Bow down

this is your king now


this coin is cancer, even vitalik said it

Bizlets forgot about Vitaliks comment. Flippening initiated.

>He hasn't seen the future yet

despite price recovering ( which ain´t important right now ), the main thing you shoud consider is that ethereum is the only coin among hundreds that you can be 99% sure will be bigger than bitcoin in the short term, no question about it

sure in the long term other coins could be bigger than BTC, but ETH is the only that will achieve that VERY soon

holding eth, mining etc


>Muh the Flippining
Wow ETH had a rally, its still less than 10% of bitcion, btc had a much bigger rally after the 6th, eth is playing catch up right now. the flippining is still a ways off.
how are you so sure?
>very soon
this time next year we will see it?

Flippening by June, I would bet my life on it

post proof of life

Lol. Skelly is an autist supreme. Nobody gives a shit about his opinion on the price.


do you guys have idea of the implications of this?? Sharding, Plasma, Casper, PoS, Cash settled ETH Futures. Web 3.0 is Ethereum.

ETH will be at least $10k by the end of the year. This platform will change all of your lives. Ive feel so fortunate to be a part of this

> its still less than 10% of bitcion

Retards like this populate Veeky Forums nowadays. Please end the suffering, I can't take it no more.

>What is total supply.

Official online suicide slated for June

by now this whole flippining meme isn´t even a meme anymore, its very reasonable to see that ETH has the upper hand

about time, WORST case cenario is ETH passing bitcoin at end of 2018, like november or december

Nah, old school whales wouldn't allow it
When bch was about to take 1st place they took bithumb down
Btc will never ever ever drop 1st place

I think the whales are slowly switching their BTC stack to ETH

>bitcoin is a decentralized world text file
>ethereum is a decentralized wprld computer

>corecucks still think they'll be #1 by the end of this year

>What is total supply.
what is unlimited ETH?
I am not sayin it won’t happen, it will. just it still seems like a way off, you guys are the ones making predictions and not backing them up with any facts

please explain how you are making that judgement.
How can you give a time frame?

>down 600 dollars from ATH when BTC was almost at 13k
Yea keep telling yourself that you delusional cucks they aren’t fixing the scaling problem and this coin will be worthless when they never deliver

It will only take one mainstream Ethereum DApp to let the world understand what Ethereum is capable of. Scaling solutions will be solved this year.

The writing is on the wall. It is only a matter of time now.

Haha, do your research.

ETH has a difficulty bomb build in, PoS (and thus locking the amount of ETH for 99%) will have to happen before 2019 Q1 roughly.

Let's calculate in a buffer because why not, by Q2 2019 ETH supply will be almost completely limited. While BTC mining will continue for years and years into the future.

Hiow about you take a good look at picture related and then proceed to go fuck yourself.

BTC fell much further from ATH, 10%.

Should have put all coins until shitty TRX

Ethereum is the flagship of blockchain technology and community. People not taking this seriously will get burned.
Every time I see "X is the next eth", I wanna vomit. It's not some shit token like pretty much everything else, Ethereum actually has the potential to be THE blockchain where everything else works.

>tfw they don't know about EOS
lol it's not 2015 anymore

Ether will be the most valuable commodity the world has ever known. Screencap this. Buy now or buy .00001 ether 20 years from now in your Roth IRA at Vanguard to get those 3% Vanguard Wellington Ether Pool (VWEP) staking gains.

google dan larimer.

Watch some of his interviews.

If you still trust this weasel come back here for a schooling in recognizing a conartist.

Also check out all his past projects, and what happened to them.

i don't have 4000 yet
Dude, thx i did not know about this difficulty bomb
The biggest industry on the planet right now is energy, ETH is the energy behind most crypto!