Internet Node Token

We have reached the absolute bottom a few hours ago.

Team is back at work from Chinese New Year so the price should be going up from here.

If you were looking for a low mcap coin, this is it. excellent team, lots of rumours concerning partnerships and "sort of" a working product.

Also bring the copy pasta fud, i can disprove it all.

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chink scam

>sold the bottom
also post why faggot
you can't

I bought this coin at 40c before it mooned but it still took a big shit at the dip, my only regret is I didn't sell this at 1$ so I could buy more.

Name me one team that is more qualified to build an IoT platform, protip: you can't

Ok, tell me how many partnerships do they have that have been confirmed 100% ?

>only buys top 100 coins
Kek, if you buy when the partnerships are confirmed you get dumped on.
>Buy the rumor, sell the news
Atleast post the copy pastas so i can disprove it, you're not even trying


So.... 0?

christ i bet you're one of those idiots that gets excited when a blockchain company partners with another blockchain company.

INT has unconfirmed partnerships with the titans of industry. Ex employees of the companies are ON THE TEAM. This alone makes the claims credible and worth the risk.

But sure go buy your crapy shitcoin because the have a "partnership" with Vechain. LOL

That pump and dump made me a lot of money

This coin was shilled on Veeky Forums when it was about 20c but it was mostly ignored. It wasn't untill about 90c that most of Veeky Forums FOMO'd into this coin and now these retards are crying scamcoin.
Don't let the low tier brainlets fool you anons, this coin is about as good as it gets. iOTA of China but this team is not full of insecure faggots like iOTA developers that constantly throw temper tandrums because their network still doesn't work. And they have been at it since 2015.
This coin has amazing potentional if you like investing in a team with industry experts with awesome resumes, if you think they will put their insanely credible careers on the line for some silly exit scam you are wrong and deluded.
>muh fake partnerships
Just before Chinese New Year there was a conference attended by media, academics and representatives from the ‘fake partners’ Microsoft, Huawei en IBM and also SAP. These partnerships are yet to be formally announced but this coin will fucking explode when it does. The writing is on the wall.
The team has already demonstrated INTchain 1.0 on the conference and things like a more complete whitepaper and roadmap are to follow, the team has also mentioned several times in the Telegram that they are already making an IoT router with Huawei.
>muh marketing
They don't cater to ADHD brainlets on Veeky Forumsreddit. They don’t give a fuck about marketing yet, they are focused on building the actual tech first and then the marketing, this is common business practice in China.
The project is still literally at ground zero, they'll do more announcing this month and the months to come. The price has plummeted because the market took a shit and low marketcap coins suffer the hardest, this is common. Of course crypto is mostly speculation but there are many good reasons to think this coin can rival iOTA which is 120x the MC.
Name one team with a more capable team to make an IoT platform. Pro tip: you can't

Over 8k INT here
Also wished I'd have sold at $1 and bought more
INT is a long term hold

kek if you think this is the bottom.See you next week INTfags ,screencap this

>falling for the suppoman shill

enjoy your bags.

Have fun flipping your shitcoins for 2% gains, I'm long in this motherfucker and by the time you'll FOMO into INT i will have made 10x of your shitfolio anons

How many INT you guys have?

Unironically 100k

bought at 0.2 myself. sold at a pretty profit and I'm calling chink scam.

nice larp and rebuttal brainlet.

Same here. Although if news comes out it might pump.

Screencapped. Get ready to apologise by march

cryptogoober are you in here?