Get out

no more moon missions

fucking normies taking 2-5% profits have ruined the cryptos

any new ponzi schemes you know about?

are you making any money with dapps?

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I believe the right hand backside is anatomically correct because the colouration is consistent with black women, and those chicks have Dat Arse.

However no white woman has Dat Arse so left hand model is just creepy

"pipedream" is an amazing name for that product

can you imagine humping one of those plastic things?
the amount of shame you must feel after you bust a nut in a lump of silicone...

$fota bruuuuuuhhhh


Do they build them with fart pockets? At the very least made a fart noise maker?
I think a good idea would be to somehow attach an air tight douche into them. The douche contains actual farts from other humans which can then be dispensed from the dummy.
This would be a lucrative deal not just for the makers but for women everywhere. Because you could make a buyers/sellers market, similar to a sperm bank, and men from all round the world could get hot women to fart into these airtight bags and "store" their farts for use within the dummies.
Someone should really look into how this would be done.

mhm i agree

Should've gone with "Willy Lays".

>feeling shame

unironically ethercraft
Normies will line up to buy my gingnirs for 10eth when game comes out

It's called "fuck my big black ass"

Holy shit lol.

What has this board become?

Is that tom segura?


Nah, the big money is just waiting for what the G20 is going to say about cryptos in march

>see pic
How is this not a billion dollar company?

>He thinks this applies to LINK

But that's Sergey

I have the same feeling.
although I wouldn't blame normies, I would blame rich boomers, whales, institutional money, those fucks are more than happy to take their 10% and spoil the moon mission for us.
Normies and dumb money is what we need, but of course when (((they))) realized there is money to be made they swarmed the market lie fucking hyenas fucking everything up.
In the past it was easy to make money, every conference, rebranding, news caused a good pump because there was enough retards to fomo into the peak of green candles, now the market is competitive and every motherfucker wants to buy at the bottom, only based biz still sometimes buys high.
Fucking whales, kikes and "institutions" destroyed the market.