I need to make 50k USD before Monday

I need to make 50k USD before Monday.
I have 120 bucks in my bank. 2k in crypto.

How do I do this? 100% serious replies only.

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100X long

KNEE socks.


Bull run is over. Maybe EOY user.

suck 10,000 dicks for 5 bucks a pop.

Sell your bags

Buy gun

rob a bank or something

get mad cash money!

Unironically short btc x50 with your 2k
If you get fucked you've lost 2K.that aren't making a difference anyway.

No, I must make it.
So you're saying sell 10,000 X for $5 a pop. That isn't impossible, but its unlikely.

Too much margin though. Any market noise and it's over. 25x maybe if it did go to 4k~ but imo, it will bounce between 10 and 11.5 before then

Short Bitcoin at max leverage. Thank me later.

Right now?

If people here could tell you how to do that we'd be busy millionaring instead of on fucking Veeky Forums

>Shorting the king
You boughta discover a deeper shade of pink

any noise in the wrong direction will kill him very quickly

Wait until it starts dipping and going horizontal.

>hurrrrr dont short cbitcoin brooo even tho the pepople who shorted at 19k just made fucking hundreds of thosuands shahah idiots!!!!


unironically this is your best shot, it's a good time right now


I might have an answer for you, but you must answer me this - why do you need to make 50k in less than 72 hours?

It's a long story. Too long to fit in a Veeky Forums post.
Just put it this way, my life is on the line. Not in any sort of weird people chasing me sort of way, but still...

How do you do this

bitmex my friend

use protonmail and select china as your country of origin

Bitmex, leverage. Short it imo. Remember to close the position very quickly or any swing will liquidate you. After that reopen, rinse and repeat. With high leverage you'll have to be glued to the screen and watch the price constantly.
Imo $10300-10400 (previous support) is the resistance - that is if we even go higher than 10150.
If it doesn't breach it I would short on the way down.

Tell it us your story please

>Bitmex, leverage. Short it imo. Remember to close the position very quickly or any swing will liquidate you. After that reopen, rinse and repeat.
How to slowly lose your stack 200 bucks at a time: The Post

You what? Do you mean fees?

I'm literally starving, didn't eat 4 days now, just drinking alot of tea with alot of sugar. Lost my job not long ago, have about 200 dollars in crypto but I can't convert that in to real money untill i make atleast 500 dollars day trading with it. I'm doing good, making about 20-30 dollars per day, but I think I'm not gonna make it. So I hope you will not make it either, lets starve to death together.

I've been in that position some years ago before and actually went 11~ days without any food whatsoever.
However, that was a very dark period in my life and I wish no one to suffer the way I did, so cash out, and buy some food. I once lived off bananas, and I mean nothing but that for about a month. I look back at those days now and laugh, so good luck to you, and OP.

It's not worth dying over. You can always scrape together 500 bucks later.


>Don't spend more than you can afford to lose
The post

CERU my nigga


Leave town bro.

That or invest in a nitrogen tank, hose, and plastic bag.

This. Een guys who are grinding it out a couple percentage points a day have as many ups as they have down, nobody has a perfect record every transaction. To get to 50k in 72 hours, on a volatile market like Bitmex...impossible. Doubling 2k would be a massive amount of effort, or taking extremely huge risks that will wipe that 2k out in a blink of an eye.
The only way someone could go from 2k to 50k in 72 hours is slinging drugs, or being a really good, top level poker player in Vegas. Margin trading? No fucking way, no how. Even the good traders, who have been doing it a while, would laugh at the idea, going in blind, and getting perfect high leverage trades the first 3 days? LOL. C'mon. Stop it.

If you are fat, you can live for literally months without food

unironically this

Not at max leverage, any good news could lead to a spike, it'll go down though.

rob a bank

I learned in college, rice is fucking cheap. Get a big bag of rice, and make a pot of it every day, and get condiments and spices to mix it up. You can live for weeks on a big, 15lb bag of rice. Get brown rice, it's more nutritious. Throw in a bag of brown beans, for a couple dollars more, and you're set for a month. A 15 lb bag of rice is $20, on amazon, delivered. One pound of rice uncooked is 6 cups of rice, cooked. At one or two cups of rice a meal, that's a lot of fucking meals for $20. Why do you think rice is so popular in poor countries?

Drink lots of tea and water - you can go a long time without food, but you need water, regularly. Put your ego aside and find the food banks and free meals for homeless/low income in the area, and get a decent meal occasionally. If you're in the US, finding food cheap or free is not hard, if you put ego aside. It's hard to starve, if you know what you're doing, so much money is spent on food for people with no money it's insane, I don't understand how anyone starves, except their ego keeps them from asking for help.

i don't think thats OP tho
he has money


That doesn't seem like the optimal price point. OP should aim for at least $50 per dick.



This is a serious response bro.
I will get you in on the bottom floor. right after devs and shills

the fuck does this mean lol

does this really work? they don't have identity verification?

don't do this. It's been up 700$ from lows

No, bitmex is a bucketshop. When it goes down all of these people will be out of pocket so much

Whats that?