Which indicators/coins do you use for daytrading?
Is it worth or you are getting JUSTed most of the time?
Share your strategies and lets discuss.

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Look for coin that's in weekly Green, follow the trend, make money. Easy.. It's really stupidly easy.

Im making a lot from swing trading. Use 1h heikes ashi. Looking at upgoing trends. When 6+ candles are followed by a smaller green candle then the previous it goes 90 pct of the time. Only works on coins will small cap.

untill you will be caught with your pants down
95% of daytraders lose

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Yes, tell me more about how suck at daytrading and thus how everybody else fail too

>Look for coin that's in weekly Green

You cant analog crypto from stocks because its to incosant and not predictable

write it up and start selling it to newfags

Yeah, but the point is to be in the top 1%, you need to spend time in the market and research but if you're intelligent enough you can make it

I'm an advocate of using heiken as well. Removes the noise most of the time.
Although i'm more of swing trading and i hold my position for weeks or untilminsee 2 red heikens

This is the pattern I look for on the 1 hour charts. You can see that even though it is an upgoing trend there are good chances to accumulate by trading.

First of all make sure you are above the previous peak as this is where people get shaky and tend to sell. Then look for the small candles you see right after the three peaks. In the attached there is one example where the smaller candle isn't followed by a downtrend. This is because it is not above the previous peak.

When I am sure the indicators are in place I sell and place buy orders 2-4 percent below.

bollinger band. start small and practice scalping. go with coins that have high volume or large percentage change that day.

What coins have you been trading with this strategy?

How do you use bollinger bands? Sell at nearing top of band, buy at nearing bottom?

REQ, XRP, and PRL primarily.

It is betting, but on average the odds should be stacked in your favor.

You mean it goes 90 pct of the time down, right?

Exactly. See

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HODLING > Dayfagging

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Daytrading is easy. I wait until I see decent volume and a run up roughly 2k from the 24hr low. Then I dump about 50-60 Bitcoin and watch as people sell off. When it looks like things are turning around I dump another 50 Bitcoins. Now everyone else starts to dump. I usually take a nap or go to the gym and check back about 8 hours later. When the price has gone down at least 500 in that 8hr period I buy anywhere from 50-150 Bitcoins over a 1 hour period spread out so that the green candles look nice to normies. Then I go on with my day, rinse, and repeat. Sometimes I check just to make sure the price is going up to see if I need to light another candle, otherwise I don't care.

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Another QFL trader!
I personally actually try to keep it a secret because trading methods stop working the more people know about them.

Like the NBT fat fingers (too many people catching it caused to go from 40% gains each time to less than 5%).
Or too many people buying up "base breaks" will lessen your gains.
I'm actually glad the Slack is closed.

Pic related.