What do you guys think for EOY

what do you guys think for EOY

I'm thinking a comfy $15

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It doubled in a week, at this rate it'll be $100

It really is my favourite hold without a doubt.

$15 might be pushing it a little though. I think $11-12 is realistic EOY,

faggot sell if you think 15 is pushin it, you don't get the project

$50 - $100

im a millionaire at $30

pic related. me at $30 ven

50 dollars for mainnet i reckon boys

lol ITT stealth FUDers post underwhelming prices

You guys really are delusional.
It's already a 3 billion dollar coin, it it does really well it can still do like 3x the current price.

>marketcap meme
>Bitcoin will never be $1b mcap
>Ethereum will never be $1b mcap

>the market cap can just keep growig indefinitely

You have not seen.

Compare crypto market to stocks or gold. We are far from there. Very far.

$30 - $50

as long as there's money flowing into it. yeah. it's almost as if everyone has no idea how many people a billion chinks actually is. not to mention big US money

Mate u will be multymilionaie if u didnt see u will start getting free thor coins if u hold ven in wallet its same as neo/gas

If big coins don't grow like small ones now, why would they in the future?

gold is $7 trillion so that means the entire market could 14x and wed be as big as gold. do you see central banks currently use crypto as reserve? that is something that *could* happen but it would be huge and again.. it would merely be a 14x of the entire market
stocks have actual businesses and cashflow behind them so I wont even entertain the comparison to cryptos
im bullish on the overall market but youre legit retarded if you think it can just keep growing indefinitely.

250+, easily.

let's take a look at every short-term exponential BTC rise in the past 8 years. why did they happen?

Time traveler here, REQ will be $40 exactly one year from now, screenshot this

71k sats by this time next week, buckle up

If you think 10bil is the most a company like VeChain could be valued at you are sorely mistaken. Average price/earnings ratio for stocks is about 20:1. That means VeChain would only need to generate 500 million dollars in transaction fees on its network a year to reach a 10 billion valuation, with no crypto space speculation taken into account. The chances that VeChain does so little business are almost infinitesimally small. The amount of stuff already lined up to be tracked on the network will likely blow that level of fees way out of the water. A hundred million mattresses from one company, a third of the cigarettes in the world, hundreds of millions of books, car parts, identities, bottles of wine, and so on. The potential for VeChain to actually achieve a legitimate, non-speculative valuation of $50-100 dollar VEN this year is entirely real. Longer term the sky is the limit.

You think that $11-12 is realistic EOY when we will unironically go above that just end of this month.

But this EOY discussion is for brainlets anyways. Market cap could stay about the same or we could be at 2 trillion. No one can predict it.

Now I have seen.

0,1-0,5 USD

VeChain is as close to share of a company as it can get. This is a share of a platform.

Was told $40-$43 ish.

This will be bigger than Ripple. $50-75 by EOY.

Eom probably $10-15 with announcements coming

Eoy $50

Less than 5 years $100-150 unironically

great point. do we know how much it will cost for a company to run on the vechain blockchain?

Millionaire at 24 here. Great feels m8.
Finally a fiat krw pairing on the 26th.
We will at least double from where we are.

Wait, where has CCK or anyone else said they’ll announce fiat on 26th? That’s what we need to break off from bitcuck so dying grandpa stops dragging us down every week

You fucking braindead december fag. Whole money invested in crypto is around 5-20b at 500B market cap. Educate yourself.

Yes $10 is not realistic considering top 20 has 15 shitcoins. My prediction is that it wull be around $70-85. Ven is the only promising project in 2018. It's offering something new with actual use cases solving real life issues.

>trees can grow to the sky

wew lad
thank for edumucating me

And it actually has a working product.

Of course nothing can grow indefinitely. But you act like we reached a cap already.

You’re an idiot if you think the market cap can’t or won’t rise

$50-100 EOY.

>there you go

Crypto market cap for the most part is a lie as well

oh shit son...

I like the project and trust Sunny. But the VENgang is absolutely cancerous

>30 stinky linky threads at a time when that fat fuck delivered to a "conference" of 30 people but ven holders are absolutely cancerous.

Sure some idiots say some stupid shit, but compared to linkies and tron bag holders this is placid af.

Don't get me wrong, linkies are utterly horrible too, so was the deepbrainlets, turtlefags and funfags. I guess any coin that gets too much exposure here ends up with a shit fanbase.

Fuck linkies and their spam though for real. We usually have one maybe two threads up, those fuck tards spam multiple threads daily

end of YEAR IS AN easy 35$

You're not wrong, exposure brings in untold amounts of fuckwits. At least we're not at ripple phase where dumb niglets are tweeting about it en masse.

Here, have my current wallpaper as token of our being in agreement.

Yeah i might have come off more harshly than intended. I'm 70% in on VEN. Guess i was tired of seeing the fucktard shilling drowing out actual discussion about the project. But as you say, it's not exactly a VEN exclusive thing.

This is my daily wallpaper as a ven holder

Ripple just attracts the biggest share of brainlets and suckers for some reason. Even tron boys aren't thinking their coin could be a $1000 at eoy.

Vechain easy top 5 this year.

I mean you must be braindead if you don't hold at least some sort of position in Vechain.

But if BTC got to 20k so can ripple

reported for being a begging asshole

>get a promotion
Do last two digits of your post with your boss.

Aw :) fren

what drugs are you on mongloid, this is just silly