What the fuck happened to this board?

What the fuck happened to this board?

Just 5% chancer to go under 10k


Not sure, but chainlink threads need to be contained to a single thread.

its because a bunch of newfags are triggered by thots so every time one gets posted, they make a new thread to slide it off the board

this has resulted in a massive influx of spam threads and blog posts
they want this to be reddit

kill yourself posting these dog ugly women you fucking retard

go to fucking /b/ if you want to post cunts

fucking kill yourself pronto


Pajeet shilling and normies.

t. newfags / and or pajeets triggered they cant get paid to shitpost
thotposting will never die, cry about it


/pol/ lowered the average iq

kek, newfag
reporting an offence is bannable
also, its non nude and has been posted on Veeky Forums for YEARS
and fuck does it trigger your faggot ass

this is blue board for a reason.

Viral shills
/pol/ filth kept pajeet/cuck-posting to shit on everyone with a separate opinion
Most of the smarter lads already left back in Jan so you are struck with the unintelligent.
Honestly, it wouldn't be so bad if not for the fucking noise these losers make.

and you're an obvious newfag for a reason.

gook women are fucking disgusting
its not business or finance related you fucking virgin loser

just kill yourself and get it over with
everyone knows its coming sooner or later

I have more btc than you and your 3DPD

kek, so triggered
guess what faggot
I am not going anywhere
and I am not the only one that thotposts
take your candy ass back to plebbit if it triggers you so much, you wont be missed
fucking cry baby triggered by pictures of sexy girls
go back to work
>not related
like this thread, retard?
every thot I post outside of this thread is accompanied by relevant comments and thoughts regarding whatever related issue the thread is dealing with


This, fuck this thot posting shill

Worst of all, the market has gone to shit.
This is not the market of yesteryear.
We may be legitimately seeing the end of BTC as we know it.
There are no coins going 1000x, volume has been shrinking.
And anyone who was unfortunate enough to buy into crypto this year would definitely be seeing red.
The Dream crumbles.

More thots

you are quite clearly the redditor here
kill yourself please stop posting and just do it
no one will miss you

and what exactly am I shilling, retard? Do you know what "shill" means or just that its a derogatory term used here? kek fucking newfag brainlets

enjoy the thots tards

you should shill a rope around your neck and then kill yourself virgin loser faggot

you post these chicks because they all despise you irl


>gets triggered by thot posting
>on Veeky Forums
>calls others foreign

hahah if only you knew how far off base you are kek
I will just have to enjoy the fact that you're an obvious newfag here, meaning you have come to make money - not that you have made money
enjoy the thots tards, keep giving me a reason to post them
or dont
I will anyway ;)

Reported, go kys faggot

crypto got popular
popular means retards and anyone who cries hipster is one of the retards

thanks now I dont have to reference myself :)

you're a butthurt newfag posting pictures of chicks who despise your fat greasy virgin face


>t. brapfag

Hang yourself shill

reported virgin


kek, so triggered
also the fact you're trying to attack via questioning the sexual competency of a complete stranger that is obvious heterosexually charged means that you're either children that are virgins yourself, or just mentally stunted so as to place such importance on the matter

again, thank you for giving me yet another reason to thotpost
are you cunts just jerking off?

The best way to deal with shills is to report them, believe me few weeks ago I went on a reporting spree on all these thot posting shills and a few moments later I saw people crying about getting banned lol, they acting cool right now but once they start getting banned they cry like a bitch since it threatens their scummy income.

know how its easy to tell you're a newfag? you think you can report thots as if they are porn or nudity


kek, posting porn is not equivalent of posting thots
you will learn this, newfag obviously from reddit
also you faggots dont know what shill means do you

look how butthurt you are lol virgin detected for sure

now end yourself

almost forgot to thotpost ;)

wanna know how I know you're a newfag? you think spamming and flooding is allowed

go lose your virginity you ugly faggot

kek, as if responding just as frequently as anyone else is spamming just because it is accompanied by an image
on an imageboard
on a board that has thotposted for years
and I am the newfag?

didnt even read virgin
kill yourself, reported

its ok, mostly about the thotposting anyway ;)

please enjoy :)

kill yourself wigger wannabe faggot
reported go get laid and lose some weight virgin

keep spamming reports
and keep announcing it like the dumbass brainlet newfag you are
it wont stop me from participating in this public forum of ideas
with idilic seascapes, vistas and beautiful OBJECTS

gook women are disgusting and they STILL wont fuck you lmao

kill yourself you worthless loser
no one will miss you 100%

You are losing the fight my friend.
Fuck you

I really made an impact on you with that line huh? You've used it on me like three times now after the fact
fucking brainlet, almost certain you're either a pajeet (confidence issues leading to that) or a woman (same issue)
anyway thanks for giving me yet another excuse to thotpost

t. another virgin loser

virgin loser writing pararaphs now hes so butthurt ive figured him out
go get laid you ugly faggot
al of these women you posted literally feel sick if they looked at you lol

>waah urrr a pajeet
>waaaahh ur a woman roasite!!!
lol you fucking virgin faggot

leave your house, go fix your life

bye now

t. still giving me excuses to thot post

enjoy being an easily triggered newfag that relies on stabs in the dark ;)

>the dick sucking fudge packing poofta is literally this mad
Lmao Go to lgbt you faggot

t. ugly fat virgin

I know you are but what am I

an ugly fat virgin

Very nice, OP.... very nice.
It's 2am sweetie. I had more filtered threads during Aussie hours yesterday.

kek you sound like a 14 year old girl

Unironically, actually /pol/.

The only people who would actually deny this are /pol/acks themselves. Or rather I should say nu-/pol/acks, the ones that flooded in during the 2016 election. You know them, they're the type that worship trump in cult like ways and post in /ptg/, that actually use the word "kekistani" and have ran pepe into the ground for like the third fucking time in a row from the amazing state he was in during the actual election.

nu-/pol/ spilled onto Veeky Forums and now it's basically tainted by mongs who do nothing but spew memes, don't actually discuss anything, and bleat 'cuck' at each other back and forth in every thread.

I know you are but what am I

you sound like an ugly fat virgin

>sexy girls
You have got to get yourself checked out son

Op is crying about pretty girls not pol posting
So I guess op is pol because they are white sharia

Paid LINK shills

No one wants to see your whore collection you insecure faggot.

swing and a miss!

you're obviously nu/pol/ trying to disassociate yourself

virgins post pictures of women who will literally hold back throwing up if they saw in real life


Mostly this^

uh except for Veeky Forums posters that have been posting for longer than a month, just like the past few years, faggot

you know is true don't ya? you big fat ugly virgin


why else would you have thousands of pictures saved? hahahaha the STATE of fat ugly virgins

no one posted nonstop pictures of ugly gook women because this isn't /b/

I'm not sure what you're trying to say even desu, there is English words in there but they're basically nonsensical.
I wish I could be oblivious and be nu-/pol/.

But I'm good looking irl it's what my mum and Nan says to me

>why else would you have thousands of pictures saved?
kek, because they have been posted here for years and I am reposting them because they trigger newfaggot sissies like you and this queer :

This photo was taken right near my house. If I had seen this tramp I would have thrown her boney ass off the cliff.

Do you want to be the girl in those pictures user. It's okay if you do, I'm a cute (girl) too.

yeah sure queerboy

>20 posts by this ID
>only posting ugly-ass gooks and fat American whores
>seems like you're quite selective on what pics you saved the past years faggot

I didn't scare you off did I user? Is lewdposting and calling you a qt sissy your ultimate weakness?

They're lying
No, you're a fat ugly virgin faggot aren't you? admit it

Nice ability to recognise that, not much to go from in the pic.

KYS faggot

kek, feel free to post girls you like. Or continue whining like the little bitch you are now its clear spamming reports does SHIT ALL when its non nude


You're a fat ugly virgin in real life

never gets old
btw this isnt a containment thread if you hadnt noticed yet
its just adding to the thot posting ;)

>bunch of worthless threads filled with brapposts and milkies gets shoved off the board
I see literally nothing wrong with this. Get fucked shitposter, you're lucky we don't have mods here to mass ban you cunts.

kek sorry faggot its hard to juggle so many soyboys getting asspained, dont feel too down that you're being ignored :)

I wouldn't even report if it was nude, but I do request you up your game and do some quality checks on your fucking pics

fat ugly virgin

Really, what's with the fat bitches though, you like that porky shit?

only its not unrelated threads, just threads that happen to have thots posted in them, even when they are posted along with relevant information / discussion
because little bitches like you get triggered by it and want to turn this place into plebbit : cry more about it queers
there are mods, they ban nudity, but thotposting is not nudity

too many potatoes, silly fat ruski



Kill yourself unironically
No one would miss you
No one even probably fucking likes you
Do it today! and make the world a better place.

I enjoy a wide range of female bodies user. Heterosexuals that arent virgins fixated on some idea are like that. Being either an underage faggot / literal homosexual yourself, I can see how this would be confusing for you.

kek, so asspained

So being called a sissy /is/ your weakness to the point your probably blushing and getting all flustered about it.

That's really cute user.

you're a literal fat ugly virgin
lmao stop pretending you arent


also I figured you werent worth referencing because you're an avatar posting queer that is acting in support of obvious newfag nancies that are asspained at sexy ladies

but thanks for another chance to thotpost. Wont be taking it considering the majority of you queers are likely just hiding the thread, and I am wasting precious thots. Not that it matters, Ive been posting as normal anyway ;)

>haha thots brooooooo
thots bro based xdDD

you're an ugly fat virgin though? lmao

>they are this triggered over thots
enjoy, I am back out into the wild (front page) and thots will be there waiting for you too :)

enjoy the thots on the front page, you wont be able to escape them :)

You're full of shit. Literally none of the posts you niggers make are ever worth reading. They're worthless b8 for brapposters and nothing more, don't blame your leddit boogeymen for your own inability to write a meaningful post.

ShareBlue. millions of dollars were paid to pay people to spam Veeky Forums with Marxist propoganda/destroy a white male space.

hey I found an image to properly capture the soyboy atmosphere of this thread and newfags that are asspained by thots!

Woah there user, it's okay. Become the girl you want to be.