Dividends: Stocks vs Crypto

So I'm looking at various dividend coins (COSS, KCS, NEO, etc.) and was curious if these coins give better dividends than stocks do.

$1000 investment
1612 COSS at $0.105/day $38.32/year 3.8% yield
240 KCS at $0.149/day $52.89/year 5.3% yield
8 NEO at $0.0023/day $0.839/year 0.08% yield

Are these even worth it? Can't I just put my money in a 10% yield dividend stock and get more bang for my buck?

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by investing in a stock youd also get the added benefit of your entire investment being worth more than 0 after a year

Personally I don't like exchange tokens/coins. Your basically betting that the exchange will exist for the next x years. When XML or Nano start their own very low fee exchange why would people user other more expensive exchanges ?

If your sole focus is dividend I would wait for a stock market correction and buy dividend champions

Dividends are for cucks

Boomers have been getting their 2% dividends while my poor no dividend BTC and ETH got me better returns

just how mad does it make you that i earn more than your entire stock portfolio has netted you in the entire time youve been trading in a single day?

8 neo makes around 30 bucks a year. Youre calculating gas not usd

IBM has been paying dividends for over 100 years. Will your shitty cryptos even be around in 10?

Your dividend calculations are flawed
You don't get USD divdends you get token diviends. For COSS and Kucoin you get a small amount of tokens sold on the exchange, for NEO you generate GAS.

The USD values you've calculated then assumes the price of these tokens remains constant, and further for COSS and KCS that you generate the same amount of tokens for the rest of the year.

Aha you're right! I was wondering why it came out so shit.

True, but you get many different coins. Whos to say which of those will even be around in a few months? KCS has gone from 3 to 20 and back to 4 in a few months. Coss has gone from .30 to 2 and back to .5. Dividend stocks basically are always the same, so how can I tell if crypto will net me more if it can be worth 1000% or 0%?

>youd also get the added benefit of your entire investment being worth more than 0 after a year
You guys do realize companies go bankrupt right? You should at least talk about indexes or mutual funds.

Companies (especially high dividend ones) rarely go bankrupt in 1 hour though. It took GE years before they finally cut their divs and drop 50%, which a coin can do in minutes.

With KCS you get the coins value ($20 ATH) plus a portion of all the shares traded that day. It builds up over time. If you had 1k KCS that would be a good start. 240 probably not so much.

Whether you stay in crypto is ultimately based on whether you're bullish or bearish on the longterm. I'm very bullish on "smart contract" tokens like Ethereum and NEO. If you want an analogy imagine the stock market when it first came out and no one know what to expect. The stock market has a beginning you know.

>which a coin can do in minutes
I think you misunderstand how tokens work.
The only way a coin can go to zero is literally no one trades it all, which rarely happens. You can lose significant amounts of value, but still not go to zero even if the token is a complete scam. Look at Bitconnect and Confido, these tokens are proven scams yet are sold for non-zero prices. If a stock was a scam, it would certainly be zero, however.

>chasing moon missions
this is where you get it wrong OP

I love Beconnect

even shitcoins like LTC STILL EXIST

there is absolutely no technical reason for a coin to only exist to use a different hashing mechanism

That is an interesting point. Why is it that coins never seem to "die"? They always just seem to become zombies.

Neblio. 10% yield per year.

Because in a world of 7 billion people you just need two dumbasses trading a coin for it to have value

yeah its abig market and wallstreet is far away cryptos are decentralized, that is why there is so much hype about decentralized, how they fuck can we be trading like we in the stone age at fucking physical market.