You know even when shits not crashing, your heavily shilled chainlink isnt really performing that well

you know even when shits not crashing, your heavily shilled chainlink isnt really performing that well

if you bastards shill it so much and its still not mooning (AGI, DBC) then its worthless

this is the biggest shill on Veeky Forums ive ever seen and at this point i dont even see why. the price compared to BTC is relatively high too. why would anyone want this shitcoin. also sergey looks like a retard.

who the fuck even wants to hold shit nowadays? and especially not the good sustainable like BTC/ETH? we want quick moons and cash out fast. not hold shit coin forever. enjoy your shitcoin guys, once the thousands of shills stop shilling the price is gonna go to the crapper

also wtf is this shit logo? its like they didnt even bother at all. shittiest logo of any crypto. ill take hairy hooker anus every day.

the only thing even keeping the price afloat is 100% shilling. even sergey is shilling. everyone is shilling this shit

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>you bastards shill it so much and its still not mooning
For the same reason your FUD isn't tanking it.

Can you please fuck off to twitter or reddit or something with this FUD? I'd like the price to actually go down so I can buy even more.

Thanks dude!

nice fud
we have meme magic on our side though

youre like that deepbrainchain guy

guys heres why they are trying to keep the price up: so they can sell off their LINK at current price without crashing it.

its zero sum game and you are getting eaten by the people

your losses are their profits

this shitcoin has been heavily chilled for MONTHS and is still not where it used to be in october.

sad pathetic coin. sad pathetic community. all shill. sergey looks like a paedo.

either way link faggots, if your coin has any future or not, you are all retarded for buying when the price is high

Your fud sucks cock user try harder or fuck. Sergey is actually a complete Chad compared to most of the creeps who are behind crypto projects. Also, the logo is great. You have bad taste.

I'm serious dude. You're not doing anything here with that bullshit.
FUD and SHILL on Veeky Forums ESPECIALLY for LINK is completely desensitized. If you're actually looking to move the price, or hell if you're actually trying to help people, take it somewhere where they'll give a fuck. Everyone here has already had this shilled and fudded into the fucking dirt man, Veeky Forums is made up already. We need your kind on the front lines now.

Now shoo, off to twitter, reddit, instagram, facebook, shoo shoo!

im not looking to move the price, im looking for my /bizraeli/ friends to find better investments than this stagnant-will-probably drop shit

and of course this cancer will be immune to chemo, its one nasty cancer. link is like a fucking religion here, its pathetic.

"why is everyone doing it? because everyone is doing it"

once something is so heavily shilled and still aint mooning, you gotta realize its worthless

all you're doing is adding weak hands and prolonging the singularity.

Thanks for your barely literate, reddit spaced contribution OP. Plenty of FUD for thought.

Thanks for worrying about my investments stranger. You seem like you really want to help random anons on this coin that you don't like. Way to go!

You're looking to kill time because you're a loser who's never had their dick touched with nothing better to do.


I trust the potential and I want to see it come to fruition.

Talk all the shit you want. I'm a long term holder and if it tanks then at least I tried.

Jesus you are retarded.

You realize this is nigger / pajeet-tier thinking right?

Just in and out for the quick gains without realizing that money comes from somewhere and it doesn't mean shit if you're not building something of long-term lasting value.

This is why niggers live in mud huts and throw boomerangs for thousands of years while white men have built empires and gone to the Moon.

Some user please make scrooge flick one Link


>we have meme magic on our side though
>forced memes are sweatshop discord quality

immolate linkshit

>im looking for my /bizraeli/ friends to find better investments than this stagnant-will-probably drop shit
What do you consider a better investment?

right now? tether

good things will come up but the market is insane right now and its ont the time

but that window is slowly closing
btc should dip for another few days, but it could turn around any hour now, probably days

either way your if i were to buy link now, i could buy significantly more than if i would have holded that shit. not that i want to. just saying, if you love your link, when its high, sell, when its low, buy again

but the cult-groups of Veeky Forums never did that. sold high, bought low. they just think "oh i missed the bitcoin train so this is my ticket into lamboland". that ship has sailed kids, there will be no lambos for anybody with link.


ye sorry barely awake havent slept all night x)

im guessing people should be able to deduct my points though, corrections or not

Are you literally autistic?

>heavily chilled for months
>heavily chilled
Yeah, I'm feeling pretty chill holding my linkies

go to sleep
and never come back

basing this on what?

>that ship has sailed kids, there will be no lambos for anybody with link.
I don't think that's necessarily true. Yeah, if the mainnet launches and there are major problems, no real partnerships announced, etc, then it might be a good time to dump link. It's not too crazy to assume it could potentially hit $10 with a good mainnet launch and partnerships, and at that point the ones who aren't larping about having 100k+ link will certainly be in lambo territory, and those with tens of thousands will have a good chunk of profits. Counting link out right now is like being one of those retards that sees BTC dip a few hundred over 20 minutes and starts shouting about how it's going to definitely hit sub 1k now. That said, the people who think they'll make it to lamboland with just a few hundred are probably in for a bad time, unless the memes about Sergey partnering with SWIFT actually do come true.

not one thing in this thread triggered me as much as this. "linkies"? you must like pepe. either way, once your shitcoin goes to shit, ill make sure to laugh so hard in this forum about it, just because in MY damned thread, you called cancer "linkies". this was the trigger. good day to you all.

I sleep better at night after buying LINK, because I know my goal of creampieing Korean escorts until I'm 80 is secure.

maybe you should join a cult where they all kill themselves by poisoning. youre already in a ridiculously dumb religion anyway. then youd die and also not come back.


and now i really am out, screw your cancer coin and cancer perspective.

> losing money with link
> making loney with tether


Delusional linkies will use this as their reasoning when their parents or wives ask why they have lost all their money as this project dies

I hope the project dies, think of how much LINK I could buy then!

meme magic willed donald to presidency.
I believe it'll do the same for link
smart contracts are awesome

yeah nice way to make an essay out of "chainlink gets shilled way too much here" OP


>meme magic willed donald to presidency
There comes a point at which funny memes inevitably give way to unfunny ones. Meme magic has been that way every since LARPing kekistani fags have taken over as the new Anonymous fighting the ebin fight against Scientology.

You haven't given a single legitimate reason why link is a bad project. I doubt you even know what an oracle is, faggot.