So this happened

guys I need halp, someone sent me $1000 worth of bitcoin on kucoin. it isnt mine I need to send it back, is there a way to find out who sent it? hopefully before they an hero. how this shit could possibly happen is beyond me.

Yes it was me sorry, pls send to my address

im being super cereal how do I see who sent it 2 send it back.

Sir please my children hungry, please sir scammer i beg u. That mine coins, dear aunty sir send bak or i trace IP

>wanting to give it back


Yes it was me sorry, pls send to my address

go to the deposits section, you'll see the persons address who deposited if you get the tx ID

you can then withdraw to their address

not being a shit person is being a cuck. ok

Respect Op.

If you are not larping well done to you for being honest.. I would be doing my best to return the BTC. You never know how well they are financially and it could be everything they own.

kek, that would be nice.

Looks like you've got hookers and blow sorted for Friday night!

ah ok I thought for some reason deposit and withdrawal addresses were different. thanks dude. hopefully that fucker didnt hang himself lol.

Good guy OP

OP, good on you. Good karma coming your way

that is true dude. when I was growing up that would have been a fortune to my family.

so if it was 1 mil you'd think he was a rich fucka and keep it?

no I would still send it back, but I would be reeeing for like 4months straight.

Just send a ticket to kucoin

Idc if it is bait

and die of old age waiting for a reply kek

anyway thanks yall for the help, didnt realize it was that simple. time to go make fun of people in the dbc thread.

how is possible that they could be sending it to the wrong address? they accidentally copied your public kucoin BTC address somewhere?

thats what I dont get it would have to have been some freak occurrence

Did you list your kucoin address anywhere? They might have had it on ctrl+c and accidentally copy+pasta'd it.

I would just send it back.

Well done OP

Nice, OP. It's good to send them back.

someone made a binance account with my email and started sending it btc

i have no idea why they would do this

sometimes those QR codes scan in incorrectly

Thats very kind of you

that was me i was trying to send 1k from my wallet to my grandmas acc on kucoin cuz she wanted to buy bitcoin she saw it on the news
please give it back if you have a soul if you dont i guess i can understand but please she really mad at me
please user i beg you

please respond when you see this op

Check the txid from the deposit, see who send it?

send it back to the adress where it was sent from? are you retarded?


unironically neck yourself with a noose faggot

Doesn't it say the sender in the TXID? Just look at it and send it back where it came from

Veeky Forums is full of brainlets, thats an eth address retards. Stop getting baited