GPA Discussion:

Biz am I fucked
> 2nd Semester at Uni
> Information Technology at Extremely Popular University
> 1st Semester - 3.62
> 2nd Semester - looking like a 3.2 :(
> Language is Mandatory I am getting fucked in french after i thought i would never need it again after HS
> My major is ridiculously easy but i have been having a mental breakdown these last few months after getting behind on a few assignments which snowballed into bad sleep scheduled, cant work out

I really want a job at a top company but i dont know how much they will hire a 3.3-3.4 student plus im in IT i want to be a software developer i have been working on my connections

I trying to work on a few key projects to bolster my worth but im not getting an internship

how much will a 3.4 to 3.5 GPA hurt me getting into top companies i am really worried and feel like I fucked up having a 3.4 in IT this isnt compsci i need summer to come my mental health might kill me im late to everything now

i should have never taken 22 credits

IM PISSED I also submitted a important assignment late and got a 0 because i couldn't find it because my downloads folder is filled with PEPEs FUCK!!!!!!

dude shut up holy fuck

I was a math major in university, so my story isn’t as relevant. But I got switched to programming, and landed a job as a software engineer, starting as an apprentice.

Just go build stuff and go to meet ups, ask for help, be open and vulnerable. Eventually someone will hire you. This industry is big enough that a lot of companies don’t need a Linus, they just need someone to help.

why the fuck do we care retard?

GPA is a meme in most cases. Do your best, get an internship and some working experience under your belt and in a year's time your next employer probably won't even want to see your degree let alone your transcripts. Their are some exceptions like working at a bank, school or with the federal government and if you think that's where you might end up then get to studying and get off Veeky Forums.

>has and average gpa of 3.4
>freaking out
user, your ability to retain that knowledge and apply it is infinitely more important than your gpa, stop worrying.


I had a bad habit of just flying through things because i get carried up dont learn the material as well as i could thanks ill slow down and absorb the knowledge more especially in my major

>having a mental breakdown with a 3.4 GPA
Hang yourself keener faggot

uh user, you still have your entire masters degree to pull your grades up.

unless you thought you could work in IT without a masters? then youre some kinda retart

Shhh OP, just breathe.

Getting work experience is the most important thing you can do to advance your career.

I understand that GPA wont matter in a few years but i worried for my first job becuase that may likely dictate where i end up in the future its much easier to end up at Google when you come from a top business then from some low tier company

I just really want success at a young age

I dont think so.
My school has very good alumni connections and i have a few really established and connected mentors i talk to often plenty off people i know when to huge companies I would be worried if I went to Eastern Kentucky State or some school like that

I know it may be ridiculous but my major people is a good major but plenty of people get high grades.

I just really want success at a young age and want to be great Im just not satisfied i dont think there is anything wrong with that

>I just really want success at a young age

I understand that and it's a great attitude at your age. Considering your original post that statement is turning out to be semi hollow words.

Do you study a little bit everyday? If not start today.

Wanting success is never a bad thing. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're only in your second semester, you have plenty of time to get your GPA back up. Just keep expanding and maintaining your network and try your best to get an internship before your senior year.

Hey biz on a scale of 1-10 what would you consider a 3.5 gpa


Not putting pepes in a seperate folder why anob

didn't bother to read the rest
can already tell you're destined to be a wagecuck
good little normalfag posting cartoon frogs on his edgy message board
reminder you cannot (CANNOT) be a robot if you go to uni or have a job

>My major is ridiculously easy
Here's your problem.
I hate grads like you. You have actually just admitted you're fucking USELESS and you managed to do it while crying about how your low wattage, no skill conniving isn't quite panning out.
kys, pls.

French user here
If you need help in french feel free to ask

Buddy maybe get some on-campus therapy, I’m sure it can be arranged and it can help loads with anxiety and the problems you are facing. Don’t get talked into pills unnececcairily though.


is this thread just meant to be you validating yourself? you must be really dumb if one post ((((fixes)))) your life

kek. im unironically 19 had 3.6 gpa for 1st semester, and getting fucked in 2nd semester too. それに、もう日本語を話すことできる。

Except, im in supply chain. What school you go to?