Here’s the thing about ChainLINK you need to understand

Here’s the thing about ChainLINK you need to understand.

SWIFT, banks, insurance companies, other API providers and all the large corporations that will use LINK don’t care about trading shitcoins on exchanges. They won’t care about setting up a node and getting paid in LINK for muh “passive income”.

What they will care about is the network of smart contracts, data feeds and payments feeds all connected on the blockchain. A whole new network where they can make fuckloads of money. ChainLINK is merely the infrastructure that gives them access to the network.

Staking LINK in nodes and reinvesting the LINK they get paid will increase their node priority. But here’s the thing - it will be more profitable to keep the LINK in the node than to sell it on. All LINK will eventually end up in nodes. You faggots will sell your LINK to them before that though. And this will be the true cause of the singularity.

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Honestly, I would cash 48 of my 50k out at $25-30. Let the rest ride in case that fucker hits a thousand.

SWIFT is obsolete

THE site to use for staking, masternodes, etc - stakes for you.

I don’t think you understand what SWIFT actually does. It’s not fucking bank transfers.

Currency cryptos are reddit-tier. Oh great, fast moving tokens? No. Just no. The best that can do is /save/ money. Smart contracts will /create/ actual value in the economy.

This is correct
Banker ausfag here
Smart contracts will be huge

Banks don't care about 'ZOMG lightnin fast speedz yo'

They care about simple integration into existing legacy systems (ISO 20022)

Banks are not going to be using xrp any time soon.

There is an upcoming ICO
Partnered with SWIFT and other big companies
Advisor from SWIFT
Invest and get rich.

Fintech ausfag. I fucking concur. Currency? Meh. The existing system sucks (legacy bullshit), but that's not enough reason to go all-in on cryptos. Not when billions or trillions are at stake.

Smart contracts though......holy fuck. The things we can do with that, it's a game changer. Whole new, untapped market too, first movers gonna clean up. So yeah, currency coins will be needed to interact with that - but the real action is there.

Go on.

But I don't want to get lazy leddits to become rich :(

Fuck me, got a buzy week upcoming.
Thx for the help nigger :/
I do understand you tho.

Tell me your Telegram name

Does it start with M?


K, got it then ;) Thx for the heads up fag.
Going to read up a bit.

>Let the rest ride in case that fucker hits a thousand.
The first part was silly but this part is full blown retardation

So how exactly does the Chainlink token interact with the blockchain? It is sent from the node, which is assigned to track one set of data and then what? One Chainlink with that data is sent attached to that transaction? When this is all working, what does this do? And what is the point of owning anything under what it takes to have a node? Not fud, just retarded. I am currently reading whitepaper.

node operators get paid in link. the reason to acquire link is to be able to stake it so your node is more reputable

I’m not sure currency coins will even be needed to interact with smart contracts. Why wouldn’t they just use fiat? Sergey talks a lot about integrating whatever payment is wanted into the chainlink network of nodes, so I guess any eventuality is prepared for, just in case Fiat actually replaces crypto (lol) or some dApp with its own currency token becomes important somehow.

The LINK token serves as collateral. So if your data feed is bad/broken/shitty then you get LINK taken off you, if it’s good then you get paid in LINK. The LINK tokens aren’t really what’s transferred around - data and payments are sent as inputs and outputs to smart contracts. LINK is more like the infrastructure. When dealing with a fuckload of money, big corporations aren’t going to want to interact with nodes that don’t have as much collateral because they’ll want everything to go perfectly.

Just say it you faget, there's literally 3 ppl in this thread

>And what is the point of owning anything under what it takes to have a node?
There is no minimum requirements for nodes. You can run a node with no LINK at all. But you’ll have no collateral, so who would trust you?



Reliability > Speed
Especially when it comes to these dinosaur ass banks

>So if your data feed is bad/broken/shitty then you get LINK taken off you
By who? Also that sounds like a good way to troll linkies if this thing ever takes off.

Isn't the SWIFT partnership unconfirmed? I'm not sure we're talking about the same ICO but whatever.

It has been confirmed by the CEO and their system relies on SWIFT

It is baked in the smart contract where you agree to deliver the data that is needed.
If you fail to deliver the data correctly, the amount of LINK that was agreed upon (and set up in the SC) will go to the person on the other end of the SC that did not get his data delivered from your node.
Smthing like that.

And setting up a node and and using it to channel data to the block stream is also a cryptographic process that takes a large amount of processing horsepower to accomplish? Thank you for spoon feeding me, bros.

I love their ideas but I cant for the life of me see what the point of the token is.

LINK works by sending token transfers to a contract with data about the external data/nodes you want.

check source of the token, it can do this by being ERC677


gonna delete this post if true

I'm talking about origami, which is what the user above is shilling. I know how link works, thanks :)


Singapore is experimenting with making the SGD a blockchain currency.
But you're right for the foreseeable future chainlink will feed data to smart contracts paid in fiat, which is why its market cap could potentially exceed ethereum, though just because of how large it is I doubt it's likely.

What does it mean that Chainlink will work with ISO messaging standards? Also is there any other reason for them to continue working on this other than a SWIFT implementation? Sergey said they were working on this in his December blog post.

Marines, I have started redpilling redditors about blockchain's potential beyond scamming jeets and buying lambos. Is it too early for this?

the huge thing everyone is missing is their parnership with hyperledger, which would be bigger than swift. that's the reason they're rewriting everything in GO

Gimme your referal niggers

Yes. Wait till end of march

I don't think we're talking about the same project, care to give me a hint?

Except we really don't know anything about hyperledger implementing it other than what riddle user said. They seemed to have incomplete and innacurate information regarding chainlink in the emails and as they understood it at the time they didn't think chainlink would be good for permissioned blockchains, though intel SGX would mitigate the privacy issues I think. So they may, but so far there's no evidence.

It has a bit less then 7k members on the telegram.

And, do you like it user?


The absolute state of being an uneducated fuck

ChainLink have been talking about Hyperledger integration since the beginning. The market has this retarded obsession with the word "partnership". It's the same with SWIFT. ChainLink is doing ongoing back end work with SWIFT. That's awesome! But irrational investors want to hear the word "partnership" just so they can shill better. It's asinine.

Still need to read the WP, but this shit could be golden.

I don't know guys, I would urge you all to seriously reconsider before putting any money in LINK.

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Very shady guy.


ISO 20022? It's an attempt to streamline communication between financial institutions. Anyone that wants to take advantage of the new APIs banks are developing would have to submit requests through that format. This is not a perfect explanation but so you can get an idea, if you're on some small business working on some blockchain and you want to interact with a financial institution's API, you can write your smart contract without worrying much about how to exactly get the data from the API and when it's time to use the API it can translate and ask both parties whatever's necessary for the request to be completed successfully. The idea is that every model of transaction would eventually be covered by ISO 20022 and if it doesn't one will be submitted until humans become cattle for the autistic AI overlord. You can read more here

> Also is there any other reason for them to continue working on this other than a SWIFT implementation?
I do not understand the question.

most likely building an adaptor which allows it to support how swift send messages natively

Damn, couldn't find it, kudos for hints.

Fine, you will like it. Don't shill it until mid March user.

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The gayest form of shilling

>I do not understand the question.
I mean, why would they continue to make the network ISO 20022 compliant if they weren't going to implemented by SWIFT? Or is that the only reason Sergey said that?
That's kind of what I was getting at. So basically they're working on adapters to turn information from APIs into the ISO 20022 format? Once those adapters go on the public repo, it's over and FOMO begins.

Can we have one more hint?

I don’t think it’s that intensive. You can set up a node on the alpha network right now. There’s a tutorial on YouTube. They’ve just said that you don’t need a special machine to do it at this point. But I imagine in the future that if you use a machine which could switch off unexpectedly, you could lose your linkies. I don’t know much about how much processing power you need, maybe it depends on how big the data you’re sending is

and by information I mean the JSON they get from the APIs. Idk I only have fairly basic front end experience and the most complicated thing I ever did was make a random image generator using images from the flickr API. I wonder why we haven't seen any evidence of ISO 20022 compliance so far, or have we?

Do we think that chainlink will ever make it really easy to set up a node? Like they’ll make a piece of software that makes it easy to implement. Or do you think it will always be for people with a decent understanding of this techie stuff? Do you think it matters to mainstream adoption?

Pretty sure that the PoC with SWIFT was confirmed ISO 20022 compliant, I saw a PowerPoint slide show with that on it but I don’t have a copy myself.

The thing is if they make it easy, and something goes wrong at the OS layer, how would you handle it?

It will be eazy over time.

If it really gets the adoption that it deserves, it will be ezpz

Please fucking tell me, I have no idea, will give my fucking email address if I have to, also I shill nothing because I am lazy, just chill in link threads mainly, please for fuck sakes

>Only browsed Veeky Forums when Americans are posting

Fuck me. The difference in post quality is immense. It's like a whole nother board during Euro hours.

I don’t understand what you mean

This was a post from User Vornth (CL team member) on Reddit
> It will get easier. This is really targeted towards developers to get a local setup running.
>I can't speak for Linkpool, but the Chainlink team will make it easier. As we move out of local development and on an Ethereum testnet, it will be possible to have a setup where the node just "runs" instead of this sort of local setup

Not sure what this means, it doesn’t sound like they’d make a simple piece of software from that though

are euros better or worse though?

A thousand times better.

I don't think I've ever seen a LINK thread during American hours that didn't consist of 90% "price EOY??" and the regular copypasta FUD, while one or two autists at most tries to talk about the tech, but is shouted down by the hordes of retards.

Say for example they make it so easy, all you have to do is run a binary file on a server and bam, you're serving data. What if something goes wrong with your server, and you don't know how to fix it? If the node isn't returning data, you're losing reputation. The problem isn't with the node, but the server itself. What do you do?

If you make threads at American times, you can get a lot more replies, but the quality tends to be terrible. I think it must be a hundred retarded teenagers spamming LINK $1000 EOY. Like if you try to have a serious thread about LINK during burger hours The replies are 50% FUD copypasta, 20% retards replying to copypasta, 20% LINK $1000 EOY and 10% actual useful discussion. Last night was especially bad, there were at least 3 newfags shitting up LINK threads asking how to buy LINK on binance.

He means it in a good way i think.
Good thing, so now we got one less burger posting about weakhanded europoors.

You make sure you’re a massive corporation with a room full of servers and dedicated staff to fix them

from plebbit
I" can't speak for Linkpool, but the Chainlink team will make it easier. As we move out of local development and on an Ethereum testnet, it will be possible to have a setup where the node just "runs" instead of this sort of local setup.

The average amateur node operator won't have that.

Also fuck alot more Aussies here at this time because we knock off work and shit post, don't forget about it, fuck it is hard to sleep with the trading and great shit posting at these hours

Telegram username? You can delete it after

looking nice at first glance, gonna read WP now. thanks for sharing user
all the information you need is in this thread. its not really that hard to place the hints together

[email protected] plz user help

I am trying to find it as well, nothing so far. Telegram: thankyouanon

Quoting Sergey on the Superconference.
> The focus and the goal of our work is to basically aggregate all the building blocks and alll the resources that a smart contract would need in the near term and make it easily available to them, right? The goal is that just like a web developer could show up and get an API for GPS for SMS and for payments, a smart contract developer can now show up and he has a large list of basically oracles or chainlinks that represent various off chain resources. And he can write a smart contract code and he can connect it to all these resources very easily and so he doesn't need to worry about that piece anymore. And the thesis is that once smart contract developers are able to quickly combine all the necessary resources of inputs and outputs around the contract that they decide to write, then you will see many more complex contracts that go beyond tokenization that do something like an insurance contract does, something like a securities contract does, something like a trade finance contract does, the trillion dollar industries that power the world.

It's not just SWIFT, but like insurance companies, lenders... You may need to know if a transfer corresponds to the payment of a pension or a salary, so instead of picking up the phone, asking and then having to add it to the code by hand, the bank tells the smart contract.

Oh, cmon. i found it after 2m

Why the fuck don't you smart fuck linkies now create a node that can be trusted and slowly create a site and make this shit into a public node, again must be trusted. Get more tech savy biz fags to help out with making this easy to use public node, instead of thinking about making your own, imagine if biz got a early easy to use master chainlink node working that all us linkies could use as a pool. We would be one of those big corporations nodes we are talking about here.

Just under 7k telegram members?

I looked at literally every single upcoming ICO starting with an M, I found none with a swift advisor or partnership


No problem

There is still time just relax

Except every faggot would want to do zero work and just stake their tokens.

Hold up I think I have found it, so you said it started with me yes, are you sure telegram had under 7k and it's not a bit over 9k, also does the name have a k in it at all?

Holy shit i just found it. It is not Midex. Jesus.

>started with M

it starts with M not Me and it has a bit under 7k users on telegram, as anons stated before

6589 now

holy shit when did this thread go to shit?

How are you looking it up? I'm going through the list of ICOs with ico drops, ico alert and the likes, not finding anything. Googling swift ico or similar doesn't help either

yup, just checked, between 6.5 and 7k

If i could do it everyone can.

Yeah right, now relax lol