Holy shit

Nano is gathering price FAST, should I buy in? This looks like the run before where it got up to $30

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Good idea, it's getting more exposure rapidly on Facebook and Twitter, normies will be all over this and will easily buy at $30-40

>This looks like the run before where it got up to $30

yes, yes, please buy

Would be rude not to

dont fomo in youll get burnt. at least look at the indicators before you enter.

Of course. Buy user. Yes.

That's the only thing I'm worried about, nano has a very good selling point in its fast and free transactions, and it would be wise to buy in now when the bull run seems to have only just started

How new are you? Never chase the pump

Chasing the pump is right if you catch it early

It's only down because of the bitgrail scam which has nothing to do with the coin. Basically it's free money.

How new are YOU? it's obvious OP is an obvious bagholder trying to trick people into buying his shitcoins

Fuck off both of you

>bull run seems to have only just started

kek, do you even know what is bull run? where do you see it starting?
unironically kys fag

Insider here, NANO will pump in 2 hours
PS: Fuck Pu'er tea

>Insider here,

of course pajeet, of course.
literally kys

Didn’t you say this like an hour ago? How can it still be 2 hours? Why don’t you like tea?

Pic related has never been more appropriate.

Insider here, Bomber Firano is going to hardfork Nano. His fork will be called RaiBitCoin allowing those hurt by the Bitgrail fiasco to recieve "compensation." Retards will claim their RaiBitCoin using their Nano private keys and quickly sell it to other coins. RaiBitCoin will fail, however Bomber Firano will have collected thousands of Nano private keys. Nano accounts will be drained. Bitgrail 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Retarded coin, but hey, people still buy bitcoin so who knows. Might actually be the next big thing after all.

firano can't even code a semi-reliable transaction maker, how the fuck is he gonna write the fork for nano.

I'd just keep setting sell limits 10% above, buy 10% below, and keep accumulating and then sell at ATH

the indicators show nano's gonna explode by the end of the day, just bought a fuck ton more
get it before it's too late

I only have $40 FIAT at the exchange right now, still a recommended buy over anything else?

sure, I'd even sell other worse performing currencies to accumulate more nano at this point

I must obey the dubs


Got a bit of FOMO so bought 9
I think its shit but whatever, if it really replaces BTC at least I'll have enough for the next moon mission.

btc will suffer untill late afternoon at least

so be realistic nano isn't going anywhere for now

disclaimer: I'm nonano'er because it's an overshilled shitcoin and the script kiddies will dump on you

1mil each EO2025

try sending transactions between android/ios/web wallets, it's fucking incredible how fast it is and with no fees

this thing is gonna take over twitch first and then the whole world

>the indicators show

ohhh ohh mmmhh mmhh no noo noo
we got a TA expert here

not if we kill the wopman first

As soon as someone offers a fiat pairing it’s going to explode.

Just try using it. Transfer between two different wallets. Much easier to believe in the coin once you see it in action and it doesn’t cost you anything to test it out.

what's the point
i lost 10000 nano because of that fucking pastanigger

Uh oh, Veeky Forums getting bullish on XRB means it's time to sell.

Yeah and you didn't catch it early. It's already up 80% from the recent bottom and it's broken tech

Please don't kys when you wake up and realise you lost 10 million paper bucks.

still like 80% down from ATH which it's gonna surpass probably inside a week and then go all the way to and above $100

broken tech lol have you even tried sending nano transactions? it's fucking incredible

I accumulated more at around $10 last night. I'm very very bullish. FUD is from people scared of it
>Bitcoin fees aren't that high
>Bitcoin is fast enough
>Who cares if ripple is centralized

anything under $10 is a fucking bargain considering its ATH was $35. anything under $20 is still a good value. i can see nano replacing litecoin as the faster transfer coin. fun fact: nano is doing just as many transactions as nano. fun fact: nano is binance's top coin volume with over $100 mil+ in trading volume.
not to mention that garry tan, an early VC investor will be working with nano and brian armstrong to add it to coinbase... it's really obvious everyone is trying to tell you its a shitcoin to keep the price low.

typo * nano is doing as many transactions as litecoin. also Twitch streamers started accepting nano donations

I bet your one of those morons who brought Bitcoin at 19k.

So the price jump is because you can tip the cam whores?

not even close to the same
nano is at a record low right now but legit recovering

>So the price jump is because you can tip the cam whores?

yes exactly, old creepy geezers have alot of money to spend on cam whores cuz they get no pussy

Honestly, why did you leave the money on the exchange, especially one that sketchy? I was on Mercatox at one point and their wallets for eth and xrb were always "under maintenance," so I exchanged to bitcoin, took a slight loss and rebought on kucoin. Once I had my stack, I withdrew to a wallet and that was that. You don't really have your money until it's off the exchange.

>nano is at a record low right now but legit recovering
to add to that, only reason why it dropped was because of bitgrail and the double spend nano bug FUD. however the nano team has already confirmed there is no double spending found in the nano protocol in an announcement. so its going back up to $25 within a month i presume

sure. get ready to get dumped on then you'll be back on here crying about how heavy your bags are, and how i thought it was going to the moon.

i bought on bitgrail and I withdrew everytime an order got filled. i bought in batches of 100-200. to the dude who left 10k nano on a non FDIC insured non USA exchange, tough luck. hope you learn your lesson and never invest what you can't afford to lose. always withdraw immediately and u wont get burned

>going back up to $25
It should be around 200k sats. Going back to $25 or $35 depends on the rest of the market.

200k sats is $20 if BTC is 10k. im assuming BTC will recover to about 13-14k so $25 sounds reasonable i would think. not to mention that any good news with adoption will pump it up even more

It's not skycoin

>It's not skamcoin
Fixed that for you.

I stayed away from Bitgrail when he started asking for all my id and documents.
Nano has normie appeal. That's why it's going to blow up and that's also why a bunch of new reddit retards left tons of money on that sketchy-ass exchange for months.

Yea I don't know why would they stay on bitgrail.
When the exchange allowed withdrawals it even had them for free.

>Honestly, why did you leave the money on the exchange, especially one that sketchy?
It was impossible to get the money out. That's the fucking joke here. Everyone keeps memeing the victims about "Why didn't you cash out? :D" but nobody seems to get that it simply was not possible. Every non-verified user got slapped with a 0BTC withdraw limit suddenly and with zero prior notice.

Before that there was quite a long window when you could make a withdrawal. I mean I did that.

I withdrew from Bitgrail.

> im assuming BTC will recover to about 13-14k
I'm not so confident we are out of the bear filled woods yet but this is what I mean about it depending on the rest of the market. There are two scenarios where it really pumps:
1) Bitcoin has another bullrun, alt-season follows
2) It gets a fiat pairing, the mobile wallet finishes its beta (seems to be working fine for me) and it starts taking off on other platforms
The team is delivering ahead of schedule on the roadmap they laid out for 2018 so far. I just saw a video they put up on nano.org/en which is concise, professional and has normie appeal. Things are looking good except for exchange issues caused by a retard, it's got a massive amount of volume on binance right now.

I'm talking more about people who bought it in the months before the final shit show.
>Every non-verified user got slapped with a 0BTC withdraw limit suddenly and with zero prior notice.
How is the Italian still alive?

If btc runs up nano may run due to pure hype but I think the actual tech has a lot of scaling problems that will present themselves when it starts getting used more an more, actually they already have, but people are ignoring them.

>How is the Italian still alive?
He is protected by the mafia

I don't believe in it long term but it can't be any worse that BTC, anything that gets normies moving away from that grandpa is a good thing for crypto in the future.

Doesn't have scaling problems in theory but the only way to really test is to see it get bigger.

No there haven't been any scaling problems so far, and there probably won't. FUD

There was a bug with exchange nodes which has now been resolved. That only happened when volume spiked massively so it was a practical scaling problem. Volume is at its ATH right now and exchanges seem to be handling it without issue so it seems that issue is resolved.

>It was impossible to get the money out. That's the fucking joke here. Everyone keeps memeing the victims about "Why didn't you cash out? :D" but nobody seems to get that it simply was not possible. Every non-verified user got slapped with a 0BTC withdraw limit suddenly and with zero prior notice.

my friend bought some when that happened and he sold all his xrb into BTC and then withdrew BTC and then bought it back on kucoin. and he said it was quick as hellr. u cant think for yourself u monkey? better to lose $1 on price than fuck yourself over like that. u had weeks to sell it back for BTC and withdraw

that bug was no scaling issue, but w/e.

Not a scaling issue with the network as a whole but you could argue it was a scaling issue for nodes that are dealing with high volume.

bitgrail was running on only 2 nodes while it was selling XRB. this shit is fast as fuck

>nano devs have this angel promoting partnerships
How can other coins even compete?

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mt. gox style double spend hack on nanoy. I read the whitepaper and it seems the design has very little resiliency to bad actors. A bad actor with a swarm of nodes can essentially do many things to clog up the network, create a ton of transactions which only verify already verified transactions which creates a shit ton of new tips which congest the network. Node could send different transactions to different nodes which fork the graph many times over. Because security of the network decreases as the transaction rate decreases this could have snowball effect. The problem is there is zero incentive to run full nodes or run proper nodes, and a lot of incentives to cheat the system and there is no punishment.

No competition.

>tfw Colin has probably hit that

>The problem is there is zero incentive to run full nodes or run proper nodes, and a lot of incentives to cheat the system and there is no punishment.
You are overstating the rewards for attacking in this way. Temporarily slowing the network would not lead to double spending actually working and would require a fairly massive farm of nodes which is expensive to power for no direct benefit.

You are understating the rewards for running full nodes. Each (nonmobile) wallet works as a node while open. There are more full nodes set up right now than are necessary for the current traffic. The rewards are exactly the same as running a bitcoin node; people who use it a lot have incentive to contribute to network health. Again, this is exactly the same as bitcoin. I had the same concern in 2010 about bitcoin but I've been thoughly BTFO on that front.

how do we know this though?
imagine if silk road was still operating
this would be such a juicy storyline
they would've made movies about this for decades


This is a $1000 coin. Not even kidding.

Fucking love the FOMO threads. Who else in below 70k sats?

Its really not a shitcoin.

I mean yes user, I hold hard too. Not a shittcoin though.

Just above at 72k

69k :)

fuck fuck fuck go down again I wanted to buy low

It started.

what started?

Be on the lookout for massive volume moving soon

you are buying low buddy

you guys know that the merchant API is being released on the 26th right? buy the rumor sell the news

literally free money

It's been on discount for over a week and idiots just realize they need to get in

"bull run" is the wrong word, but look at the chart. It bottomed out at one of it's last support level and the capitulation is obvious from the volume from the past 3 days. It's likely it will keep rising.

Mobile wallet in beta is good and nanex (new exchange focused on nano trading pairs) set up a way to donate to twitch streamers using nano. If this gets adoption on twitch... well, in 5 years Bitcoin might end up as the MySpace to Nano’s Facebook.

When will you retards realise nothing will take over Bitcoin. It's not just about fast and cheap transactions, it's about security. Bitcoin has been tested to be secure, XRB is probably a buggy piece of shit that's actually been used properly for a few months. This will never ever replace Bitcoin.

bought $2500 worth at $11.18

am i going to make it?

Denial is the first of the five stages of grief. It helps us to survive the loss. In this stage, the world becomes meaningless and overwhelming. Life makes no sense. We are in a state of shock and denial. We go numb. We wonder how we can go on, if we can go on, why we should go on.

If you make it that will mean I'll be making it too. So yes, you will make it

Stay poor.

it'll go absolutely ballistic IF/WHEN the bull market starts again. bitcoin transaction costs will be $50+, it'll become even more obvious that core doesn't see bitcoin as a currency but as a store of wealth (lightning network won't have any practical implementation for years) and people will ask which is the coin with best scalability potential.

if the bear market keeps up for long, it'll very likely fall back eventually though. but right now everyone's preparing for the bull market because it's extremely likely on its way.

:( good luck!

nothing will take over bitcoin as a store of wealth. but bitcoin core doesn't seem to be so keen to make bitcoin usable as a currency. we'll see where lightning network takes us, but if you read the reactions of core developers/supporters, they just don't mind that bitcoin isn't suitable to be a currency, and consider it more as a store of wealth, which is actually the exact application that has given it its value.

so there is very likely room for an actual cryptoCURRENCY rather than a cryptoASSET which BTC is.

This. If / When nano gets direct fiat, newcomers will have no reason to at least start anywhere else