Btc vs the real Bitcoin BCH


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Operation dragonslayer. Commence.

Fuck off Roger. Everyone hates you except your paid shills and the lowest pieces of shit in the crypto world.

I think he unironically is one of the crypto worlds most hated person. He and iota devs.
All of them for good reason fucking loud scumbags

How's that going for you?

both inferior to skycoin desu

both are shit

Dude I promote bitcoin cash for free. For me, it’s like charity work helping out the mentally ill, which I also do from time to time, only the BTC supporters tend to be a bit more retarded than the drooling imbeciles I normally support.

Roger Ver, what do I think of him, not the most interesting man in bitcoin but energetic, hardworking, shrewd and a decent enough chap, make a silly mistake around mtgox and had his reputation tarnished.

But who gives a shit - he’s not the be all and end all of BCH, he’s just a proponent.

to summarize this post. Bcash is trash!!!

Hi Roger

Bitcoin cash and other shitcoins will be useless when lightning is realised. If your not all in btc eth or ltc you are going to be poor

Who cares, if it's not BTC, it's not BTC
Following your le better tech logic, there are hundreds of shitcoins better than bitcoincash

BCH is good because it makes reddit mad

>Fuck off Roger.
>Bcash is trash!!!
>Hi Roger
Some people are getting nervous that they can't come up with arguments.
>Following your le better tech logic, there are hundreds of shitcoins better than bitcoincash
At least you made an argument but it wasn't a good one. Bitcoin Cash will incorporate the features of all other coins into its blockchain, and so the only coins that are different are Hashgraph coins and DAG's which aren't secure because they are mesh networks and not graph networks. Pic related as it shows why mesh networks are centralized and graph networks are not.

>x will y
fuckoff nigger, BTC can be w,y,z etc

>Bitcoin Cash will incorporate the features of all other coins into its blockchain, and so the only coins that are different are Hashgraph coins and DAG's which aren't secure because they are mesh networks and not graph networks.

call me then.

>Bitcoin Cash will incorporate the features of all other coins into its blockchain

Kek. BTC is trailer park trash. F.

And there it is, the only crypto that is universally hated because of the fact that 90% of the userbase are paid shills.

both are shit
Nano will fuck both without lub nor spit

The only flippening is going to be ethereum.

BTC will be replaced for sure. I think ETH will probably flip it before BCH, but BCH will flip BTC eventually. It truly is amazing just how brainwashed core supporters are. Years from now psychology courses will cover BTC as a profound example of how masses can be thought controlled into believing the most absurd things and respond to others with extreme hate. What's happened to BTC holders is just like the famous cults in history and it truly is fascinating to watch. Until the last year or 2 I would never have thought this level of cult indoctrination was possible on an open medium such as the internet, but I was wrong.

>Blockstream fanboys: everyone that appreciates BCH has to be Roger Ver himself shilling 24/7 all over the interwebs
>the absolute state of faggots


Bitcoin cash is trash. Roger Ver sounds like Michael Jackson. Bitcoin cash, the coin for pedos.

BCH Plzzzzz

Love low feeeesssss

We dont need BCH , we have Litecoin this "the flippening " getting boring

We don't need Litecoin we have Bitcoin (Cash).

Don't mind me, just here to post that bigger blocks mean centralization without offering any sort of proof and ignoring that LN will most certainly lead to centralization with mountains of proof

Litecoin is the real bitcoin cash.

Went all in on BCH @ 0.14
How fucked am I?

Can I fork bitcoin cash and call it the true bitcoin cash? Seriously someone should fork it and call it bitcoin trash the true bitcoin cash, everyone will support it.

We need 1 bitcoin that has serious PoW and consumes a majority of worlds electricity. Everything else needs to go pos. Link will hit 1k.

Litecoin Cash is the real Satoshi.

rog. ver is original sabobi and low feeeees

you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams but only if you put it in cold storage and forget about it. if you are weak you will fall for fud and market manipulation

Wil be fine

>thinking the flippening will involve their shitcoin
srupidest fucking cunts in all of crypto. coin is shit, devs are shit, shillers are cunts who create multiple threads here each day out of desperation because their gen 1 shitcoin is failing.

you are fucked

Such a perfect example of a brainwashed core cuck. Spouts baseless bullshit with intense vitriol. There is nothing worse in crypto than people like this.

- BTC Core developers/blockstream are the absolute shittiest of all coin developers. BCH has literally the original Bitcoin people who actually know their shit including Gavin himself. They also have MORE developers and multiple implementation teams. BCH developers in the short time since the fork are getting more done in months than what core has in years. New features like colored coins ffs.

The only flippening that might happen is the flipbeaning.

Bitmain Cash can't even compete with Grandpa

Do you raly think that brainlets coding BCH can compete with colored coins to ethereum and NANO ? You are really dumb bcashiers

hey bcash shill, when will you cunts quit with the strawmanning. people shitting on you cancerous assholes doesn't make them bitcoin supporters. i hope bitcoin dies. that doesn't mean that bcash with its shitty dev team, outdated tech, and cancerous community is going anywhere but down to zero. you shillers insist on a binary choice between bcash and bitcoin... it is a strawman fantasy created out of DESPERATION. also, you faggots always bump thefuck out of these shill threads. you are so fucking transparent and you think your mongloid tactics are brilliant.

Your coin is insecure garbage bro.

annnnnd the bcashie bumps the shill thread yet again

Except that noone but paid corefags will support it.

Yep I'm convinced Nano is the shit to watch.

case in point, bcashies endlessly bumping their shitcoin shill threads

Where the fuck did all these raiblocks shills come from? I guess all the pajeets that were solving the captchas have carried over to shilling their bags.

What a cute response. I'm glad we can both agree Bitcoin should die user. Maybe if you were more educated on what you're attempting to talk about you'd realize how dumb the rest of what you've said is, but oh well.

your paid shilling convinces no one faggot.

thread theme:


mods please sage

corekeks absolutely BTFO



Ahh bcash, a fork of one of the shittiest coins in the market rn

Well I guess that settles it.

nice thread bump shill

Why this thread is still being bumped?


the entire community is laughing at you mentally ill bagholders

You scared corecuck?

Sometimes I wish BCH actually had paid shills to combat all the bullshit spewing out there. But that kind of goes against everything Bitcoin stands for. People will just have to see for themselves in time.

BCH will surpass BTC EOY. Nothing more to be said to your type really. DYOR or don't I don't care.

how does it feel knowing those "corecucks" are the early adopters while you're left picking up our scraps?

every wonder why we literally dont give a shit about your desperate shrieking because we're already multimillionaires?

maybe something to think about, late adopter.

guys buy bcash it can have everything. Tru satoshi vision

strawman - binary choice narrative, and classiccashie thread bump

yeah, listening to the hopes and dreams of bcash "devs" or hypemen like roger doesn't count as research though, sorry.

core cucks think they are winning like this guy in pic

paid shills like you and your thread bump team insisting on the false dichotomy (bcash or bitcoin) are the most pathetic pieces of shit here. your coin is gen 1 shit and your devs are shit, but you haveawell funded shill army. doesn't matter though, the flippening will happen and bcash will havenothing to do with it. shitcoinshiller

Prediction: LN will not be released for general use in 2018 or 2019.

If its worth a shit it can be added to BCH too

FFFFFFS why do you morons keep making the same fucking thread every day?!/ Mods, why don't you ban these pajeets FFS???
Your argument is completely basesless "Ah I Nostradamus say that my shitcoin will one day be worth most"
That's literally all you're saying!! You never actually make an argument, it's all "bch is the real bitcoin, wwaahahhh, buy my bags, waaaahh!!!!"

I like how you quoted "devs" as if it didn't have tons of developers including the original guys that actually know their stuff. The guys who built Bitcoin alongside and after Satoshi before blockstream screwed everything up. Really though thanks for that. I appreciate you identifying for everyone right off the bat that everything you have to say should be disregarded.

sold my btc stacks for BCH - the real bitcoin.
Enjoy your bags cucks, check GDAX.

praise be to the lord

Adam Back's paid corecuck army is out in force kvetching in this thread as usual.

they have a lesser dev team for sure. no reason better developers would choose to work on a politically charged protest fork of bitcoin, that bitcoin itself, or an equal like ethereum, or even something new.

many of those original developers are there, but a lot left for good reason. i very much don't want people who got tricked by some fake signature that craig wright is satoshi, no thank you.

funny how you guys keep thinking anyone even needs to pay people that support bitcoin. you understand we are all early adopters and have more money than we know what to do with, right?

and yet we already have seen the way roger has been trying to pay people to speak about or promote bcash, even before then, to get miners on the side of 2x, etc.

when you're bitcoin, you don't need to pay people to promote you. if you can't see that, then you really must be new to this whole crypto thing.

used to work for some fuck named goldblatt.

only unsuccessful jew i've ever met.

Yeah ok buddy. So youre rich but you're wasting your time in a BCH thread throwing turds everywhere?

>Early adopter
>Not in BCH
BCH is literally all early adopters and BTC's smart money group, brainlet. Who do you think you're kidding?
The only early adopters still on the BTC side are the Winklevoss retards and even they didn't sell their BCH

Okay, how many "early adopters" do you actually know, user? Because I guarantee there's four that have no idea what you're talking about

where the fuck did you get the idea BCH is anything "real" or genuine?

BCH is that shitty hot dog stand rolling up to a Burger King with a shitty sign on it that says "reel bitcoyn".

Fuck off.

Literally this.

wall street doesn't exist

95% of project in crypto are not legit and never recover from the release pnd
Still you can make money off them.

So far I have only lost money on BCH, but perhaps I will actually earn some

Regardless of whatever you think is going on with shillers, who supports what, etc, your position is very straight forward to define.

Do you believe Bitcoin should be peer-to-peer cash for the world? If so you support BCH.

Do you believe Bitcoin should be the greatest Ponzi ever built such that it reaches a make believe value beyond gold and the delusion becomes part of the fabric of our society? If so you support BTC.

Do you believe Bitcoin can never be either or shouldn't be either for any of a myriad of reasons? Great don't hold any of either.


>mfw a Core dev is trolling Plebbit as we speak with bible quotes

How did you lose money? It was for free!

>I fell down a rabbit-hole of investigation.This internal conflict initially felt like, honestly, a mild psychosis, and as I discovered more, everything slowly started making sense. This shit was doublethink, straight out of Orwell's 1984. I started finding out the truth of myths like: bitcoin-core team being a huge collective, is actually a small group of around 10 devs all connected through a couple organizations -- organizations such as blockstream that have direct investments from financial institutions and services like mastercard. The block size was kept at 1MB intentionally to keep fees high and transactions slow, so the core team could create or more accurately, deliver a product to their investors in the form of infrastructure off-chain... the lightning network, the perfect model to centralize, monopolize, and record transaction data... i.e. future-proof the banking system. Everything bitcoin stood against. Roger Ver isn't some kind of scam artist, and even if he is, who the fuck cares? He isn't even responsible for bitcoin cash.
>Bitcoin-core enjoys the undeserved status of a church, claiming to be the resilient extinction-proof perfected coin with a diverse development community of veterans whose only mission is solidifying its sustainability and doing what's best for all of its users. It has this status only by virtue of a hijacked legacy. This is why so many will continue to believe that bitcoin cash is an alt-coin. Nothing could be more ironic or backwards. Bitcoin cash is magnitudes closer to what bitcoin's trajectory was years back, an actual peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The truly depressing reality of this is that bitcoin cash is considered to be an insult and attack to bitcoin core, when it's actually a struggle to preserve the history, integrity, and elegant genius of the original path. Newcomers to the scene aren't going to realize the dangerous path bitcoin core is headed, they weren't around to see what it used to be.

I went in BTC in 2013 and only met people who entered in 2013 and beyond so I know no early adopters personally,
But I dare you to name another early BTC adopter who sticks to BTC instead of BCH.
With BCH you have Craig Wright, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Gavin Andresen, Rick Falkvinge, Erik Voorhees and every ~100BTC small holder from 2013 that I've known personally (most sold off 100% of their BTC for BCH at sub 0.1).
With BTC you have Winklevoss and the richard heart retard who could very well be larping as he only went out in public in 2017.

Exactly. Heck that's not even all the famous old schoolers either. The people who really built Bitcoin have all gone to BCH. The people in BTC are either new, haven't been paying any attention, are easily manipulated, or have only ever gotten there information from the Theymos echo chamber.

elbows too pointy

Virtually all BTC development aims to make BlockStream the central bank if crypto. Meanwhile, all the original devs like Gavin and Satoshi (Craig) develop BCH.. I wonder which one is the real Bitcoin

Most people hate BCH, not because they are BTC shills or fundamentalists, but because BCH has the power to uproot the financial backbone of crypto, and it almost did back in November. That paired with how easy it is to hate Roger Ver makes BCH the go to target for pummeling.

The only way to convince these people is with real progress, which is still a way's off. If we are to believe the magnitude of the patents Craig Wright says Nchain will release to be used on the BCH chain only, then yes, BCH has a bright and stupendous future. But this is riding on 1 man's claim. 0 conf instant transactions, bigger blocks on a network that isn't being used enough to even fill 10% of them, these things wont change minds. BCH's ground game is better than any other crypto I've seen, in terms of reaching out to merchants to increase adoption, but usage increase from these efforts is still minimal and will only compound once price fomo kicks in, if ever.

So far BCH is promising moons based on features that already exist on ETH. BCH needs to do a hail mary at some point, it's not impossible, but depends greatly, maybe entirely, on the promises and decisions of a few men, and the mistakes and assumptions of a few other men. A catastrophic hash collapse on the BTC chain would put it in the ground, there's no question about it, but that wouldn't win BCH any new fans.

With that all being said, I've spoken to McAfee and he's convinced BCH will win out in the long term, but gives no timeframe when. His reasononing is purely because Jihan supports BCH over BTC. He seems to think Jihan has the power in this. Not sure if he's right, but combined with Jihan, Calvin Ayre, Craig Wright, and Roger Ver, they have a stupid amount of buying power. Their money alone could flip things, although then the group of BCH haters we're talking about would REALLY hate BCH.

tl;dr BCH haters have no real reason to stop hating BCH until new and amazing things are delivered.

cashies still bumping this bcash shitcoin thread I see.

look at these dishonest faggot shills, pretending satoshi is craig. you fucking faggots are pathetic.

You have to be be quite a fucking brainlet if you don't see that Craig is Satoshi

>he doesn't know about the Tulip Trust