Anyone else thinks this board is absolutes trash and makes you a worse trader...

Anyone else thinks this board is absolutes trash and makes you a worse trader? It was fun and sonewhat informative for a while, but now it's just senseless screaming every dip/run coupled with shilling. I only come here to make a thread once in a while and my quality of life has improved significantly.

It's so depressing. Until November I actually got some good tips here and it felt like I have friends.
Current community with all the nujaks and anger is so awful. I feel like I don't have any friends anymore.

Yeah thats why I'm just here for the memes and to make idiots lose their mind.

This board is absolutely worthless and by far the worst board on Veeky Forums, bar none.

After a psychedelic trip today.. I was thinking Veeky Forums went to trash because of all the shit posts..

I just setup filters for "ChainLink" and "chain link" then opened your thread. Did it with OmniChan. Not sure if good app but I saw filters and decided to test it.

have you ever been on /pol/, /x/ and /b/?

It been infiltrated by paid shill armies.

Just setup filters and give more time to weed out the shitposts from Golden gems of generational wealth.

I think everyone comes here for a quick pump too.

You forgot "Sergey", "GF", "ass", "how much".

There are so many stupid people here

> (You)
>You forgot "Sergey", "GF", "ass", "how much".
Thanks for the tips...I'll add those

Didn't even think of those lollllllll!!!

Who are these people? Why did they emerge so heavily after November? I actually started watching the biz board only a few months before the December bull run, and the quality has gone down so fast that I'm shocked. I really hope that this comes in cycles, because otherwise this is one of my last times visiting for sure.

it's obvious all the smart people made millions and dont post anymore

/pol/ is the only thing keeping Veeky Forums relevant, though it's been shilled to death since the election and barely usable. /pol/ itself isn't to blame for this.

/x/ is teenagers and kids playing make-believe and wasting their time.

Haven't been on /b/ in a long, long while.

t. actual oldfag, been around since 2006.

>There are so many stupid people here
Ive created a shit load of threads..

At it's simplest:
1. 95% marketing shit posts.
2. 5% gems that will fatten your portfolio.

Quick multipliers = small cap ico or small cap coins below 10m

Take profits to a large cap stable coin.

>>There are so many stupid people here
>Ive created a shit load of threads..
>At it's simplest:
>1. 95% marketing shit posts.
>2. 5% gems that will fatten your portfolio.
>Quick multipliers = small cap ico or small cap coins below 10m
>Take profits to a large cap stable coin.
Don't t

All of Veeky Forums wasn't great before but it's reaching new lows, i used to enjoy /g/ but it has the exact same problem as here, the inflow of normies/brainlets is getting too overwhelming, I don't know where to go...

People are constantly complaining about the board. Did you really need to make a thread just to ask that question? It's going to remain this way until we get flags so that we can filter out certain countries.

>why complain
It's the only coherent discussion left

Why would the 2017 dec bull run be the one that made them retire. Could have happened hundreds of times so far.

I hear you, but you should've at least added a suggestion on how we can fix it. I empathize with your frustration, but complaining simply for the sake of complaining isn't really helping the matter.

You're an idiot for comming here and expecting to learn anything about trading. This boards is for memery and digging up new stuff.

I am only here for the bogdanoff and other type of memes.

Yes I actually hardly ever come here now. I'd spend hours on end here even just a few months ago, but now it's full of underage redditors who are excited because they can say niggers and FUD without getting downvoted.

Veeky Forums just requires people to make good content. There are still great threads out there everyday.
But good for you OP for being an entitled piece of shit that doesn't want to spend time making good content but instead whinge like the spoilt brat you are.
You are actual human garbage.

This bord is certainly trash but I would never ever under any circumstance listen to any trading advice posted here.
Only reason i come here is as a news outlet only because the autists here are quicker on that draw than the braooder market.


You should try a certain other chan. Double this one. Not perfect - less cancerous though.

where does one go?

How to use Veeky Forums:
1) filter chainlink terms
2) search for tripfags on warosu to find their tips
3) don't listen to amount of FUD or shill but just judge a topic on the rational arguments provided