go long

you call H&S AFTER the meme is formed, not before since the crucial part hasn't (won't lel) formed yet

not even close lmfao