Buttcoiners are getting rekt

>Buttcoiners are getting rekt
Can't wait to have gpus be a reasonable price again and to have the Business board back.
Get fucked butcoiners.

0/10 saged and called the police

many moons ago I read about stocks here, what happened??

Everyone thought they could get rich and FOMO'd into crypto. Back in 2016 the board was 90% business and 10% telling cryptoniggers to fuck off.
This boards IQ has dropped at least 20 points since December, it's very sad to see.

People got sick of giving money/giving support via stocks to the same companies responsible for fucking over their lives for the sake of increasing stockholder profits to begin with.

lol everytime someone insults crypto, it always just slips out that they're this loser PC gamer who has no fucking life

Honestly. If you're a PC "gamer" just end it now. Nobody will ever respect you.

shoo shoo b*ttcoiner

>bitcoin mined on ASICs only
>ethereum actually up from yesterday
why do nocoiners get so angry about things they don't understand? is it because they don't understand it? can't wait until we fund death squads to remove these subhumans

Too many moon cycles

It surprises me when pc gamers are nocoiners. Usually those are the first kind of people willing to accept digital items having value.

>i really want the past back because im scared of the future


I sold my bitcoin for tf2 hats in 2011 and I still feel like I ripped the other guy off.

>he spends money to play games on a computer for fun
>he could have turned a couple of bucks into dozens of GPUs by now
>he wants everyone to fail so he can maintain his parasitic lifestyle
>he thinks he has value to women or society

You should be the first person to go

b*ttcoiners are a parasite, not me.

Gamers coming to Veeky Forums to gloat is one of the most bullish signs there is

bud, ampere is coming out soon anyway. and dedicated mining cards.

buttcoiners btfo

Don't worry, I'll be happy to sell you models from three years ago at 130% MSRP.

Playing videogames in 2018 instead of securing generational wealth. Purge them

>and to have the Business board back.
kek, Veeky Forums was made because crypto threads were getting "spammed" elsewhere
you're an obvious newfag talking out of your ass jumping on yet another bandwagon because you dont possess the mental ability and creativity to really think for yourself

>tfw I look at all the games I bought 2-3 years ago instead of getting into crypto
it's depressing

I don't plan to buy anymore games until I make it since money going into games is money that's not going into crypto