Post your net worth in crypto and the number of women you have fucked. Go

Post your net worth in crypto and the number of women you have fucked. Go.


premarital sex is degeneracy m8erino




How minus? They fucked you?


Legit. Been "homeless" and still managed to fuck. I don't know how you people do it

3 1/2

1 (I am married so the previous ones are not included in the stats).

Around 30, no hookers.

me too. had a hot gf when i was living in a homeless shelter lulz

2, LTRs only

Feels ok


Been with her for 2 years and she would marry me tomorrow if I proposed but I really want to fuck other women before settling down. Feelsbadman


Cope virgin incel

Sir, are you the CEO of bitcoin?

thats tough. i think having a family with a girl you truly love is way more important than fucking more vaginas.

try to spice up the sex life, it's natural you're getting bored. i suggest you get into light BDSM. tying up, spanking, breath play, etc.

>250-270k + a lot cashed out
>over 200

not a larp, also can't really say who I am

nothing involuntary about this celibacy m8


>had 17k, now 1.7k (feels bad man)


I love her, feels good

>1 (paid for, unfortunately)

2 million, 25 yrs old

I work for one of the top 10 so it's easy to inside trade

>20 (100+ if you count hookers)

not proud of it desu
kike brainwashing turned me into a pussy fiend
now Im volcel and would only have sex with a woman I love and want to spend the rest of my life with

$979 AUD

>but I really want to fuck other women before settling down

Maybe that's just a porn-induced desire and it wouldn't bring you that much satisfaction as your mind trying to tell you. Especially if your gf is marriage material. Having loving wife and kids is more than no matter how many hookers.

good to hear you changed

>0 non escorts


Degenerate fornicator. Enjoy hell.


Just an OG holder who discovered alts mid-2017

I agree with you but she wasn't a virgin when we got together and that bothers me more than I like to admit. I do love her but she definitely loves me more and the fact I don't even have a good reason for leaving her or doing what I want to do makes me feel like a piece of shit.

Our sex life is good honestly. I'm just a degenerate obviously.

> 1k
> 1

>1 (She wanted to get married after 9 months together so I tapped out)

Fuck hookers! ... and by that I mean don't fuck hookers!

All is forgiven in the end. Didn't you read?
>She wasnt a virgin
You were I take it? You'll never get rid of that feeling so just cheat on her and don't tell her. Easy peasy.

My wife also wasn't a virgin by I felt I wanted to marry her. Hard to describe but it's a feeling that you don't want "only" a girlfriend, but to settle down definitely. So the only question is if you want to marry her and have kids, if not, then it doesn't matter.

How many has she fucked?

>18 years old.
>50k no debt.
>zero, KHV dateless.

So you were a virgin but your wife wasn't?


I also was not...

She was a virgin, got on birth control for me etc.
After the split now she's wild, probably fucked 10+ guys. Glad I dodged.

Yeah I was a virgin.
I would never cheat on her. Welp.

Oh, fair enough.
Good shit. Don't marry a slut.
Well don't cheat then, just ask for a "break" and fuck others. You will never get rid of that feeling seriously, over time it might even get worse.

>Well don't cheat then, just ask for a "break" and fuck others. You will never get rid of that feeling seriously, over time it might even get worse.

With this logic, the feeling might not get away even if he would fuck others during the "break". It's easy he just needs to make a choice.



>Well don't cheat then, just ask for a "break" and fuck others.

ITT we give terrible advice to anons



27 yr old.




Nah, contrary to popular opinion, a relationship can still work despite one partner cheating or something like that, providing they never find out.

He could just fuck some random and free himself of that nagging feeling but he might feel guilty about it (I wouldn't), but each to their own.

See above. I don't think it's bad advice, honestly. A relationship can be good to the point you don't want to throw it away, but that nagging feeling he has may never subside. If I was him, I'd fuck a random and make sure I never got caught and move on... Some things you just have to do.

977k €



>300+ / paid for 100 I think


Lmao no wonder everyone on Veeky Forums is always trying to make people lose money and generally just being faggots it’s a bunch of virgins Top Zozz
>1.6k currently down -800 fr initial investment feelsbadman
>8 girls
Had the opportunity to fuck plenty others but some were friends GF’s and some were legit roastie sluts that grew up to be prostitutes lol.

>1 chicken and countless slunks


Don't waste your money on hookers bro. Unless you're getting older (and I mean 65+), its stupid because you don't need to.

>Libertarian who found out about Bitcoin when it was $30 and then fomo'd into the 2012 bubble when it was 80. Then kept buying throughout the 2013-15 bear market.

>Nerdy Misanthrope with general anxiety disorder and borderline OCD.
>Veeky Forums now but still have fat man syndrome from high school.

30~40 (didnt count exactly)

What is the purpose of this thread though?
These two things are completely unrelated.

Wouldn't you have way more if you got in 2012 @ 80?
Fair enough though, but being nerdy and misanthropic isn't that bad, everyone on here is probably that, at least somewhat...
My advice for you (for the anxiety which is probably your main issue): Solo travelling for 3-4 months to min 6 countries. Will cost maybe 10k and cure your anxiety forever.

Between 90 and 100. Mostly prostitutes though.

Just interesting to see...

sex addicition and free woman work and have friends.


Disgraceful man. Paying for sex should be ille....
Sex addicts don't really need to pay either though, they just get themselves into another situation because they've done it so many times they can charm almost anyone. Only on the down days do they resort to hookers

Nah, I only bought two, then sold after the bubble popped. Then I rebought at basically the same price later.

11 btc
20 eth
8 bch

And to the second point, yep that's exactly what I am planning to do.

Ah shit, I see. Yeah it should work anywya. good luck bro.

50 but they were all whores. 15k but i took most of that from my dads bank account. kek

411k LTC
30k LCC out of thin air


So you're an ugly theif, anything else?


>a lot


Lucky muddafukka

you still need to be attractive to whores to feel like you're getting much out of sex with them.
i only have sex with the ones that approach me and act like they like me. maybe they're lying but they convinced me well enough.

4 woman; two long term relationships and 2 flings with some roasties... fuck me I should have went away for school when I had the chance.

Why can't I buy social skills


Forever 0

if you're already thinking that now you should not marry her. i'm guessing you're young. go fuck tons of bitches. focus on career. make friends. travel and party. getting married before 35 is for chumps. you're going to be married most of your life why rush into it. unless you're an ugly autistic neet or something and truly believe you won't be able to get another woman.

50+ who actually knows




$500 right now

between 70 and 100 I'm reckon

mostly 18 year old university freshman/sophemores

it pays being a grad student



1 and I will marry her.

good shit m8
faggot women


>age 35
>Current crypto net worth 70BTC
>Had sex total of 7 times in life
>Fuck one girl once, another one 6x
>Plans to buy wife overseas in shit hole country

Wish me luck

dawg, ill sell you vids of me banging hot college girls for very little BTC