Exactly one year ago my career was over

Exactly one year ago my career was over

I used to be an airline pilot, at the age of 29 I had an epileptic episode out of no where, I lost my medical and my license. I can't even be an instructor...
now i'm 30 yo, browsing /biz all day and being called a retard by 15yo linkies...
I made 19 dollars daytrading today
I feel pathetic guys

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Can't you change careers?

i can't say i know what it's like to be in your position. all i know is that things that have been taken or given away make room for new things. not to say it isn't painful or unfair, but i wish the best for you, user.

I invested all my time into my previous career, now the best i can do is an office job that pays 1/7 of what i used to make

How much crypto do you have OP?

Go to trade school or something

I know a bunch of 30yos who went to trade school and now do x-rays for like 80K per year

good luck op

That sucks user. There was a young German co-pilot who found out that he had a vision problem that would disqualify him the same way. His gf also dumped him and shortly after he decided to take the entire plane down with him. Story scared the shit out of me because I'm afraid air travel.


Get another job genius

bro thats fucked up, live cheap as fuck right now and buy urself as much chainlink as possible, life will be better in 2 years, dont let this shit get to you!

I have about 1.2 Eth in binance, I want to invest more but knowing my luck id probably crash the market

we studied him in human performance, he had depression and schizophrenia

Put 50% of that in chainlink, stake it when q3 mainnet goes live.

>This is a bad thing
You could have had one during a flight and caused the death of 300+ people

Consider yourself lucky that you're not that one pilot who crashed and everyone died because this retard and his bad genetics fucked everyone

Maybe you can get a desk job in the airline industry and work your way up?
I don't know where you live, but you are still very young and can make a new career easily. You can always go to a trade school or learn programming, there is something for everyone.
Don't be down on yourself because you did nothing wrong, it's just bad luck. Try to see this as an opportunity to do something new.

I'm about your age, 29 going on 30, was working on commissioning in the air force when I was younger until some bad life shit happened... dropped out of college, never graduated, etc. I have over 100k in crypto now and I'm living a pretty sweet life. This has nothing to do with you and I have no advice or anything. Best of luck to you OP.

>Can't you change careers?
easier said than done, especially when you've lost your dream job

t.medical school 2nd year failure

Let's cheer up together. I lost my lawyer's license when I beat up a bunch of migrants and called a fat dyke an ugly unfuckable landwhale.

>10 years of smashing air hostess pussy
>120 months of cockpit blowjobs at 36000ft
>520 weeks of being paid to play with tits all day and all night long
>3652 days of hedonism and pleasure the entire readership of the chans couldn’t put together if they joined up
My heart bleeds

do you belive the earth is flat?
have you seen the curve?

sorry to hear that OP
youre gonna be alright though. one door closes and another one opens.

You are such a victim of the system.
Open up a donation line so we can help you out.

Lol I had a friend who was a flat earther, i used to hint about "our secret 'shut up' bonuses" and the chemtrail dispensing system
but it's not flat man Lmao

Use CBD!!!!!!!!!
I feel sorry for you Mr. Ariline-Busdriver.
But think about it that way... There wont be any Pilots in the next 15-20 years.
A.I. will take this part over too.
Be glad, that you now have the time of thinking about the future and how to solve the upcomming problems.
Steering planes once was a problem, but wont be forever.

buy Shipchain and hodl 1.5 years
ull be rich as phuck

It's not enough. ChainLink will probably only go to $10 eoy.

I lost my dream of becoming a doctor. I just couldn't afford it. I found another job that paid very well. After a couple of years I realized jobs are just wage cucking no matter how much status it imbues... I became comfy. I still found attractive young girl to be with me regardless

>made 19$ a day

You're fine.

LMAO naah man, the planes fly themselves already but no AI has the "skills" for unusual circumstances.
just ask any average joe if they would go on an pilotless airplane

Could you work as an air craft mechanic? I imagine an employer would appreciate your pilot history much more than other careers.

research keto and epilepsy, you might find it interesting.

Thanks, much appreciated. But keep your money. I am not here to beg but to spread joy even in dire situations.

My father always told me whenever things went wrong that they went wrong for a reason. So that some doors close but others swing open.

I'd suggest OP to start connecting with other people to form friendships and maybe find a similar job even if it seems unlikely. While the license is gone, the knowledge and experience is not. If he is not severely discouraged by this change of events, he might find here or there another career opportunity. I believe so.


I know about that, But A.I. will fix that "problem" soon too.

Where did you brought Shipchain?

>research keto and epilepsy, you might find it interesting.
i'd rather be dead than face living the rest of my life in ketosis

Now, that I see it: I was on a keto diet for three months along with 24 hour fasting intervals (eat healthily but low-carb only once a day). The effects were astounding: High energy (but low libido, heh) which made it sometimes hard to go to bed, spot-on concentration, happiness, big appetite but low hunger. Lost 10kg in three months, saved some time since I was not eating away. Also, I've heard about the benefits for epileptics and diabetics. OP could and should give it a try.

Learn to trade Forex.

No, it actually won't.

Damn. Sorry to hear, OP. I'd suggest you start a business.

i think it feels good, soothing like my brain is more relaxed

my doctor suggested that but the medical was revoked permanently (there will always be a chance that i could get an episode mid air) thanks guys anyway
Naa those are two different things...

OP you should try and get into the air show circuit.
Just imagine the tricks you'd be able to pull that no one has seen before.

you're not in ketosis then. ketosis is what the body does when its starving

nutritional ketois is mimicking starvation by drastically limiting carbs and protein (yes protein will cause gluconeogenesis which kicks you out of ketosis)

no-one who has ever been in ketosis would ever want to remain in it for any length of time.

Have you tried consulting a lawyer?

Starting a business is a good idea. That or trades

If uve made it all the way to become a pilot u will probably make it here. Fuck those pussy virgin boyz

I did keto for 2 months (eating under 25g carbs, not more than 2g protein per kg of own weight), never ever been had a lower %bf but my weightlifting results got BTFO. Not worth it if you're a barbell junkie or wanna get in real shape (real manly shape, not trap shape).

>beat up a bunch of migrants
kind of deserved to lose it for physical violence
>called a fat dyke an ugly unfuckable landwhale
losing it over banter is probably a bit much desu

what does stake mean?
also when is q3 mainnet going live?

It's hard but doable.You just need a high tolerance for pain.

also, there's nothng like keto to get your T-levels hitting rock bottom

what did a typical day's eating look liek for you over these 2 months? self-reporting is a pretty flimsy thing if youve ever worked with a gen pop.

Is this bait?

Someone said I was autistic yesterday and truth is I'm just bored have nothing else to do. It's ok. Truth is we are all fucked ww3 incoming.

>It's hard but doable.You just need a high tolerance for pain.
disagree. left to your own devices - i.e. not overtly supervised - very few people can stick a real keto diet for any length of time.

the need for carbs becomes like a thirst for someone who hasnt drank for 2 days

It was excessive use of violence when self-defence was necessary. The other thing eventually added up to that. I've since rejected society and live off my "emergency reserve". It's fasting season, so no need to buy food. Water comes plenty through the faucets. No need for heating when blankets cover me fully. Here and there a walk gets me Vitamin D. Preserving jars with nutrious bone broth keep me very much alive. Until life sorts itself out, somehow.

if you think its bait then just tell me what q3 mainnet is

And in the plane they found a tape, but it didn't say who it was to. Come to think of it his name was... It was you.

You should join the French legion

user, nobody knows when mainnet will happen. Most believe it happens by end of Q3, possibly sooner. After mainnet launch there will be partnerships. I personally dngaf for staking LINK to make more. I imagine mainnet + few partnerships = $10-20 LINK

user they hire criminals, not cripples

if this is legit here is my advice, if not legit who cares, I'm on pay sat here.

1.don't die from seizure in your sleep like my buddy did at 25...no way to go!
Cannabinoid oil CBD (non psychoactive part of cannabis) has been shown to dramatically decrease seizures, Parkinson's and MS amongst other things, or even vaporize some straight up cannabis for better effects if you don't mind getting a little high too (vape has literally none of the harmful byproducts of smoke)... always helps me keep a well rounded take on life.

2. planes will mostly fly themselves soon, but like other anons said, just follow lifes path, you'll make it right.

3.buy as much chainlink as you can. no bs.

4.go find a job, any job, coffee shop who cares, it will help you break the cycle of dwelling on what happened. presuming you're already fairly well set from being an airline pilot, ?

5. not sure what 5 is.. just buy more chainlink and remember this post in a year or two.

6. if you're just dicking about here then fuck ya kek love.

Yeah they take criminals this is true. But they'd love a guy like OP to fly them round in the helicopters all day.

relax man
easier said than done but you cant change the past
dont get caught up in chasing insane gains, a lot of people larp here
here's hoping you get through the rough patch m8

>''LMAO naah man, the trains drives themselves already but no AI has the "skills" for unusual train traffic. ''
just ask any average joe if they would go on an conductorless train''



do not take any advise from a linkie

having link is certificate for stupidity

Wholesome user, made me think

you mean 'advice'? fucktard


Some empathy, my man?

triggered some ?

I’m not sure if there’s laws for planes, but I have epilepsy and in California one seizure does not necessarily mean you are epileptic. Get a sleep deprived eeg and get cleared. I could literally drive a big rig after 6 months being seizure free with a clear eeg. Other then that hopefully they didn’t put you on meds immediately, ruined my life.

I don't have emotions just appropriate reactions.. odd like that


What about a navigator or something else air-travel related? Do you really have absolutely no options?


Everybody has a hard luck story user. You aren't special. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and get your shit together. There is no reason you can't pursue and attain something new and better...but you never will with your current attitude. First step is getting your fucking head straight fag.

tough love also works

Consultant for video game development companies and writers. I'm serious

I was under leftists' watch the whole time in university. They watched my every step. Broke into my house when I was on vacation, trashed it. Grew resentful even back then. Graduated with very good grades. Two trials against me (in a political strife) failed. But the harassment and Stasi methods continued to impair my personal life. Eventually, the supergender burgerqueen not only sued me, but also notified - with the help of said leftist organisations (who knows how they got a hold of that) - notified the federal bar association (GER). That's comprehensively how it is. Spirits High!


>wanted to be a soldier
>got dismissed because eyes are bad
>wanted to be a police cuck
>eyes too bad so no no
>wanted to be a pilot
>eyes too bad so no can do
>became a crypto trader and make what all of those careers would make together in a year but do it in a month but live in total isolation which is eating my sanity away

I have a friend who was going to he a pilot but found out he couldn't because of epilepsy. He does air traffic control now. Don't be a baby.

Look into sales in the airline industry. Consult a headhunter.


Join swissbro TG group and ask him for help.
T . me/EuclidsWindow

Severely underrated

I'm so sorry OP, I only have a sport pilot license, I would be destroyed if I lost it due to medical reasons. Your endorsements are no laughing matter. Maybe you should consider buying a plane in Alaska and just flying random people in the bush. I hear most people up there don't have endorsements