The Erotix Platform - Revolutionizing the future of the adult entertainment industry

Erotix will combine cryptocurrency and the adult entertainment industry to empower creators, performers and curators.

Similar to the Steem platform, we are a digital platform that allows users to share their own adult content, whether it be written stories, photos, videos or live streaming. As a reward for uploading content, performing live or curating content, users and creators will earn their share of the platform cryptocurrency; the Erotix ERC20 Token (ERX).

Users can spend their ERX on such things as premium rights, content or merchandise and they can trade it on cryptocurrency exchanges for other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or fiat currency such as the USD.

The power of Erotix is that we give you the FULL rewards that your
content receives. We will not take any share of this. Nor will we display any ads on our platform. Take control of your entire earned income!

Full details on the ICO, including registration and distribution information, can be found at

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Not one of these ridiculous platforms that sell user content for tokens instead of money (bat, liveedu, this thing, etc) will ever take off.

Here's a chance to shill your coin: what are the advantages of having a specific coin for the adult industry? What makes it a better choice for a platform to accept this than just a standard privacy coin?

another multiply my eth shitcoin

only invest in coins with it's own blockchain.

How is this different to VICE?

Not selling content: anyone can upload content and curators use the weight of their held ERX to 'vote' on it, weeding out the good from the bad and paying out those who 'voted' and those who consistently upload quality content. Also, used directly for live performers and their unique content and storefronts also hosted on the Erotix Platform.

Please read the whitepaper for more info; it's more complicated a process than can be easily summarized for Veeky Forums. But the biggest advantage is simply that performers and creators retain 100% of their earnings. There is currently no adult entertainment infrastructure that provides this.

Vice expects to provide 70% ish returns to their content creators and performers. We give 100%.

We use the Ethereum platform... not sure why we'd need a completely unique and original blockchain to be successful? Many popular crypto ventures have been made on the ETH blockchain.

How do you earn your money if you don't take your share nor show ads?

do you have registered toplevel domains for your pornhub like platform?
I would visit any day over this tokens or not.

0.2$ is a bit high for ico .0.01$ would be fair

supply is ok. could be lower.

should have launched on neo not eth.

Once the Erotix platform is launched, the main form of income will be through the use of ERX itself on the platform; a small fee for each transaction, whether it's buying something from a storefront, purchasing ERX with fiat on the platform itself, or tipping/paying performers will be taken off.

The *exact* fee is yet to be determined, but it will definitely be additive in it's income function to us (would need many transactions to equal something substantial).

I'll be honest and say that while I know we have domains registered for use, I am not informed as to what those might be for the final Platform structure. Sorry I can't be more informative... great question though. :)

It was my understanding that 0.2$ was fairly standard for our level of supply, but I can say that buying in 2 weeks ago would have been a prime time to do so!

We're not looking to replace free 'tube' porn sites, at all. We're aiming to combine premium porn sites with ease of use cryptocurrency on a platform which fully rewards both its users and creators.

>not calling it Buttcoin
Missed opportunity

>There is currently no adult entertainment infrastructure that provides this
But standard privacy coins could also give creators their earnings aswell

Hah! We wanted to avoid the use of traditionally obvious sexually implicit or explicit naming conventions... which is why there's no 'SpankBank' or other such things either on our Platform.

ERX token, Eros on-platform tipping currency and Power for determining the weight of your held ERX tokens.

At what percentage? Ours is the only platform that promises 100% earnings. The highest I've seen promised so far is Vice, with 70% and the average is around 30%.

>paying for porn
No thanks.

Fair enough! We'll still be using free sites as well... there's no replacing them! But that's not the point of the Erotix Platform either. :)

Just want to say: The best porn videos I have ever seen by far are the INTHEVIP videos by Relaity Kings. These are huge sex parties and I have never seen these kind of videos anywhere else. Make videos like that. Good luck





Thanks for the feedback! Capped and will keep in mind.

This is going to be your big problem. The majority of guys who pay for porn are boomers and the majority of guys who use crypto are millennials.

This. Who is going to figure out how to buy this Chuck E. Cheese token in order to fap? Where is that market niche?

Yes, this is an unfortunate reality we face. However, we feel that even though the adoption may be on the slower side to begin with, mass adoption will pick up through more and more creators, performers and curators realizing the benefits of a 100% profit system that also rewards majority chosen quality.

This will, hopefully, give a positive reinforcement loop which will produce more and more of the same.

Instructions are on the ANN link at the top, as well as our other social channels like the Discord and Telegram. (also provided on the ANN)

The 'niche' is the promise of 100% profit returns to content creators and performers, as well as to users who actively participate in the curating process.

Sounds great for the content creators, but what about the audience. You know, the people the money comes from? Do you expect somebody with his dick out to try to figure out how to make an account on coinbase plus some other exchange, wait 24 hours or more, send a wire transfer, wait for it to clear, buy ethereum, send it to the exchange where you coin is traded, buy your coin, withdraw from the exchange (paying the withdrawal fee of course), then go to your website and fap for ten minutes? I only skimmed the whitepaper so maybe I missed how you plan to address this.

> This beta version is to be released > by the end of Q2 or early Q3

ico ends, token goes down below ico price, beta version comes out, smal pump before , if it's good it dumps back to the original under ico price if it's shitty it dumps way below that

how do I make money here?

No. They can buy ERX straight off the Platform site with fiat if they wish. This is covered in the whitepaper.

By holding it until the Platform is released and fully functional.

Alright, well in that case it could work. I only saw that you were selling the erocash for fiat.

I should also add that the option to just use straight fiat for all things on the Platform will be available too... but it will be 20% more across the board to do so.

The problem you're going to run into there will be evident in the very beginning. It may be difficult gaining the necessary traction to attract and keep enough creators to maintain a stable flow of quality content. If I'm a performer and your selling point is that I get to keep 100% of my profits versus 70% of your competitor or let's say 50% of the platform I'm currently using then I'm going to want to know which is going to make me the most money. I would rather have 70% of $300 than 100% of $100. Content creators won't switch from their familiar platforms easily. You're going to have to walk a fine line. If you have the customers, but not enough quality content then you'll lose the customers and if you have content creators but not enough customers then you'll lose the creators. How do you intend to address this?

They won't need to switch. It is very common for performers to be on multiple platforms at once to cover as much audience as possible. Ours would just pay more and be another stop on their circuit, unless it takes off for them and it becomes their primary source. :)

congrats on this seriously

2 strokinnnnnnn'!

actually a good idea