Work in quality control

>work in quality control
>paid £22k a year
>after taxes, NI and student loans take home is £17.8k
>70% immediately goes into rent
>thought about moving somewhere cheap
>but then after calculating travel expenses its still 70%
>always feel completely drained of energy by the end of day
>never have enough money to buy food
>tried to get into the """"frugal"""" meme in order to save money on food by cooking myself
>still go hungry every single day because I consume

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>70% to rent
get a flatmate

Look for another job that pays you more. Even if you aren't in it now, the best field for QA/QC is pharma. I'd look for positions there. I hired a person in my QC department who worked quality at a fucking ice cream plant as her first job out of school, and she's my right hand now.

not sure how to get a flatmate desu.

people at the place I work are all unironically married or living with their gfs / friends / parents.

I've only been working for the last 3 months. Planning to stay atleast 1 year before I find another job. The place I work is not that bad, but I just feel like dying of hunger every day desu.

>70% immediately goes into rent

Where in the UK do you live

suuure, that will improve your quality life

See biz , this is reality. And soon it is coming to the USA too.

>Mfw on the dole
>Literally more than a mil dolalrs in crypto
>Live rent free

Lmao you fucked up big time kid


rent is actually 800 per month, but after gas, electrical, heating etc bills and shit its 1000 per month

place i work is 6 miles away so i generally walk. sometimes i cycle

Just a genuine piece of advice about the world of quality to keep in mind. Good luck

>70% immediately goes into rent

kys now.

Or move.

woah, qc is the shittiest place to be in a company

lol, why the fuck do you live in London?

because all the jobs are in london?

>£22k a year
>student loans

mate just hop on bennies, fuck them for lying about degrees

Ever heard of commuting?

unironically would rather commit suicide than have to commute just to wage slave for shit pay

ever heard of reading comprehension? you clearly did not read my OP.

dude london is a shit hole, live out in the country, got a job 10 min from home. if i really want to go to london, generally its to buy luxury goods i don't really need, its 45 min on the train into kings cross. the train runs 24/6 only 18 hours on sunday. dude i earn more than 22k, its not like i have a degree or even years of exp in the field i am in atm. the all the jobs are london is a shtty meme. if you want it bad enough you will get what you want.


I did.
You are full of shit.

>because all the jobs are in london?
you are retarded, enjoy getting sharia'd cuck

Man £22k a year in London what the fuck, no wonder you are struggling those are fucking peanuts for London