Repeat after me: bull trap

Repeat after me: bull trap

this is said literally every single time it goes up

and then every single time it goes back down

This. If blabber this shit out at every fucking swing eventually you will be right

>no increase in volume
>daily MACD still hasnt crossed
>still overbought for 2 weeks

oh boy you still have to learn a lot.

explain more?

What does MacDonalds have to do with this? The same MacDonalds that produces the big mac? Are you saying that LINK will be 1k EOY?

hope so, want to buy more cheap coins

Darling you don't think it reads as desperate when we see you posting these things? You don't think some of us have been trading for a while now and can see a little beyond a bull trap in some situations? We get it. You sold, you were feeling smug, you were planning on shorting or buying at the bottom (and you missed it) or cheaper (but everyone had the same idea and it won't go down that far). You haven't taken everything into account in this situation - but it's only going to hurt you longer the more you need this idea you saw something nobody else did first to be proven right. Perhaps after this is all finished you'll be able to work out why it wasn't going to do what you expect but until then - knock yourself out I sure as hell am desperate to hear what your completely unincentivised opinion is.

not enough people are buying to reverse the correction. in fact there have been more buyers than sellers in the past days and the price still dropped.
soon the trend will reverse and we will have more sellers. that's when the real dip will start. whales are pumping the price one last time before the big event.


If that's too long for you to read perhaps your opinion is definitely not worth listening to jagoff.

Da fuck are you talking about? This is not even a bull trap, it's a bounce. We are still in a downtrend.


Stopped reading here. Listen, everyone on here talks shit to each other, but there is no need to be gay about it.

repeat after me

thot posting

>Hurr sold at 6k
Most people who are telling you to sell sold at 11k/10k, as soon as it wasn't able to breach 12k, it was obvious we'll stay bear for a while, recovery was way too fast, it should take at least a few months too get into bull territory again.

>the bulltrap meme is over a month old now


Honestly speaking I really don't think I need to shill to help push people in the right direction anymore I think we've done enough to make sure it does - to the extent Veeky Forums influences anything. I'll just let the price action do its thing and allow the bears to deal themselves out plenty of rope.



this was just a small bump on the road to 100k
the bear was killed after SEC told everyone crypto is ok

but go on with your memelines and daytrading faggotry

Yeah until 5.9k was hit. You're right though, we're going down forever for no reason

Same here, another round of massive gains would be delicious.


Looks like it'll be another low volume 1h candle closing in the green

yeah it's pretty obvious the whales will dump soon.

Repeat after me: bull shit