Did I make the right choice to never get into a relationship and married?

Did I make the right choice to never get into a relationship and married?
>28 years old
>net worth of 9MM due to insane luck in 2017
>no debt, no kids, no girlfriend not even once.

Yeah I know it's kind of fucking hard to imagine I have that much net worth. I ran my own renovation business with my highschool best friend and we worked from the age of 18 to 26. I had heard about bitcoin back earlier and that's when I discovered ethereum when it was $4 so I only bought $3000 worth at the time. Then the dao hack happened and I totally wrote ethereum off and said all of crypto was a scam.

Forward back to March 2017 back when I heard about something called the ethereum alliance and eth was 35-40 ish. I knew I didn't want to be burnt again so I took 50% of my life savings from my renovation business I had ran for 10 years and shoved It all in.

It paid off amazingly for me. Honestly after that I sold ethereum after the bancor ico and converted all to bitcoin. Haven't traded since.

My question to some of you old bizness men is. Is love worth it? I'm retired now at the age of 28 and this has been heavily on my mind. Are women needed to complete a man? Do I need a woman to be 100% satisfied in my life? Do I need to have children is it all worth it?

I've been heavily drinking lately and this has been on my mind alot. What the fuck do I do after I've made it financially. I'm almost thinking of starting my business up again but this time hiring workers to do the heavy lifting and physical work for me this time around.

Are we destined to work in life in order to be satisfied? I'm sure getting lonely just watching TV and drinking my self into the grave.

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ya got any friends? go travel, explore random shit, get a sustainable hobby. dunno, thats what i would do if i was rich

Physical intimacy gives you serotonin which is good for your general well being and depression.

Girlfriends are great but come with a new set of problems you didnt have to worry about before.

Also some of the worst parts of your own psychology come out in a relationship that most people dont know how to deal with and just blame their partner.

Imo find a partner but dont share your networth despite how tempting it is, you will come across as. trying to prove yourself to her instead of. the other way around.

You won't stop thinking this way, it's natural. Yes, our species is 'programmed' to find a mate and continue the chain, a life without trying this will be one with a big question mark hanging over it.

Late starter here too but it's given me a different focus I couldn;t see before and it's rather fulfilling.


>Do I need a woman to be 100% satisfied in my life? Do I need to have children is it all worth it?
This really depends on the person.

What you do need however is a calling. Maybe it's a woman. Maybe its religion. Maybe its charity work. Find something to do.

you only love your kids. women are for making babies nothing else. at least in this timeline

real woman still exist but they are too rare so it's not worth it. just find a 4/10(less likely to cheat you) to make babies with and fuck escorts

something i read awhile back was that sometimes arriving doesn't feel as good as the journey. because once you reach where you've wanted to be you don't have any fixed point of reference to keep you going forward and you become disoriented.

so since a ton of money was your goal and now you have it, figure out a new goal with it. something like starting your own business like you mentioned might be good. or maybe just travel a bit and broaden the mind as they say.

humans are creatures that need to move. its more harmful to be safe and cozy all the time than to feel uncomfortable and frustrated some of the time.

anyway, pick a challenge and go for it. it'll take your mind off the inescapable and complex drama that is life

as far as women go, don't rush that. it'll happen if you work on yourself

yeah, women are worth it. if you haven't won the love of a woman then your life will feel incomplete. then there's kids. if you haven't felt the love of a woman who is ready to have your babies, then you'll always feel like a kissless virgin.

that said. you never know when or where it could happen. if you're a rich fag, i'd follow the suggestion of another user to travel a bit, develop and educate yourself.

can we stop with these threads? if it's bait, it's getting really tedious. if you're sincere, try not to be such a self-centered faggot and go look up the hundred of other identical topics where anons give advice

Get over yourself, poo ass.

You need a hobby and you need to set new goals you want to achieve. Either travel thw world, learn something new etc.

Also don't get a woman because you feel like you need to, get a girlfriend because you want to. Otherwise you won't be happy, unless you're only looking for some casual sex.

only 28 and 9 million in net worth.. and here i am 42 yo, recently fired, and living with my dyke aunt


Keep an eye out in catalogue, I'm gonna solve this Veeky Forums problem once and for all.

You made the right choice of not getting married. That arhaic construct doesn't belong in 21st century, as it is outdated and causes too many problems in todays society.

Shared space is a urban design of street where there are no rules, no traffic lights, no crosswalks, etc. Study shows that when there are "no rules" both pedestrians and drivers pay more attention, they communicate with eyes and surprisingly everything works out. It is more safe because all participants aren't on autopilot and they all collaborate in order for traffic to flow.

The same thing is with relationships. When there are no rules (aka marriage) people will give an extra effort to make it work if that relationship is worth maintaining, especially if you have kids. In case partners decide to live separated, because there is no law to enforce, it is more likely they will deliver a consensus and still support their kid throughout their childhood, despite them going separate ways and it prevents all the complications a divorce usually entails.
Marriage had its place in dark ages when there was scarcity everywhere, but not much today.

So yeah, tl; dr - don't get married, have fun, no strings attached and enjoy life. Especially when you can't be for sure how long it will last; remember fondly of past, be excited for the future, but live in the present!

He's larping and probably in a similar situation.

He just wants to ask a bunch of random fart sniffers if women would be worth it if he lived in the fantasy life played out in his head of owning that much money. Since he has absolutely no female contact whatsoever other than with his fat dyke aunt as well.

is she hot?

well during my 28 years on this planet, doing many different jobs, travelling it all around i've came to conclusion that my pyramid of needs is like this:
this month im going to Australia to spend 3 weeks with a girl i used to love when i was 11. we meet each other by a coincidence when she was in our home city for a Christmas holidays.
We been talkin entire month. We made work and holiday visas to NZ. I quit my job in may. i go to NL earn some euros and i go to australia for a road trip and to get laid on sandy beaches. then we go to NZ.
So my answers is: hell fuckin yes.

and i was heavy drinker too

also, if i make it in cryptos im going dedicate my life to volunteer work. i did it in primary school, teaching math to kids from bad neighborhoods. and it was fuckin amazing.

Work and relationships can give your life meaning
Maybe spend some of your moneys on a good therapist, could help a lot.
I know it helped me when I was drifting, living a NEET lifestyle off my passive income.

> its more harmful to be safe and cozy all the time than to feel uncomfortable and frustrated some of the time

actually good advice user, i'm surprised

Also quit drinking, drugs and vidyagames in the process, it will hurt for a while but sometimes its good to hurt, the pain shows that something is wrong in your life, when you drown it with drugs/vidya/alcy you are not fixing it.

im glad you think so. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is the book where that bit about travelling and arriving is from. pretty good read...

Peterson said that the abstract sense of direction you are now lacking comes from the same neural circuits that are literally responsible for visually tracking shit and pursuing it.

The happiest people in his life were people who hunted small animals for the fun of it. He mentioned some rodent hunter, and he could that all day.

Find a goal you find great enough for you to want to achieve it and that is achievable at the same time.

Expanding your company is a great idea.

I will give you the best advice ever given on this board: If you feel like you need someone else to make you feel complete, then this will get you in all sorts of troubles. You'll end up in relationships that are heavily not in your favor because you'll only attract hoes that sense your insecurities and either don't give a fuck about you and/or will only profit off of you and leave you because of shit wjhile you'd do everything for them just no to feel incomplete anymore. First, you have to learn get comfy being alone. Love yourself. Treat yourself well. Thats all you need. Everything beyond that - maybe nice affair / relationship with whatever gender you're into - will then just be a nice bonus. Stayin control user.

>I will give you the best advice ever given on this board
>narcissism is me

Never listen to narcissists. the give advice to themselves instead to the people the are talking to.

what an bullshit. how can u fell complete without the entire fuckin world around you. yes it is all about chasing the rabbit. but make sure it is a good rabbit.
We are made to crave. u can try o understand ur cravings and work with them but not against them. in the end they will always win. just find a fuckin goal in ur life. to be healthy, to live long, to help others, to travel, to make 1 milion push-ups, anything. just find what u love. but u need to get burn tousen times. i've almost lost my life 4 times during the process. stop drinking, stop fapping, stop larping, go try something new, sign for dance classes, go for a party and dance completely sober, talk to stranger. jesus christ. u guys willing to throw milions into cryptos yet cant even try to live ur life.

I fucking know right?

>First, you have to learn get comfy being alone. Love yourself. Treat yourself well. Thats all you need.

actually, this is the best advice. one has to be alone and accept themselves. when one experiences complete loneliness, he will either descend into madness or accept himself as he is, which will allow him to be true to one self. that means no pretending, no need to fit somewhere or be with someone just to avoid being alone. once you are able to do that, you are basically free and then you made it, user

why do you ask us ? what do YOU want?

Love is real, it's exactly like they say in the movies. If that's your question. Start by loving yourself tho, understand that it will come to you when you'll be ready for it.

>adding words to a Pepe

Fuck off OP

I'm a poor 27 year old kissless virgin living with his parents (who only let me stay because I pay rent) and you don't see me making threads about it.

fuck that's a lot of words
give me a quick rundown

OP have you ever seen the movie idiocracy? We are living the first 10 minutes where the stupid reproduce and the smart don't. Find a qt asian and have a ton of kids for humanity.

>high serotonin individuals telling low-serotonin individuals to just be happy goddamn

fuck off

Find a girl and travel the world with her. If you don't like her, do it again with another girl. Do this until you find the one. Make babies.

Mate. Yes.
But that's besides the point. You meet the women on your way in life, so go live.

Make some simple smart property investments that you can rent/lease/flip (really not that hard), buy them outright so you don't pay a mortgage. That insulates you from the coming economic fiat and bank collapse.
Then, go travel man. At 28 you will still meet heaps of similarly aged people in backpacker hostels and similar places, there's heaps of hope there.

Better yet, buy yourself an overseas visa (which will offer you citizenship) to some poor country, and marry a girl there. Easy as.
Just pretend you're poor and you can't do anything, and imagine what that person would want to do. Go do it.

Fuck listening to these rejects and their long winded bullshit. You don't NEED a woman. You don't NEED to be married and have kids.

You need a fucking purpose.
Purpose that comes from responsibilities.
Find some responsibilities to put time to or you'll continue feeling the way you are until you're dead.
>(Not just FILLING time either cunt, you know the difference and theirs no point lying to yourself)
You have 9 million dollars. Wake the fuck up. Do what you wanted to do with that money in the first place.
Do the things that make you smile from the middle of your being and stop doing shit that makes you feel like fucking garbage.

Yes you need a woman in all honesty, I know I do (29 years old) and she makes me happier than anything else in the world desu. Planning on having kids in a few years because I'm pretty sure they're necessary as you get older too.

you fucked it up cuck.
t. married at 23

>b-but muh women are whores
have fun listening to bitter ugly virgins in 4chingchong

>he thinks he won't inevitably get a divorce and give that bitch half his stuff
>he thinks he can judge character well enough to know she "da wun"

>getting married at 23
Good goy

How can anyone who is not an absolute abomination be a virgin? There are literally 4 billion women on earth, you just have to be able to talk to people.

t. ugly manlet who never had a problem getting sex

How fucking stupid are you, you dumb cunt? The eternal j*w is the one breaking down the family unit and you're the dipshit who is falling into their trap. kys

Aye I wonder the same. I'm a pretty good looker, relatively Veeky Forums and have never had trouble, but I've none the less seen some REALLY fuckin gross dudes get laid. Charismatic fat dudes have the chance to pull maximum 6's, I've seen that quite often.

I think the thing with it is game. If you're not a pussy and will take the chance every time, you'll eventually get it.

I'm pretty much an absolute abomination. Since this shit's anonymous I might as well admit that not only am I a 27 year old kissless virgin paying rent to live with his parents but I ate mostly junk food growing up causing me not only weight issues but to lose most of my teeth (I had to buy fucking dentures in my 20's since my parents were too poor to afford to take me to a dentist growing up) and to cap it all off I'm also losing my hair and have scoliosis so I'm sure you can imagine why I'm a shut in. Honestly not a day goes by where I don't consider fucking ending it all and I'm sure in my shoes a lot of people already would have. Luckily I work online so I don't have to interact with a lot of people.

Fuck the rest of these guys
Get yourself a jetpack and fly that bitch with an iron man suit on. Parachute into a crowd and sign autographs as John J. J-$.
Then, walk into a hospital, throw some candy to a bunch of burnward kids and strut out that bitch with the sounds of constricting ovaries audible in the background.
THEN, go buy a falcon and use it for hunting until you've built a relationship with it and it can fly at your side.
By then you'll be about thirty and ready to answer these questions slightly easier for yourself.

what kind of fagtarded larp is this even. super norman low iq construction worker has never had gf and somehow browses biz and punts half his stack on eth. is this how weeblets get off these days? rp'ing as normons to receive fake empathy?

protip: normon construction workers have gfs, don't use the internet, and don't think introspectively on life choices

>you just have to be able to talk to people

You answered your own question dumbass.

Did a construction worker steal your girl or did your dad never come home after he realised he will need a hammer for the job and better nip off to the supplier?

>Are we destined to work in life in order to be satisfied? I'm sure getting lonely just watching TV and drinking my self into the grave.

This part's definitely true, the word "work" just gets redefined once you're wealthy. Obviously you don't want to do any work that makes you miserable or that you find disgusting or physically debilitating, but a man needs to have drive, focus, and ambition at nearly all points during his life. Generally it's the journey that we enjoy and not the end goal; this also ties into family/children since you're essentially experiencing the journey with them, watching them grow.

I'm 36, not married, no kids. My longest relationship was about 6 years, dated a girl for 3-4 then engaged. Ultimately didn't work out but I have no hard feelings there. I think it's subjective, just depends what you personally want, but it's tricky because there's so much external social pressure trying to tell you what "normal people" are supposed to do. Why aren't you married yet? why don't you have kids? why don't you settle down? these kinds of things are what most normal people expect you to want, so they make you feel like a failure or guilty of something if you don't capitulate to their expectations.

Either way you need to find something in life to keep you busy and not just allow your life to degrade into shambles while living like a long term NEET. Decide if you want to focus on making more money, building business, exploring the world, working on more elaborate personal projects/hobbies (ie: turn your passion/hobby into a money making engine), or raise a family.

Just be cautious if you go the family route, and try to hide your wealth. Many women would happily get with a guy worth $9MM+ with the intent to divorce him and take some of that. I'd strongly advise against marrying a white woman regardless, especially not a western/roastie type woman.

>strongly advise against marrying a white woman regardless, especially not a western/roastie type woman.

Why? What's your proposal?

move into an apartment in a city with a few flashy cars and get your circadian rhythm in check with a very good routine, do the same things 5-6 days a week such as:

go out for breakfast every morning and communicate with several people each time

limit drinking to once a week and only do it with friends, unless you have a serious alcohol problem then don't do it at all

invite friends over and do productive shit with them and get used to being around plenty of other people, this will rewire you nicely even if you aren't talking to them, just be around them

look people in the eye no matter what

get shitloads of sunlight, eat fairly well

don't take addictive drugs ever, they will ruin you even class C shit like weed

force yourself to do things that you know you should do but fear stops you, force an adaptation response in the nervous system by exposing yourself to these situations

basically just become a fucking normie, people like you and i have already made it so the only thing we stress about is dumb small shit. recognize that and manage it

gib 1MM, pls
i'm 34, kissless virgin neet

forgot pic. also did mention i live in a poor third world shithole. live with mommy and daddy. been unemployed for 6 years. never held hands romantically with any girl or even had a female friend.

No matter what any NEET autist says, the fact of the matter is you NEED a woman to give you love. You're genetically programed for it.
Dont get me wrong, im not talking about any girl because most girls aren't compatible with you in that way and thats the same for every guy, but you need to find a woman who is great and not an immature slut (possible).

Anyone who has been in love before knows the feeling of being complete and anything else in life is a bonus.
You are rich as fuck now and you can go enjoy life and travel etc. and you'll probably meet the right one along the way.
Also there are plenty of ways to protect your assets just incase. Especially with crypto. One thing I have done is I have a property in my grandmothers family trust which means it absolutely cannot be touched by anyone without her permission and it says in her will that the property goes to me 100% so not even my family can touch it. Just an idea.
Keep your wealth lowkey so you arent surrounded by gold digging whores and NEVER disclose you're full wealth. Just act as is you have "enough" money.

Thats about it buddy

What's your job? I wanna move away from society for a while but I'm broke af.

kek'd heartily at the thought of nervous OP going into a hospital with a bag of candy, mumbling and giving it to kids, then getting escorted to jail by the police as all the women in the hospital look on in horror

No. Because you know damn well you aren't fulfilled you retard. Go talk to women and have some fun sometimes, go on a date. Don't be a little PUSSY.

I'm not completely sure how I feel about marriage because its hard to not become cynical without all the horror stories but I know 100% for certain I want children

Although you are likely to fail, I still think marriage is worth the shot. To me, an honestly happy family with kids is the ultimate life goal and I know I will never be happy without at least having tried. If I cant find a women I'll just adopt.

Don't look for love now user. The only women you meet are gold diggers who will divorce you and take your wealth away. Just escorts.

Got my first gf at the age of 25, been with her for 1.5 years now. It is worth it, it's an amazing feeling that you get to spend all this time with someone you love and not go to sleep alone.

Be careful though, find a girl without showing her your wealth. That's the only way you'll know she'll love you for what you are, not for your money. Don't take her to fancy restaurants and amazing hotels except on special occasions, and even then keep it moderate. I still haven't told my gf how much I have in crypto (100k+).

>1 post by this ID
now i'm sadder

32yr SWM
Dude. Love is totally worth it. I've been deeply in loving relationships with every woman I've ever dated. 5 women total. Not for everyone but I'm very complete about how things happened. I'm now engaged to 24yr old hottie who's super fun and lively. She's very well educated, hyper organized and driven, loves sucking my cock flashes me her tits and pussy in secret all the time and she has really helped me develop into the man I am. I do miss the feeling of meeting courting and fucking a new chick buuuuuttt...

There's so much love and happiness completeness in what I have that in honestly excited about the journey with this girl.

Love is worth it. Everyone can be loved by someone. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you need help check out a program called "the landmark forum" did that 2yrs ago and totally reinvented myself and I love my life. Currently waiting to fly with her to Thailand for 15 days woohoo

You will always be lonely

hide power level (to pajeet levels) and try to meet new people. only expose your powerlevel to people who have proven to be worth their trust. if you must, lay out small traps for people so you can easily weed out the untrustworthy.

This, just get some friends and travel the world or start a business that relates to something you enjoy or want to see change in the world or if no friends just try to make some on your travels or business ventures, if you meet a women along the way then great, if not fuck it whatever, at least you have friends or make friends along the way.

>4/10(less likely to cheat you)

Another pathetic shill thread

>p-please guys don’t buy crypto it’s not gonna make you happy


sounds like you should be the last person to give advice

holy fuck what a depressing retard

I translate doujins for commission.

I agree with you. A lot of times i feel insecure about myself and question if i am emotionally mature enough to father children, or bring a child into the world.

But the fact that I have these doubts, makes me realize that I have to reproduce. The world is being repopulated by extremely unintelligent people, and if everyone who is intelligent does not reproduce, the future looks very grimm.

I feel like 7/8 is the comfy spot. I'd not feel comfortable being with a 9-10. Imagine being the chadest of chads and having rivers of free pussy (which is equivalent to free mountaints of dick for a 9-10 woman since can get any lay she wants, from a sport celebrity to a star musician) everywhere, would you find it easy to stay faithful?