School shooter used monero/bitcoin to buy guns illegally

>School shooter used monero/bitcoin to buy guns illegally

Is crypto pretty much finished if this ever happens?

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No, cause people will realize they can do shit anonymously too. P-p-p-privacy is something people like dumbfuck.

What if it was cash? Would anyone give a fuck

I haven't looked into this Florida one yet. Was it another false flag?

there's no such thing as bad publicity user

Lmao amerifats don't give a fuck about privacy. They just pretend to then go back to posting their shits on Instagram

Has it occurred to you that governments are actually unable to stop transactions in Monero for anyone who knows hardly anything about blockchains/VPNs/the Internet?

>School shooter used guns to shoot people at school

Arent guns pretty much finished if this ever happens?

most definitely
>drill on the same day
>told officers will be shooting blanks
>three genZ brats ready and prepared to lead marches and give speeches
>new gun control laws being drawn up within 48 hrs

Looks legit to me.
the kids social media was filled with to be school shooter imagery.
There is a bunch of video and pics from the various students this time.
The shooter didn't kill himself and the cops didn't kill him.

Kid was on Veeky Forums /b like every day-confirmed.

Crypto is done when people finally realize what Kim builds his nukes with.

You clearly don't understand what a false flag is.

Uncle chaps? That you?

what do you mean Cuck?
The kid was clearly crazy based on his past behaviour and social media posts...and he actually did kill the people.
He is also still alive so no one was there to "silence him" or w/e

Are you dumb?
The libtards are always ready to do any of that...
Fire drill doesn't matter, woulda been much better if the kid did the shooting while it was happening...more targets. He pulled the fire alarm to get the students into the hallways.

so what, burger government uses taxpayer money for terrorism

you must be knew.. bitcoin has always been tied to illegal shit. silk road one of the biggest drug busts used bitcoin


He was memed into reality. Perhaps the dip pushed him over the edge....

Get off Veeky Forums and go drink more of The Stepfathers jizz Jeremy

>school crisis actor pretends shooting actually happened
I fixed it for you

maybe because he looks like he's from oblivion


where can i buy guns with xmr. don't bury the lead, op.

>be American
>get shot

crypto people don't shoot up schools because they are happy thanks to massive gainz

Did you really just make this up and then this entire board believed you?

it was a literal jew and the media tried to frame it as a white nationalist attack lmao
I dont think it was a false flags but the kikes had a bunch of propaganda ready just waiting to pounce on this opportunity

What if you 3D print a gun?

3D Printers are pretty much finished bro

They are changing their tactics. Everyone already thinks he’s crazy so if he did open his mouth no one would listen

if someone used monero to do crime nobody would know they used monero

>School shooter used USD to buy guns illegally

Whats the difference?

So you liberals are going to move onto blaming the currency instead of the fbi atf out right refusal to go after the people who abuse the background check system?

also whenever someone gets a stand-down order (like all defense systems of US military on 9/11) or "doesn't go in" (like the Deputy at the school) it's likely a false flag. it means they want blood for show and lots of it

The absolute state of americucks
I hope It happens to you faggots


implying crypto is only used the country this happens in

im a eurofag and honestly have no idea what youre babbling on about user

I'm not an amerifat and I don't give a fuck about privacy. You don't care either. Otherwise you would have realized that Veeky Forums doesn't have a SSL certificate anymore.

No. Because I will claim it was a smoke screen operation set up by the government to take my crypto and guns away.
So I will stock up on both before they come after me.

Wow so someone got interviewed twice on tv. Fukkkkkkkn conspiracy. I knew it, people arent allowed to be interviewed on tv twice unless they are tv reports

You really think someone was in two school shootings, 6 months apart of each other, in the other side of the gigantic US?

he was an average white amerimutt that browsed /pol/ and posted hitler images all day. he was your guy stop trying to deflect

(sung in a slow, upbeat tone and merry voice)

David Hogg, crisis actor,
David Hogg, crisis actor,
oooooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh.

His daddy in the FBI,
I wonder why he defending them,
On teevee, on teevee.

Go on CNN fake a cry,
Phil Mudd's cover up for his allies,
Who are scheming, who are scheming.

Fed lines from up above,
Nobody asks where the black woman is,
No grieving, no grieving.

Spread the message of gun control,
Four hours before Cruz shot 'em all,
They want your rights, its outta control.

(Chorus, starts immediately)

Staged, staged,
the whole fucken thing was fucken staged.
Staged, staged,
the whole fucken thing was fucken staged.
Staged, staged,
David Hogg CIA patsy,
Staged, staged,
Parkland FBI kamikaze.


youre right m8 it must all be a giant (((cohencidence))) that this guy turns up in two school shootings on separate sides of the continent and is now part of a youth group pushing to abolish the second amendment

Holy shit you reek of Reddit

he is a literal jew and the media tried to pin it on white nationalists you fucking kike

Why use crypto when it's 100x easier to just use USD?

why are you denying reality? you honestly think if you believe something hard enough it will become true?

The guy is white, this is how most whites look in merica because you guys are mutts. He also got training from a neo-nazi camp, he browsed /pol/ and posted hitler memes, the more you try to deny reality the more you will be considered a joke by your opponents

the guy is a kike you moron
his biological mom is a jew so that makes him a jew
and no, jews are not white
Im also not american even though you keep saying that

Why bother when you can just buy them with cash?

if that guy isn't white then basically you are saying only 10% of USA are actually white.

careful what you wish for amerimutt

not sure if kike or simply retarded. but ill break it down in case some anons missed it

>school shooter is biological kike
>kikes are semites so no, not white
>WN group hoaxed the media into believing he was a neo nazi
>media ran with the story with zero fact checking
>turns out the entire thing was a hoax and he was simply a mentally ill jew on SSRI
>media is now trying to memory hole the fact that hes jewish and they tried to pin it on a white nationalist group (who are as anti jewish as it gets)

I bought an illegal gun with cash, cash is finished.

police already confirmed he trained with neo-nazis

you /pol/tards really think that if you deny reality long enough others will fall for it too? lmao, nobody is falling for your dumb conspiracies anymore

people are actually laughing at you tards, I mean, how desperate you guys are to invent conspiracies about how the victims are actors? so desperate and pathetic, but good thing no person with triple digit IQ fell for your bullshit

It proves it works!

>5 posts by this id
cope harder faggot
>Links to the video proliferated on Veeky Forums, where users have gleefully embraced the conspiracy theories and mocked the shooting victims. When it hit YouTube’s Trending page, some on Veeky Forums celebrated: “TRENDING IN THE USA,” began one thread in the far-right politics board called /pol/. “WE’RE BREAKING THE CONDITIONING.”
>Although he declined to provide much information about himself or give his full name, “mike m.” said that he was a 51-year-old virgin man living in his mum's basement.

nope actually the exact opposiite happened
the media ran with the neo nazi narrative and police said there was no connection to white nationalists whatsoever
youre a lying jew and your tired old parlour tricks dont work here

>muh Jew York Times
>you posted multiple times in this tread and therefore your argument is invalid
>muh natzee virgins

wew strong argument lad

sure thing buddy, just scream "LE JEWS LE JEWS" every time something happens that you can't explain, you definitely aren't just a confused amerimutt with identity issues

What if some one 3D prints a Bitcoin with an assault rifle?

>not a single argument made

you really need to try harder user

>says the guy that thinks screaming "ITS DA JOOOZZ!" is an argument

>school shooter was literally a biological jew
>this is 100% fact
>user spergs out "lol muh jew boogeyman muh pol"

you are really bad at this m8

>be amerimutt
>get shot by another amerimutt
>blame jews

classic amerimutt

But it is, when jews are over represented by 3000% (or more) in our govenment, 10000% in our media, and 5000% in corporate leadership.

Or do you think that is perfectly fine and normal, you slimey kike?

yep, i bet your first source of news are red pills memes on /pol
back to your containment board faggot

I know rite, da jews are raciist and control da system, dey keep us whyte ppl down! fukkin racyiist jews!

But it actually IS the jews though...

Can't you just manually give it one?

>corrupt government uses fiat to pay mercenaries to kill civilians

Is fiat pretty much finished if this ever happens?

I am not american you dipshit
and this school shooter was ja biological jew
this is 100% fact and not even up to debate
you do understand the concept of objective facts and reality yes?

>ITS DA J00Z!!

wait until they realise they can do the same with cash!

WASPS and Jews let us not forget.

>Only retards are allowed to post on this site

pic related - is you.