There WILL NOT EVER BE another bullrun

There WILL NOT EVER BE another bullrun.

- The only people left in the market are traders, old investors and hodlers
- Normies are either shaken out, sold at a loss or turned into hodlers
- Due to volatility - no one (new money) is touching crypto with a 10 ft pole.


Everyone still left in the market is focussing on shorts. Yes, people rather take 2-5% profit and start a new downtrend rather than letting shit break through and start another run.

I got 40x on Ripple, cause back in the day those retards weren't as active.

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There are more longs than shorts. At least get your facts right.

I am starting to get the same feeling. Resignation stage.

If I can't take new money I'll just take yours.

The normie attention span is slight (remember pokemon go?), once this blows off they'll forget what crypto even is. Then in a couple years the media will pick it back up and they'll all fomo in


The moment whales are satisfied w their accumations, they will start anothet bull run.

Bull runs and fomo always works because of human greed and instinct. Always.

That's a terrible analysis based on some shaky presumptions - plus anyone who is focusing on shorts is stupid beyond belief. I cannot understand why anyone would take that sort of a risk in a market so rife with uncertainty, volatility, insiders and wholesale manipulation. You're going to be a fast-extinct species if you are into shorts - I mean detailed instructions as to how to do it have been shilled here on Veeky Forums for fucksake. I haven't seen that sort of shilling since people were pumping mooncoin in Q2 2017.

>ever be
OP is using it for rhetorical effect, you're allowed to bend the rules for that
Acceptable in British English, is in Oxford dictionary

haha he deleted his comment. rekt

Most of it is true, though. If not everything.
Look at the market cap. 400 fucking billion. Thats over 50% down in just 2 months.


Who isnt? bear market is active.

Market cap is a false indicator of actual fiat in the market. We haven't even begun yet

Never say never again

Mansplain this

The bitcoin market cap is likely inflated due to whales wash trading, but what really concerns me is how artificially inflated the altcoin market cap is (for alts that aren't paired with USD). Not only is there not enough liquidity to support most altcoin prices, but every time you trade a sum of bitcoin for an altcoin you increase the price of that altcoin without devaluing the price of bitcoin, relative to the dollar. As a result, tons of fiat that is represented in 'market cap' doesn't actually exist. We aren't at 400 billion - in reality we're likely at 100 billion.

there was an estimate that only about 6 billion dollars entered the market in 2017

I'd say that's unlikely but entirely possible considering that at least half of bitcoin's supply is either lost (untouchable) or owned by whales. And, for the reason I explained above, the altcoin market cap is fake.
To make it even worse, with SDEX we now have altcoins trading with altcoins. So for example you trade bitcoin for stellar, artifically inflating the value of stellar, and then you trade stellar for, say, Mobius, which artifically inflates its value too. At some point Mobius was even worth 1:1 with Stellar - with Mobius' 300 million circulating supply that's ~100 million in market cap that didn't even exist!

retarded frogposter being retarded as usual
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HA! You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. You are guessing just like every other asshole here. Don't try to pretend that know anything because you fucking don't You are guessing. When you're proven wrong after another bullrun you will just disappear just like every other fuckface that is/has predicted doom and gloom. Go eat a bag of dicks Nostrafaggot.

The stock market gonna crash and leave few alternatives.

I'm not quite sure you faggots know how all this shit works. Either this is some retardtier FUD or you are just another of the faggots that just started to FUD the scene in general.

I guess if you short BTC x100 paying a houndred bucks to have a team of pajeets FUDing this shit makes for an awesome ROI.

KYS pronto

>40x in ripple
>back in the day
Ripple did something like 200x in 2017 alone, so don't talk shit about "back in the day" when you're an August 2017 newfag

Bull shit. There is always new new money. Some guy just got a promotion and he has more expendable income.

What are you talking about? None of that was a response to what I wrote. It isn't retard-tier fud, it's true, altcoin market caps are mostly fake

>There WILL NOT EVER BE another bullrun.


Bro, you don't know the basics of a market cap, is not worth the time for anyone to come and explain this to you since it obvious you are deliberately missinforming people.

And is also silly because anyone that retarded to believe that this shit works like you say does not have the money to pull a dump thats what your master wants.

tl:dr FUD team that can't see beyond the DSS

>source: your ass

>- Due to volatility - no one (new money) is touching crypto with a 10 ft pole.
BTC is less volatile than the stock market you fucking newfag idiot.

Veeky Forums /biz collective market cap is only 10m.

This makes no difference, even if pajeets spam

All this board managed to obtain is ChainLink at 1$ and it took 1 year of shilling. I've seen shit ICO's do better in 1 week without it.

It's probably over, but I'm still going to buy more if it reaches my set point since I hate myself.

There will be more bullruns but not for now atleast. Someone is just painting the meme bubble chart.

> cause back in the day
It’s because you illiterate fucking niger, cause has different cause of purpose

I’m not deliberately misinforming people. I’m simply stating that the majority of the altcoin market cap is false because when trading BTC to an altcoin you inflate the value of the altcoin relative to the dollar but do not deflate the value of bitcoin relative to the dollar unless you sell that bitcoin back into dollars (which does not happen except for crashes). What I’m saying is that when people buy altcoins, no new fiat is entering the market. Market cap is last exchange price * circulating supply, everyone fucking knows that. I’m saying the ‘last exchange price’ is artificially inflated and the market does not realistically have enough inflation to support that price

Bullruns are triggered by whales, not by normie FOMO. Normies don't put up sell/buy walls.

OP is right.

Heard that one before kid. Welcome to BTC.

I don’t care about the biz market cap. I’m helping out the biztards on this board so they know what the fuck is going on, although this board is shit now it’s the only crypto board I frequent

This, I’m fairly sure this entire market is controlled by whales at this point

The numbers we saw in 2017 are small in comparison to stock exchanges.

Nope, thats not how it works. You are forgetting the arbitrage. You are forgetting that the price is not agreed on a single exchange. You forget that you can buy and sell outside an exchange. You forget fucking theter.

Don't get me worng, ofc the BTC/ETH pairs fuck everything but thats for totally different reasons.

> Posting from a PC with tasty mech kb, but too late to be writing blogposts.

What does arbitrage or multiple exchanges have to do with it? However many hundreds of thousands of people are selling bitcoin into alts without actually adding any fiat into the market besides what they used to buy bitcoin. Tether isn’t even real money, but assuming it actually is backed by fiat it’s only 0.5% of the market cap which is nothing (and there is probably $50-100 bil fiat actually in the market). Nobody buys and sells anything outside of an exchange except for bitcoin.

I have to go to sleep but I’ll look at this in the morning and consider your argument. I’m still very convinced there’s a fallacy with market cap used as a means of valuing crypto, and this isn’t a problem in the stock market as all pairs are with USD

Consider the following:
Peiple buy BTCto buy altcoins with.
Alton USD value is the same the sat value to USD, so from a market perspective no different, if a store only accepts Euros, that doesn't mean I can't accurately assess USD values.

pic related was an user from a couple of weeks ago who went into detail about this. Thread:

It's not FUD, dude. The point of the argument is that we're NOT in a bubble, because the marketcaps of alts are artificially inflated, which "doubles" the overall crypto marketcap measured in fiat.
A lot less fiat has actually come into the market than what the marketcaps portray, and it's incredibly unlikely that we're anywhere close to the biggest bullrun yet.
Again, this. BTC/ETH is bought/sold in fiat, thus affecting its fiat marketcap. But when BTC/ETH is traded for alts, its just exchanged hands. There wasn't an exchange of fiat, yet the marketcaps of the alts increase measured in fiat, without a corresponding decrease in the BTC/ETH fiat marketcaps, hence the artificial increase in the overall marketcap.
Then, add to that all the forks, the wash-trading, the mined BTC that has never touched fiat etc., and its clear that we're not in a bubble, in the traditional sense.
That archived thread is gold. It explains it much better

exactly it is blown out of porpotion. There is way less money in the market then a market cap suggests.
So if a true players shows up with 20 billion to play around, imagine what is going to happen.

>So if a true players shows up with 20 billion to play around, imagine what is going to happen.
Yes, in short, we haven't seen the real influx of fiat into crypto market. And this is the year that a lot of projects are going to go online, offering real utility to corporations. There are exchanges that are pushing for regulatory compliance to encourage that sweet institutional / regulated-capital to enter the market, and then we will see the next biggest bullrun yet.
Basically, this was just another normal correction in this market which is still very immature. We ain't seen nothing yet.

- the only people left after mtgox were traders, old investors and hodlers (thats were the hodl meme comes from, newfag)
- there were no normies left after mtgox, thousands sold their btc at rock bottom prices at huge losses
- crypto was way more volatile around mtgox, it took about a month for the price to rise x12, this time it took about 8 months to do the same

yes, there are differences between these two bubbles, but people used exactly the same retarded arguments and proclaimed exactly the same things as you do now.
basically, sit the fuck down, stfu, and lurk more, newfag

You are correct. Buy btc with usd, btc/usd price goes up. Buy altcoin with btc, altcoin price goes up, but btc/usd is unaffected. More people buy alts, more screwed up market caps are, like happened in Dec.

>And this is the year that a lot of projects are going to go online, offering real utility to corporations.
pretty exciting stuff

Agreed. Choosing the rights alt-coins right now and for the next couple months for sure is like choosing rigged lottery tickets.

To the moon we go, faggots.

>Everyone still left in the market is focusing on shorts. Yes, people rather take 2-5% profit and start a new downtrend rather than letting shit break through and start another run.
You're a brainlet attempting to analyze something you can not understand.
Big players make more money shorting derivatives than chasing moon missions.

And here's the finally kicker, there are crypto ETFs on the horizon, which will create more liquidity for crypto as a whole, especially if we can get more regulated-capital on board. But more importantly, it will create that liquidity that we need for the alts. It's gonna be a good year lads

Wait a year. Normies have an extremely short term memory.

im putting new money in every other week

>nobody is touching it due to volatility
>OP doesn't realize that traders and most high-risk high-reward investors crave and actively seek volatility

Jesus Christ you fucking artists. Yes you buy alts with bitcoin. But you paid fiat for the bitcoin, sold it for alts but guess what someone else paid fiat for it again. And again. And again. You Fuckers try to make everything into a god Damn conspiracy don't talk about what you don't understand

I am artist

Basically if there was one bitcoin and people had to buy it to buy alts a bunch of other people bought that one bitcoin several more times, so its still pumping more than one btc value worth of fiat into the market. The problem is someone can oversimplify something and you dumb faggots take it at face,value without using any critical thinking skills

Hurr durr once I sell my,bitcoin for alts it goes away forever it doesn't circulate the market cap is fake. Man its crazy someone even has to explain this

Stock market's biggest mistake was to leave the normies out. You guys need to appreciate them, they're the ones making you money.

You almost fucking got me

big if true

That's the problem, it sounds like it makes sense til you think about it for 15 seconds. I wanna know where these pajeet fudders are coming from and their endgame.

>Hurr durr once I sell my,bitcoin for alts it goes away forever
no one's saying it goes away forever. Obviously it circulates, but in the mean time there's a disproportionate inflation to the fiat value of the alt marketcaps, and a disproportionate "crash" when there's an outflow of alts to BTC, and then BTC to fiat. In other words, the wild swings of the market are more due to this artificial "doubling" of the total marketcap in fiat terms, rather than large amounts of capital flowing in and out of the market. Hence we're not in a bubble, we're still in an immature market with a lot less volume than people realize, and a lot more fiat still to flow in.
It's not FUD. It's basically saying we're all gonna make it brahs, as long as you've invested in solid projects. He's not saying it's going to "crash to $100bn" or something. He's saying its not a bubble because far less money flowed in to prop up the marketcap to the levels we've seen
See the thread here: .
What would be worrying is if $400-800bn actually did flow into the market during the peak, and then $200-400bn left the market during the correction.
It's more like a total of $50-100bn of actual fiat in the market right now, maybe even less. That should be reassuring and cause FOMO, not FUD. AS LONG AS YOU HOLD. There will be volatility, but it's not a bubble, and it hasn't even begun yet

Your argument is nonsensical dribble though. What you are saying would only be true if the bitcoin was destroyed forever after it was sold for alts. Because someone else buys the bitcoin after you buy alts there is fiat flowing into alts. Whether its intended as FUD or not, its retardation and dangerous people might believe it

>there will never be a bullrun
this is how you know we've reached the bottom, time to buy in

We've never seen a global market where anyone with any amount of money can participate. People can't even comprehend the amount of fiat that means and the potential of it. There is no bubble no matter the market cap

>people left are trader investors and hodlers
>normies are gone or hodlers
>everyone focussing on shorts

you can kindly stop contradicting yourself now, according to you more than half of the market is investors or hodlers then how can everyone be on shorts...

>oh woe is me guys it's been 40 days since the latest bullrun, why aren't we mooning? ;_;

weak handed kiddos get out

Yes, we're on the same page. The key point is that fiat only flows into alts via BTC, which acts as a fiat-offramp or bottleneck, which gives the alt it's fiat value. But because BTC doesn't disappear when traded for alts, it just exchanges hands, what happens is alt fiat marketcaps increase without a corresponding decrease in the fiat value of BTC marketcap, hence the total marketcap "doubles", hence it's hardly a bubble. Maybe wildly volatile for now, but it still has a LONG way to go compared to real bubbles in the past.
Yes, 100% agreed. And what I'm saying is hardly any of that money has touched the market yet. Some poor anons just think that, because of the inflated total marketcap. I think we will see preposterous marketcaps as soon as a fraction of that global institutional money, and a new wave of global normie money, flows in

Its less than 10 actually

This nigga gets it. These giant green and red dildos are just whale signals for retards. Bitcoin is basically a cyclic pnd now milking the high price until it's back down to normal.


The normies are scared away for now. The plunge from December with no real winners will be too much for them. It's going to take a lot for memory of that to pass and a change in whale sentiment. Right now the whales are taking every opportunity to short into new money instead of rallying it to bring in more money. They don't seem to be playing a long game so much as trying maintain a steady cashout. Power to them, but they're definitely not trying to make this grow up into a 20 trillion dollar market.

Shorts need to buy back their short positions

Less than 10. Get out. The exchanges are making hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars a month on FEES. A small fraction of the volume. What they aren't really makinf anything they are just doing it for free?

Yes but why would useless tokens be valued as high like real companies?

Click on some fud thread
Actually get courage certainty and knowledge
Thanks anons

This right here is exactly why I own some link. If it moons that is one hell of a story. If I got scammed its not that different than betting on another coin.

Don't joke about artism, my brother has artism

This is the great deception. What are those millions of dollars. Are they all in fiat? Obviously for the crypto/fiat pairs. But what about the the BTC/ETH to altcoin exchange fees? It's altcoins or BTC/ETH fees they're making.
I mean, look at the total volume today. $20bn. How much of that is actual fiat flowing around, versus BTC/ETH-to-alt volume, which is not all new fiat flowing into the market.

Some anons pointed out that this sort of "inflated marketcap" is true in stock markets as well, but it is disproportionately inflated in crypto due to the alts being pinned to the value of the fiat-offramps.
When ETFs come in and provide more liquidity to the market, we might be shocked to see what that daily volume will look like. It could be $100bn by the end of the year, with a $2 trillion market cap, quite easily.

# sauce please

>We aren't at 400 billion - in reality we're likely at 100 billion.
That doesn't mean less than 100 billion or even 400 billion has been cashed out.

Already several billionaires and multimillionaires, Winklevoss, bitfinex, tether, binance ceo, basically every large exchange has had billions in revenue, silk road bois, hackers.

Over 4 billion was spent on icos. No, most of them didn't buy eth when it was a dollar.

I'm not an expert but I feel something. Something tells that the whole market will moon, well at least the top 50. Buy cheap and hodl until the whole market moons. I know it cuz...

thank you for your worthless opinion. i will be sure to not take it into consideration.

what does it mean being paired?

>Bullruns happened twice a year without exceptions up until now
>Every bullrun is bigger than the last
>But this time it's different

I would have agreed that normie interest would have faded, if it wasn't for the fact that the governments of US, India, Korea and Thailand, all of whom were skeptical of crypto, recently endorsed the cryptomarkets. Not to mention that major banks also did a 180, and the media FUD campaign magically stopped over night as a result.

When we start going back up and the media once again begins talking about muh $100k Bitcorn, a new wave of idiots who missed the December bullrun will try their luck.

There has always been more long than shorts

Market cap is a skewed metric.

You could argue that Ripple flipped Bitcoin last month if this is all we're looking at.