Feminist here (she/her)

I heard that the crypto community is rather problematic, but I want to invest nonetheless. What are some good choices for me as a feminist?

I am currently inclined towards IOTA because I find their idea of smart refugee cities very promising.

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WOMEN coin seems to be the obvious choice.

Espers, particularly the ones on Yobit - People around here don't like Yobit because it's an... asain (but they don't say asian)... exchange, but espers on there are extremely cheap right now. Get them fast.
Confido - One of the most criminally undervalued projects in all of crypto. Only tradable on KuCoin, with an ETH pairing.
Tether - Tether is "tied" to the US dollar, but Bitfinex devs have talked about cutting the supply down to 1/10th of what's currently in circulation. Back around its incepion, they'd said that if they were to ever cut the circulating supply, they'd keep tether's mcap as high as it was at its peak—meaning that each tether will become more valuable. This has never happened yet, and with each passing day, is more and more overdue to occur. When you hear talk of a "price singularity", this is what people are referring to.
Wanchain on Etherdelta - Most of the idiots on here don't know that Wanchain is already trading on Etherdelta. Get Wanchain's OFFICIAL token address from Etherscan (check for mention of the wanchain website and social media info on the Etherscan page), and hack into the (normally hidden) trading pair on ED with it. Use metamask to protect yourself from javascript phishing scams; ED is notorious for this.

No, I'd suggest XLM. They're giving away their tokens for free to anyone non-white, and making white people pay for it. It'd be right up your alley.

Or Stellar.

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>Feminist here

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You need to be a blockchain feminist! IOTA means 'half penis size' in man-speak! Those filthy men won't get away with our amazing ability to forever enslave them!



Join Secret God if you want to change things

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pinkdate is all about appreciating women for their only thing they can possibly be talented at, so as a feminist it's def ur #1 coin

>What are some good choices for me as a feminist?
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