What do you think of this?

What do you think of this?



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>le just tax the rich meme
have fun when the people with the money and income leave

I live in cali

So 50% make under 19.67 an hr.

I would like to see your analysis then.

Yah fuck building a wall. We need more beaners taking all the brainless jobs so the government can pay for education and employment training for high paying jobs that outsourcing and automation got rid of.

Mostly employement training because a LOT of employers do NOT want to train people.

Protectionist trade policies and kicking out illegals will help. End 99% of all welfare (essential food i.e. Nutriloaf only) and throw those who refuse to participate in FEMA camps

Copy Japan or Singapore’s model essentially

Illegals just take shit jobs no one wants. I don't see how that would help at all. Not sure about the welfare issue.
I think there should be less tax money allocated to the military and it should go to helping people with intro level training for jobs.

Another HUGE issue is with schools. The grand majority of schools are a WASTE of time because there is WAY too much emphasis to general ed classes. Like it basically doubles a person's debt AND lowers the graduation time. Also, the longer someone is in school and the more the financial problems persist a person, the more likely they are to drop out.

Ges are counter intuitive. Same with highschools. They total to about 6 years of wasted time for literally nothing in terms of financial gain/making someone more employable.

Highschools shouldn't exist, a bachelors should only be 2 years (or less with accelerated programs which should be more emphasized i.e. 5 week courses throughout the year). Also, CCs should get rid of associates and just call them bachelor's degrees sonce they are essentially the same, just that a bachelors requires more ges. That's really it.

protectionist trade policy is welfare.

>Illegals just take shit jobs no one wants

No one wants jobs below minimum wage.

whats stopping the rich people from just up and leaving once all these types of laws come into place?
are you going to hold people hostage? is that why there is a wall, as ron paul foretold?

dont you think that could a dangerous situation, a bunch of millionaires / billionaires that are backed into a corner and forced to give up their wealth? dont you see how that could lead to money moving towards private armies?

worked in USA for 5 yrs and 4 yrs in Pajeet land.

Let me compare USA with Apple. Either you eat it or throw in garbage. USA is in the deterioration phase. It will take 15-20 yrs for the garbage phase.

How to fix it ? hahaha...no civilization in history has found solution to fix any dying civilization...preservation of culture is the only good thing a burger can do..

>Illegals just take shit jobs no one wants
Eliminate the welfare state and those jobs would soon be in demand

Only by attaching your own custom definitions to words

>jobs no one wants
bullshit. people want these jobs just fine until social welfare gives you more for staying home

the solutions are simple
stop unqualified immigration entirely
cut all social benefits (including government/disability pensions in there)
implement universal basic income at a fixed rate country-wise (say $500 a month). said basic income must be truly universal, on top of any other income and not affecting taxation
implement "flat" tax rates
aggressively chase corporations hiding billions instead of individuals hiding thousands
make financial planning mandatory classes as soon as highschool
make universal basic income available as soon as birth for citizens, but locked into a dedicated index funds type investment account that cannot be withdrawn from until the child hits 18 and passes an exam certifying basic financial planning fluency (if said exam is failed, let the child withdraw dividends only until exam is passed)
outlaw any form of advertisement advocating taking on debt to buy car, house, etc.
deploy high quality internet infrastructure in rural areas
have mandatory iq testing thorough childhood, adolescence and adulthood
give individuals under 110 iq a onetime stipend of $100k paid over 10 years for sterilizing themselves irreversibly
give individuals at or above 110 iq $100k over 10 years for each kid they're having

this shit is not some mystery. those are solved problems. it's just not advantageous for the elites to have a smart and happy population of a decent size, responsible citizens make for poor consumers. white genocide is real, not due to some supposed jewish hard-on against whites (those who are like that tend to wield no real power) but because blacks and browns have lower impulse control and are easier to manipulate into buying shit. dumb whites are just as liked by our benevolent masters, dysgenics is the name of the game

I'd like to see you finish a BS in physics or engineering in 2 years. You sound completely clueless.

it's not even about "rich vs. wealthy" these days, it's about privileged whitey giving it up for tyrone and achmed


prepare your anus

I have taken 26 units at once in 16 weeks!

9 in the winter and 10 in the summer (financial acct, macro econ, and some law class)

You just pick the hardest majors fucking LOL ya that's fair. Wow. Business classes and ges basically.

Anyways you missed my point ENTIRELY.

51 units = general ed classes.

Just make people take classes related to their major and give people the option to take accelerated classes.

That simple. The only clueless one here is you. Most classes are simple enough.

I think its socialism and has been proven time and time again to not work nor to be morally justifiable.

Also, idk HOW those classes are spread out. I just say 2 years because really, without ges, a shit ton of majors could be done in 2 years.

Can you elaborate a bit more? No hostility intended it's just that what you said is a bit vague.

Plenty of civilizations have experienced a renaissance. All it takes it regaining the central values and fervour that characterized the start. Remove the lack of faith and dilution.

Im a doctor working in a clinic between patients so i cant post much. For examples of socialism failing just read about any socialist state and see how many decades or years it lasts in that economic state and the crime and corruption that characterizes it.

As for morally justifying socialism - it's not fair for those with good skills inteligence and who work hard to be productive to be punished for doing so. It's not good to reward idleness and poor choices. A man fully has the right to what he makes. A system counter to this is dysgenic, it rewards parasitism in an evolutionary sense and we are already seeing downward genetic drift with regard to IQ and criminality. Combine socialism with open borders and you have a quick suicide of the best of society.

Absolute altruism is not a virtue, its a vice characterized by disillusionment and moral cowardice. One should reward and care for those close to themselves and thereby positive qualities experience a positive feedback loop.

The US is transitioning to a feudal state again, just accept it mutts and swear fealty early to your local corporate warlord. Might get some high position like vanguard flag bearer since you're early. All work will be 100% automated so only job left will be cannon fodder for the incoming resource war sign up early mutts :D

What's your solution then? Should most people just be deal with getting reamed up their butt?

Makes me wish I were born in denmark. Less inequality. They get taxed more but people there are happier according to some stats I read.

So move. The rich move where they want, you move where you want. Seize control of your life and stop waiting for handouts.

People are not receiving a bad deal by any objective conception. Everyone today lives in a state that the highest king hundreds of years ago could not have dreamed of. Starving to death or dying of exposure is quite literally impossible outside of severe mental illness or drug abuse. However not only that, you average person has access to technologies that they could never develop themselves or even basically understand, someone who didnt even finish school is gifted huge amounts from people who developed them.

The only way of complaining is to look at things relatively and to say you have a bad deal solely because someone has more. A politic of pure envy and nothing else and will never be satisfied because it does not understand the reasons.

That's what I think.

I don't feel like getting the stats but I think the REAL issue has to do with culture AND also the inequality.

I am just going to go off of data by memory but basically I remember reading that people in denmark are the happiest in the world and they have very little inequality. Maybe is because they just feel like they have "inferior genes unworthy of reproduction" which in turn makes people depressed. Pretty sure that's what it is since this society highlights your genes. If you aren't smart and/or lucky, you're pretty fucked.

Inequality is indirectly proportional to happiness. The more of a loser someone feel like, the sadder they are. Makes sense. I also blame culture because in this society you are basically told that if you aren't making like "100k", you failed in life. Mileage varies but that's basically the mentality I have witnessed and it personally seems rampant around the whole u.s.

K. Look at my 3rd post then. Big deal.

p.s. if people are okay with this system.. okay cool. I just think people on the bottom of the pole should be entitled to a peaceful suicide. Win-win.

They die in peace (plus no more suffering) and the gene pool doesn't get diluted.


The billionaires are living off interest off their investments. They are making so money and can't even spend it all in their life time. The financial system is fundamentally broken because it was built on greed. Now that the greedy people have all the money, where do they put it. They can't even spend this shit in their life time and we are taking generational wealth here. The irony is that the poor people are fucking up the world by polluting and not giving a shit about it. So what's the point in all this money if there is no world to live in for their children's children. Wealthy people know they have to fix the world, and they aren't happy about it. Like doing fuckin' chores it sucks. Crypto was engineered as the first wave of financial education, welfare and freedom for us poor semi-smart fucks out there.

I messed up my wording but you guys should be able to make out what I meant.

Denmark is happier quite literally because its homogeneous and has only white people, you can chart national happiness, low criminality and greater wealth with more racial homogeneity. You can allow for limited socialist policies in a high IQ state with closed borders.