The moon mission has JUST took off, buckle up boys!

The moon mission has JUST took off, buckle up boys!

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Rebrand and listing on Coinnest on the 26th.

>Diz gonna b good.

206 Venlet reporting sirs.

Should I sell on rebrand?

>tfw I bought 100$ worth last night
>I know nothing about crypto and only bought it because of a thread on here

could go either way but probably not, neo continued to grow after its rebrand for like a week before dipping hard.

lol good luck with that moon mission while btc is being a bitch

You call yourself a Venlet? I have 14 Ven. That's 90% of my portfolio. I've saving every paycheck for 4 months to get that. Sucks living in a shit 3rd world country.

Finally a fiat krw pairing.
Bitflyer soon too i hope.
The 26th will be crAzy

Hedge. Pick 25, 50, or 75% and sell that.

This thread smells like curry

I'd like to know is there a good reason to invest this project 10k €? I try to get at least 2k ven. Im going to hold those vens for 2-4 years. What are your predictions for me?

>The moon mission has JUST took off, buckle up boys!
The past participle of take is taken. You can't say has took.

Yah I fell like sunny is too cunning to let it dump. But I saw what happened to icon lol it was brutal. I’m all in on ven and want to play the game right.

If it it’s starts dumping do what are you switching to?

Good luck my bro.

>is there a good reason to invest this project 10k €? I try to get at least 2k ven. Im going to hold those vens for 2-4 years. What are y

250-1000$ per VET

best fucking thing ever for the next atleast 2-4 years

You don't sell korean listing.


One question what is the deal with all the volume on LBank?

Thanks that’s a good idea. Do what sort of news would stop the dump do you think?

Hey you have 6 VEN more than me

PBoC. That the only one I can think of.

There will be a chunk of lamb in the curry sirs we are moon

Reseting every day and it's the highest volume for VEN right now.

Are you that poorfag from Moldova?

I'm from Laos. I live with my mother who teaches high school. My father was some white fuck who left to the USA after I was born.

So I should sell then lol. Fuck I guess if I get it right I can increase my ven stack. I will just watch closely

don't get it. What are you trying to sy?

I have 400 ven need 9600 more for masternode.. any1 wanna help? Will do sharpie pooper.

I'm buckled up 1200 VEN

Post your national passport cover with timestamp and my ID and I'll send you 10 VEN

It's about their volume count.

Buckle up boys.

lol ven on korean exchange and to be listed on coinbase on april (rumour)

WARNING: It is HIGHLY LIKELY that there is going to be MIND BELOWING news (we know at least BMW partnership announcement) on Monday and this is NOT going to be a 'sell the news' event. The Korean exchange that begins trading VEN for krw (fiat) on Monday started massive bull runs like TRX and WTC in the past. This whole event is carefully crafted by Sunshine Lu to bring VeChain into the limelight. This is antshares 2.0 and MORE

dipshit, this isn't 'antshares 2.0'. Shilling things like that makes you sound like a dumb fucking norman. They're completely different projects with different aims. This has already done its x100, it'll go x10 maybe, if we're lucky, and the market doesn't keep shitting it's pain through 2019.

fuck off back to cells

Nah he can’t be, me and another Snon pushed him from 7 to 30 VEN yesterday

I can confirm this.

He already replied , it looks like he's another poorfag from yesterday.

I was the one who sent additional 10 VEN to Moldovanbro, I hope he won't brainletly gamble it away.

So much hype and so little substance. And with mainnet not out before June(probably delayed again) this will bleed out for a couple of months.

poorfag from germany here with only 1200 VEN
can you send me some coins too?
im trying to acquire a masternode and its rough out here with all the mudshits and all that

And Coinnest does not allow deposits of KRW yet, so will be some time before your supposed moon.

This pieche of shit board has been saying the same weeks ago and still no mooning.Fuck this paid advertisement coin.

>only 1200 VEN
111 venlet here

No thanks, I wouldn't feel right taking charity, I'm going to make it out of here by myself.

Fucking retard all coins are going up.

This coin will be 11$ at 5bil mc, wtc will be 200$ at 5bil mc.

$0.15 x100 = $15


Don't be a pussy user. 1200 VEN is over$7000 it's enough to become a multimillionaire by 2020 assuming you are not braindead

Price forecast:

8/8/18 will be $80.00

Im the Moldovabro. If you are the user I didn't get the chance to thank then thank you so much. I woke up this morning and checked my portfolio and absolutely couldn't believe my eyes when there was 10 more VEN there. The thread was already archived so I couldn't thank you. Man Im truly humbled by people's generosity. Believe me, I won't gamble your trust away.

Be blessed, user

No, it’s the other one. You already thanked me.

VEN would have to be at a $500 billion market cap to make me a millionaire
Im bullish on VEN but Im not delusional

Damn, I wanna find the other guy. Anyways, what I said still applies for both of you

He already posted here, I guess he‘s gonna read it

The way to go.

le moon mission will stop the second bitcoin pumps or dips, so less than 8 hours from now.

fucking retard it wont just straight up go up to $100 without ever going down.

the "sell the news" might not happen instantly during rebrand, maybe it takes a day or two but the dump is inevitable. People who bought in at 30 cents are going to take in profits its just a fact and people will panic sell because this is just announcement, mainnet and so on are going to be released in summer, not now.


probably req nuls link unsure atm

Yes. With that thinking no coin would ever rise.

yes, this will be the first time in history that news wont be sold
im sure

Love you my dude, read You're a good person. I still haven't told my parents but Im sure they will be exalted when they find out that 2 random people from the internet essentialy quadrupled my investment. Even though it's just a hundred euro between the two of you, for my family this is weeks and months of work.

Rebrand event is not the news.

I know im selling, only on this ride to sell the news.

You won't become a millionaire just by sitting in VEN, you have to manage your portfolio wisely juggling between alts.
I started with $1k half a year ago, now I'm sitting at $300k in crypto and $100k cashed out. VEN is big part of my portfolio and I look forward for passive income in June, but I think I'm gonna settle for 20k VEN and sell the rest to invest in some other projects.
You are welcome bro.
The thought of making it to 7 maybe even 8 figures and being able to improve other people's lives on notable scale helps me to keep going.

The delusion is starting to match that of link’s. More reasons to sell the news

Actually I’m definitely selling the news. Newfags and brainlets will pump this more than TRX.