Good time to buy some btc. You'd have to be insecure to not be bullish right now

Good time to buy some btc. You'd have to be insecure to not be bullish right now

that's a sexy inverse h&s you got forming there op

Looks like bears are out of steam anyway allthough I bet that if I buy back in BTC will tank hard.

It's exactly the opposite.
It's a great time to sell it.


Current rally is weak

It will take much more energy to break the long down trend. Probably 1 more bounce off about 8800 will do it

>Good time to buy

>It's a great time to sell it.

Chinks keep pushing the price up every night now, As a Euro I now have to wake up every morning trying not to fomo, and buying during a downtrend and sitting on it while I sleep feels too risky.

I also sold everything at 11000 waiting for 8800$

These are all just our opinions. You would be a fool to listen to any cuck on Veeky Forums.

You know TA is bullshit when people use the same tools and come with completely different results.


>be Europe
>relentlessly pump dying market
>long term support actually goes down
>keep pumping it anyway
>be Europe in future
>cry when Americans wake up and strip all your money off of the exchanges.
>rinse and repeat for a week straight
Is Europe a retarded?

Fuck off I sold at 11.5k and I'm waiting for shit to calm down before buying again

Smartest shit on Veeky Forums in a while.

Check the volume brether. Volume up, price down.
>More normies are buying in
>BTC available on Robinhood this month
>Coinbase is accepting new users
>More US money coming in

Too many opportunities for weak hands and high volume sales for it to go up this year. It's nice to dream though

Futures end 4pm GMT today faggot. Up we go!

50%btc / 50%usdt
comfy as fuck

>Drops 2k in two days, straight through the 10k support
>shit volume
>waning interest on google trends
Yeah i'm not falling for it again

>Inb4 it magically goes up because barely anyone is selling
I'm probably gonna wait for monday anyways

>this year

lmao try this week. in a year crypto could be completely dead or have 4 tril market cap.

truth is you cannot predict it even remotely accurately

We'll probably see one more spike, so i'd at least wait a little longer than that.

>pump market before futures pump
>Americans and Asians have first chance to dump and collect the money
>Europe pumps first anyways, increasing the temptation for Americans and Asians to dump.
Europe are still retards.

Nah come 4pm this is headed in one direction.
Amerimutts will collect their 1% gains and be locked out during the rise.